Disclaimer: If I said that the Rangers were mine, Saban would have me killed. The same goes for Wonder Woman, JLA, and DC Comics, as well as Xena, Gabrielle, and MCA/Universal. TIME TRAVEL WARNING! There is definitely time travel involved in this tale, and before you ask, no, the Rangers and Wonder Woman do NOT go back in time. Possibility of culture shock for Xena and Gabrielle.

Warrior Rangers

Angel Grove Museum of Ancient History was known for its exhibitions and had once again attracted a huge crowd with its latest display piece: the Xena scrolls. Of course the tales of the heroic warrior princess, who had supposedly turned from a ruthless follower of Ares to noble protector of the innocent, had captured the interest of Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan, all heroes in their own rights. Today they were accompanied by Wonder Woman in her guise as Diana Prince; the Amazing Amazon had expressed a keen interest in learning more about the scrolls, especially given her heritage.

“I can’t believe how packed this place is. You almost have to make a reservation just to get in the door!” Trini commented after noticing how long the line was.

“Yeah, I’m really bummin’ about it! My cousin went to see the exhibition in LA and said it was awesome. I really wanted to check ’em out for myself!” Zack frowned.

Diana was optimistic about the situation. “You know, we’ve still got two more days before they leave Angel Grove. Maybe tomorrow there won’t be so many crowds.”

Any reply was cut short by the unexpected arrival of some of Rita’s clay-brained soldiers.

Kimberly snarled, “Putties! I knew this day was gonna go from bad to worse! Well, let’s take these potheads out!”

After months of fighting Rita’s forces the three Rangers were more than capable of putting her foot soldiers out of commission, and Wonder Woman while not as experienced, could throw them around like a professional athlete.

As the four continued to fight, Trini noticed that one of them took out a strange jewel and threw it away from the fight. “Careful, gang! Looks like we may be getting more grief!” The jewel started to glow, then exploded into a weird doorway of light.

Zack had a pretty appropriate response. “What the hell was that?”

Circa 2000 Years Ago

Two women were grousing about their most recent adventure.

“I don’t care if the result is total warfare! I will never, I mean NEVER, EVER AGAIN go undercover in a beauty contest! NEVER!” Xena snarled.

“Well, you gotta admit, it was a lot different than our usual tales of danger and catastrophe,” Gabrielle told her.

“True. I usually don’t dress like a tramp or act like a total IDIOT! I HATE pageants! Four days watched pigheaded warlords and a bunch of underdressed overdeveloped BIMBOS in a BEAUTY CONTEST?!? NEVER! NEVER AGAIN!”

“Uh, Xena? What is that glow in front of us?” Gabrielle whispered.

“I’m not sure. It looks like a passageway of some sort.”

“It’s — it’s moving towards us,” Gabrielle pointed out.


The two women took off in the direction they had just come. In a world where the Gods of Mount Olympus were known to send monsters after people, they were not foolish enough to stick around a strange doorway, at least until they knew what it was and who had sent it. Unfortunately they were too slow as the doorway caught up to them.

Kimberly had her hands full with three putties when…


When she looked up, a woman in a brown leather outfit with an odd-looking breastplate was making short work of the clay warriors.

“What sort of creatures are these things?” the woman’s companion asked as she batted the Putties away with her staff. Although it was obvious that she was the weaker of the two, she was capable of defending herself.

“They’re called Putties,” Zack told her. “Just keep hitting them until they run away.”

“I think the more important question, where are we?” the brown haired woman asked, surprising a Putty when she pulled a dagger from some concealed part of her armour.

“You’re in Angel Grove. Where did you think you were?” Kimberly asked, unable to really pay attention to the fact the two women had just appeared from nowhere.

“Celaphonia… wait? What is ‘California?'” the blonde woman replied.

Kimberly was amazed that her companion didn’t seem to know about her surroundings. In fact, she seemed to be downright out of place. On a hunch, she asked, “What year do you think this is?” The answer she got…


“Actually, you’re way off, and at a guess you just travelled through time, probably through that portal thing over there,” Trini surmised as best as she could.

“Persistent creeps, aren’t they?” Gabrielle asked.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. For brainless creatures, they can really test your patience,” Kimberly told her.

Meanwhile, Zack and Diana were slamming putties together. “Man, we’re gonna have to recycle way too much clay after this!” Zack grumbled.

“Getting back to the issue at hand, I believe our two new allies came from that portal, or gateway, or whatever that is, probably intended to send us somewhere. Three guesses as to who sent it,” Diana quipped.

“Easy. Rita. Odds are, it would have been a one-way trip, knowing those two. Now what?” Zack asked.

Gabrielle spoke up then. “Xena, it looks like we went through some kind of time portal and wound up in the future! Now, how are we supposed to get back home to our own time?”

