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Vile Actions

The Space Skull reached its destination and a spell promptly cloaked it from detection. It had taken more effort to hide his magical presence from Zordon’s monitoring devices as his ship had slipped passed Mars. The Space Skull quickly settled into a geosynchronous orbit above Angel Grove allowing Master Vile to gaze down upon his newest target and appraise the situation.

The truth was that unlike the last time he had visited Earth, he did not have a plan. He knew he wanted to snatch the Zeo Crystal along with the powers of any other Rangers that happened to be around; if he could use the opportunity to capture Zordon and drain him of his incredible energy, so much the better. Unfortunately the plan he had formulated was at best an outline, and now he needed more than just an inkling of an idea.

First there were the eight Morphin Rangers to be considered, with six Zeo Rangers on top of that. Then there were the Turbo Rangers, the much vaunted Dino Thunder Ranger and four additional Zeo Rangers. He had been tempted to dismiss the Lightspeed Rangers as a weak attempt to emulate real Rangers, before realising that the attempt had been very successful. With the addition problems of Masked Riders and other heroes roaming the planet, he knew his task would not be easy to complete.

In his favour, Master Vile had kept tabs on the planet since his last visit and was of both his enemies and a number of potential allies. While the idea of sharing his bounty with others was abhorrent, he was willing to make deals to garner their cooperation. The question he needed to answer was how best to use those ‘allies’?

His original plan had been to capture a small number of Rangers, place them under a spell and use them to capture more Rangers – for he was aware that best weapon to use against a team of Rangers was another Ranger, at least until that Ranger broke free at which point it became a liability. Of course the problem with using Rangers against Rangers was that sooner or later they would break free and turn against their master. The trick was using them to cause as much damage to his enemies as possible and them destroy them before they could join the enemy.

~Of course, I could recreate Blue Globbor and allow him to drain whatever Rangers I capture. Then Globbor can use that energy to draw out more Rangers. And once he has defeated them all, I can use that power to overwhelm Zordon’s defences and break into the Power Chamber… I’m certain Zordon would have used a connection to this world’s energy network when building that wretched citadel. Globbor will be able to drain Zordon and also tap into that energy. And once Globbor has collected all the energy for me, I’ll destroy Dark Specter and place myself as the ruler of the United Alliance of Evil.~

It was not a terrible plan, but it raised plenty of questions. For starters there was the question of which Rangers he would send Globbor to capture, given that such an attack would place all of Earth’s Rangers on alert? Globbor would not be at his most effective until after he had stolen the energy of a few Rangers. Until that time he would be vulnerable.

~And Globbor works best when he is able to sneak up on his opponents,~ Master Vile admitted.

Using the monster to draw the Rangers into the open would place them on their guard and make Globbor’s job harder. No, what he needed was something to distract the Rangers and Zordon while he targeted those that were no longer a part of the active team. The question remained: how?

The Lunar Palace was a mess and Monastra Repugna was not amused. She was aware that her daughter and son-in-law had more sense that to leave it in such a state and concluded that something had broken in. However, after her initial spells found nothing that could be considered alive within the walls of the palace, she had moved on to its repair.


As the powerful spell restored the palace to a more habitable condition, Monastra was already making her way out of the throne room and into the lower levels, seeking the room where Finster disposed of his failed creations. Although she was loathe to call anything that Finster crafted a failure; more often than not the monsters found inside thise particular storeroom were those Rita had dismissed as useless before giving them a chance in favour of weaker monsters.

Monastra knew that Finster was supposed to use the room as a temporary store and that when the shelves were filled he had clear instructions to turn the contents back into their raw state, saving Rita the need to track down new supplies of magical clay. However, she knew Finster was an artist and very attached to his work. She suspected that he had been working on a few side projects of his own away from Rita and Zedd’s interference. It would not come as a shock to find that he had spent time improving on his rejected models in case his masters changed their minds.

She was pleased to find that Finster had taken enough pride in his work to build shelves to hold his work and had tried to categorise his creations. It made her job of selecting the most promising models all the easier. She placed them on a tray and after making certain she had enough, took them outside the door and placed the tray on the floor.

“Arise!” she commanded as she sent forth a pulse of magic

After being in storage for so long, the magic within the clay had become dormant. It only took a small nudge to reactivate them and the clay statues she had placed on the floor pulsed with life as she fed them more dark magic. While Finster was an artist, his creations relied on the use of a very special type of clay, and either the use of his Monster-Matic or a powerful magic user such as Rita Repulsa. Monastra Repugna lacked such restrictions and could use almost any material to build her constructs; while Finster used the tools of his trade, she could command the clay to take the shape she desired although it meant that her monsters were a drain on her power and lacked the quality of Finster’s work. Using her magic she brought his work to life.

~Now we will show those brats why they should not mess with Monastra Repugna,~ she thought, remembering the previous times the Rangers of Earth had thwarted her plans. They would pay for their victories and she would make certain that it was a hefty price.