A stunned Trini gasped, “Xena?”

“I was when I woke up this morning. You?”

“Trini Kwan. It’s an honour to… HEADS UP! MORE PUTTIES!”

Zack bellowed, “THAT’S IT! I’VE HAD IT! Let’s finish these things! Kim, Trini, shall we go to work?”

“Let’s do it!”

“Let’s kick some putty!”

“It’s Morphin Time!”



“Saber-toothed Tiger!”

“On that note, time I got into my working clothes,” Diana shouted, ripping off her clothes to expose her regular costume underneath. “Time to finish this. Black Ranger?”

“In the groove, ready to move!”

“Pink Ranger?”

“Let’s smash these clay pots!”

“Yellow Ranger?”

“Powered up and ready!”

The six warriors quickly went to work, Xena quickly kicking and punching as skilfully as any of the Rangers. Trini noticed that she could probably give both Jason and Tommy a run for their money, maybe even give Batman a real workout. Xena noticed that all of her new friends were very adapt at fighting, especially Trini. In almost record time, the putties were completely trashed.

“Now that those are out of the way, let’s see about getting you home to your own time frame,” Trini said. “I assume that the portal is still over…”

“Uh, guys?” Kimberly interrupted. “The portal is gone.”

“I guess they did intend for us to have a one way trip,” Wonder Woman finished.

“Our one way home is GONE? I do NOT believe this! There must be a certain group of gods who have it in for us!” Gabrielle shouted.

By this time, the Rangers had demorphed. Trini suggested, “Maybe Zordon could create a time portal that could get you back to your own time. We’ll need this though,” as she picked up the diamond-like substance.

“Well, it’s worth a try, anyway,” Wonder Woman added.

“Useless creatures,” Felix Faust growled as he looked at the few remaining Putties. The only thing working in his favour at the moment was that the Rangers and Wonder Woman believed Rita responsible for their problems.

He had sent the Putties simple instructions to use to the jewel to tap into the past and bring him a warrior capable of defeating the Power Rangers and JLA. They had been under strict instructions to find the legendary Xena, the warrior queen who had terrorised Greece.

What Faust had failed to specify was for them to retrieve the Warrior Princess before she turned away from evil. As a result the world was now stuck with two extra heroes.

He briefly considered contacting the gods and maybe using their animosity toward Xena, it had taken them two thousand years to recover from the damage she caused, to destroy all the heroes. The Greek Gods were nowhere near as powerful as they had been before Xena had almost destroyed them – an event that had yet to occur in her timeline – but they would still prove difficult foes.

At the Command Center, Alpha 5 was examining the jewel while Zordon told them, “Rita is not responsible for Xena and Gabrielle’s appearance. While she has no doubt agreed to aid the villain, the magic used to charge the Chronogem does not match her known signature.”

“Rita seems to be doing that a lot recently,” Trini observed.

“Zordon, can you help Xena?” Kimberly asked.

“I can recharge its energy to full, but it will take quite a while, however, given the temporal distance that the two of you have crossed to get here.”

“What do Gabrielle and I do in the meantime?” Xena asked.

“Well, since you both won’t remember anything about this little time trip except us, it really won’t do any harm for them to explore our world,” Zordon spoke up.

By now, Gabrielle was totally confused. “How different could your world be from ours?”

Trini told her, “You’d be surprised. A lot can and has changed.”

Within thirty minutes, Xena and Gabrielle discovered just how much different the world was from what they knew. Neither were used to the ideas of electricity, indoor plumbing, cable and satellite TV, clothing stores, music stores, telephones, restaurants, and just about everything else. Kimberly tried to explain the notion of shopping malls.

“You mean people actually build places for trading and selling? What a world this is!” Xena marvelled.

Kimberly was dumbfounded. “Maybe this isn’t the time to explain credit cards just yet.”

“Credit cards?” Gabrielle asked.

“Never mind. Maybe later.” It was at this point that Kimberly noticed something about Xena’s armour, mostly the design and texture, reminding her of a family heirloom. “My family has this item I think dates back to your era. Maybe you can tell me all about it.”

“My mom said it was almost two thousand years old,” Kimberly told Xena. They were now at Kim’s house, examining a ring that was ancient in design. “She said it found its way into the family from descendants of a girl who was saved by… NO WAY! She was about to become a sacrifice of some weird deity.”

“…Of Fertility. A couple of days ago, Gabrielle and I rescued a young woman from some tribal priest, who also seemed to get a form of sick joy out of the whole thing,” Xena replied.

“By the way, what is a ‘Power Ranger?'” Gabrielle asked.