Now if she could just shake the feeling that she was forgetting something.

London, England

Autumn 1998

It was not Angel Grove, but Katarina Petronov knew that the streets of London could be just as dangerous. She was not certain what had drawn her out into the night, but she had learnt to trust her instincts. Her wandering had taken her away from her student house and toward the shopping precinct. Aside from the odd car the streets seemed deserted, unusual for a Saturday night.

“Ello luv, fancy a drink?”

She turned to face the young student, her eyes roving over the punk clothing and spiky hair. Instinctively she knew that he was not what he appeared. His clothes were old and dated, his hairstyle no longer in fashion. Her left arm moved behind her back, checking to make sure that the pouch she had secured there before leaving the house – for she had promised her grandmother that she would never leave home without – was still there.

“The pubs are closed,” she replied, looking both ways before crossing the road. She walked a little faster, encouraged by the sound of foot steps behind her.

“Ah come on luv, jus’ a lil’ drink,” he urged as his mate made an obscene gesture.

During her time as a Power Rangers, she had developed a sense of when something wasn’t right and while she could not say exactly what had set off her unease, she knew that it was more than just a few lewd remarks. In fact his conduct had made her lower her guard, almost writing him off as nothing more than a drunken thug. Given her promise to never escalate a situation unless provoked, she decided that removing herself from the area was her best option.

~Maybe if I can get a few streets away I can contact Zordon or teleport.~

While it would be an abuse of the teleport system, she was certain that her pursuers would think twice if Zordon sent Rocky and Adam, or Tommy and Jason — or Jamie — to speak with them.

She rounded a corner and groaned when she found herself in an alley way. What she had assumed was another road had turned out to be one of the service roads for a shopping centre. The high brick wall was topped with razor wire to discourage vandals and the heavy metal door was locked. Which meant that the only way out was the way she had entered and she didn’t need to turn around to know that her was blocked by the pervert and his mates.

“I know we might seem a bit scary, but once you get to know us… you’ll be part of the family,” he explained and has he spoke he moved his hand, drawing her attention to his slightly webbed fingers. “We like to keep things in the family,” he added as an afterthought.

She backed as far along the alley as possible, her eyes searching for a way out. Unfortunately it seemed her only options were to go up onto the rooftops, down into the sewers, or through the thugs. And why had it suddenly gotten light?

“Come on luv, no need making this harder than it has to be. Me mates and I ‘aven’t ad a drink and a bit of female company in a while. You’ll love us, once you get to know us. No? Oh well, I tried. Guess we do this the hard way.” His body crackled with energy and in place of the skin-headed student, there was a Putty Patroller in a neatly tailored suit complete with bowler hat and umbrella. Disturbingly it’s face was adorned with a huge grin and it remained capable of speaking English. “Bring her!”

His companions’ had also changed although their clothing had remained the same as before. Some of them carried umbrellas, some bore wooden clubs and at least one had a rolled up newspaper. Although she had very little experience with this type of foot-soldier, she felt it was not normal.

Katarina’s right palm tapped on the pocket of her jeans before she assumed a defensive stance. Intensive training with Rocky and Jason meant she was confident in her abilities even when outnumbered. As one got a little too close and tried to grab her, she lashed out with her feet, catching him in the chest and propelling him into two of his companions; now that they had all transformed, she didn’t feel the word friends applied.

“Now there’s really no need for this to get violent,” their leaded admonished. “All we want is for you to join us… and I’m sure if you just calm down we can do this the easy way.”

Her hand reached behind her back and emerged gripping a silver coloured whip.

“Where were you hiding that?” he asked. It appeared that he was the only one capable of human speech. She suspected he was not what he seemed to be.

“Deep pockets,” she offered as they took the opportunity to charge.

During her time as the Silver Zeo Ranger, Katarina had grown adept at using the Silver Zeo Power Whip in battle. And just as Jamie Zedden had access to her blade even when she wasn’t morphed, so the Silver Zeo Ranger had found a way to access her Zeo Power Weapon when in civilian form. Her training and practice had helped her become an expert in wielding the weapon to its full potential even though she couldn’t energise it when unmorphed.

With a flick of the wrist, the whip extended and coiled around the neck of one of her attackers. Its hands naturally reached for its neck, dropping the rolled up newspaper it had been carrying. She gave a tug to pull him off balance and then a jerk of the whip that lifted it into the air. A sharp pull and the Putty crashed into the paving slabs. Katarina cracked the whip and looked up ready for her next opponent.

With that the remaining Putties charged. The narrow alley worked to her advantage; there were only so many of them that could fit at any one time. Her whip allowed her to drag some of them forward and discourage others from advancing. But while she managed to take down some, their leader remained unharmed.

Then they started using the objects they were carrying as weapons. She had never expected to have to use a whip against an umbrella. Some used them as swords with blades attached to the tip while others wielded them as clubs. One even threw his bowler hat; given the way it sliced into the wall, Katarina was relieved that it missed her. The change in tactics and the danger it posed left her with little choice but to morph.