“Power Rangers protect the Earth from Rita Repulsa and lately, some earthbound scum. As for how we became Power Rangers, well…” Kimberly started, when Diana, Zack, and Trini came in, along with Tommy Oliver, who had just heard been catching up with his friends’ adventures since he had left the team. This was the first time he had spoken to them since they had joined the JLA and he had jumped at the opportunity to meet Wonder Woman and Xena.

After being brought up to date by Kimberly, Tommy asked, “How long do you think you’ll be here in this time frame?”

Xena truthfully answered, “I wish I knew. To tell you the truth, it depends on your friend Zordon. As for your world, it moves a little too fast for me.”

“Too fast for you? Shall we talk truly ironic here? We don’t exactly live the quiet life ourselves, either,” Gabrielle smirked.

“Kimberly was telling us all about the Power Rangers. How did you become these super teens?” Xena asked.

“It all started when an evil witch named Rita Repulsa, escaped from her prison and started her plans to destroy the planet,” Kimberly told her.

“That was when Zordon first chose Trini, Kim, me, Jason, and Billy to become Rangers. Rita’s kept us hopping ever since,” Zack finished.

“A while after that, Rita captured me, and made me her evil Green Ranger. The Rangers were able to break the spell, and I’ve been their friend ever since. I was the Green Ranger for a while, but Rita found a way to take them away from me,” Tommy added.

“And few weeks ago, the Rangers helped the JLA crush a major scheme by Lex Luthor, and a seemingly reformed Legion of Doom. After that, they became the newest and youngest members of the Justice League of America,” Diana added.”

Right then, the communicators went off. Zordon’s voice rang out, “Rangers, Goldar and a team of Tengas and Putties are giving Jason and Hawkgirl trouble in the park. They need your help. Hurry there at once, and may the Power protect you all!”

Zack shouted, “You got it, Zordon. IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!”




Diana also transformed into Wonder Woman once more. “Tommy, it was nice to meet you. Now, if you guys don’t mind me saying it this time, BACK TO ACTION!”

In seconds, the warriors were at their fellow Leaguer’s side. Rita had decided to take advantage of the confusion Faust has caused, sending Putties, and Goldar, her right-hand monster.

Soon, Hawkgirl and Goldar were going at it tooth and nail, while Kimberly, Zack, and Trini kept slamming Putties into the ground, trees, playground rides, passing busses, and at one point, even into a portable barbecue grill.

Scorpina had just arrived and tried to attack Jason from behind, when she was caught completely off-guard by Wonder Woman. The Avenging Amazon walked right up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and said, “Hi, there,” very smugly before knocking her into dreamland.

Hawkgirl, however, wasn’t fairing well against Goldar. He was a better warrior than she was used to fighting. In fact, Goldar had her cornered and at a disadvantage, his sword holding her mace out of the way, allowing him to punch her in the gut. Goldar was about to use his sword to deliver the final, killing blow, grinning, when a deadly, razor-sharp disc-weapon flew through the air, aimed at Goldar. It smashed into his sword, knocking it from his hand before deflecting back to its owner. Xena threw it a second time and hit him in the forehead, leaving a nasty gash. Before he could recover, he saw both Xena flying at him, fists armed and ready.

“The chronogem is fully charged and working again. Xena, Gabrielle, we thank you for your help. I do regret that you won’t remember anything else about this time frame, outside of us,” Zordon spoke.

Gabrielle smiled, “I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”

Xena agreed. “I will always be proud to have known you. It was nice meeting all of you. Take care.”

“We will, and you take care, too,” Zack grinned.

“You both be careful, too,” Kimberly cheered.

Wonder Woman, Jason, and Hawkgirl smiled and waved goodbye.

The time portal opened. “Good luck, and may the Power protect you both!” Zordon spoke.

“Give Rita no mercy! Good luck, my young friends!” Xena shouted as she and Gabrielle jumped back through the portal. In seconds, the portal disappeared.

“Man, awesome! Simply awesome!” Zack smiled. He then looked at Jason’s hurt expression. “What’s up, bro?”

The Red Ranger frowned and said, “You guys actually met Xena and didn’t think to call me and let me know!”

“We didn’t call you because you would be drooling all over the place!” Kimberly smirked.

“You’d have your tongue hanging out!” Zack added. “And basically making a damn fool of yourself!”


“Yeah, YOU!”

Trini and Diana just sat back and enjoyed the show.

In the past, Xena and Gabrielle had returned to the very point where the last adventure had begun.

“I don’t remember much about our little trip, but I get the feeling that the future is definitely in good hands. Gabrielle, are you going to write about this?”

“You bet. I was thinking about calling it… ‘Xena’s Mighty Morphin Power Warriors.’ How about that?”


“How about ‘Wonder Rangers?'”


“‘Super Friends?'”


“OK, OK!”

The End

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