“It’s Morphin Time!”

Once morphed she made quick work of the Putty Patrollers before turning her attention to their leader. She ducked back to avoid a swipe from his umbrella and then flipped over his leg as he tried to delivery a high kick. The blade that had appeared on the tip of his shoe sliced through the wall at the back of the alley. As she landed she turned and managed to clip him on the side of the face.

“What are you?” she asked as she ducked a punch.

Instead of answering, the monster pressed the attack, forcing her to back up. She deflected a blow from his umbrella and ducked back in time for the knife tip on his shoe to miss. But an energy blast knocked her off her feet. She leapt back up and kept fighting, well aware that her back was against the wall. And that was when a large blue hand reached out and grabbed her.

“Sorry luv, I’m a Nice Chap, but my friend Globbor here needs a drink of your energy. Nothing personal, just business.”

Blue Globbor had been waiting for his opportunity and as soon as the Silver Zeo Ranger moved into reach and was distracted, he struck. He started draining her energy as soon as he grabbed hold of her, breaking down the protection of her uniform and draining just enough of her life force to render her unconscious. She demorphed as the monster moved forward to grab her and teleported back to its master.

In the Power Chamber, Zordon and Alpha were unaware of Katarina’s plight. However, the computer had alerted them to the unexpected activation of the Silver Zeo Ranger.

“Alpha, locate Katarina,” Zordon instructed.

The small robot obeyed, using the computer and Zordon’s satellite network to trace the Silver Zeo Ranger. However the search proved futile as the computer was unable to zero in on her location.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha exclaimed as an alarm sounded. “Something is wrong with the Silver Zeo powers. They’re being drained.”

“Quickly Alpha, disconnect the Silver Zeo powers from our systems,” Zordon ordered. “And then summon the Turbo Rangers. I have a suspicion that they will be needed.”

Somewhere near Angel Grove

“Brachio Staff, Firestorm!” Nathan Oliver called.

While he had managed to control his powers, it was only through constant practice that Nathan Oliver continued to unlock the secrets of the hybrid powers. It took concentration and willpower to tap into the abilities of the Dino Thunder Ranger, and even greater determination to control those powers once uncovered.

Today he had opted to practice outside of the Power Chamber, believing that the more vulnerable environment would force him to keep tight control over the energy he unleashed.

The Firestorm was not a powerful attack. In fact it was such an underwhelming weapon that it required him to concentrate to turn it into something mildly useful. Any loss of concentration, the slightest lack of focus and the flames would turn against him. And since he was not morphed, they would likely consume him.

“Such a waste of potential.”

Nathan turned around. He had thought that he was alone. Obviously he had been wrong. Before him stood a knight accompanied by a collection of sword-handed Putties. The knight carried a weapon that looked like a cross between a sword and an axe.

“Get him!”

One thing Nathan Oliver did not lack was fighting skills. He had been raised to fight and since arriving in his new home had had trained with his fellow Rangers. He had gotten his butt kicked too many times to mention, but those defeats had pushed him to improve. Armed with the Brachio Staff, he was able to quickly subdue most of his attackers.

That left him facing their leader. The knight raised his sword and blocked a blow from the Brachio Staff with his shield. A low powered blow from his sword sent Nathan tumbling backwards. Dark mist erupted from the knight’s sword, trapping Nathan as his body was dragged to the ground.

“Now Globbor!”

Right on call the monster struck, draining the power of the Dino Thunder Ranger as the knight teleported them away.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, first Katarina and now Nathan!” Alpha moaned as the Power Chamber recorded the activation and sudden drop in the Dino Thunder Ranger’s power. “And the computer has detected a drop in his power levels as well.”

“Hurry and contact the Turbo Rangers, Alpha,” Zordon urged. “I will attempt to locate the other Zeo Rangers.”

“Yes Zordon,” Alpha replied.

Crossworld City

Lillian O’Neil knew that she had been tricked moments after she had dismounted her motorcycle. At speed the accident had looked serious, but upon closer inspection she had realised that it had been staged. So when the victims turned into Putties, she was unsurprised and after pulling a short stick from her motorcycle boot, easily defeated.

That was when the monster appeared. It resembled a rat with a hard hat and a shovel on its right arm. In its left hand it held a stick of comically labelled dynamite. Lillian had seen enough and decided to even the odds.

“It’s Morphin Time!” she cried as Tunnel Rat charged. “Shadow Ribbons Strike!”

As soon as she had morphed into the Black Zeo Ranger, Lillian had summoned her Zeo Power Staff. Ribbons of dark energy shot from the staff, coiling around the monster’s limbs.

“Freeze!” she commanded and the shadow ribbons froze the monster in place.

With a cry of victory she plunged the tip of her staff forward, striking the frozen monster and causing it to explode. But before she could celebrate a blue hand wrapped around her. Blue Globbor had struck again.


“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in London anymore,” Christina Collins remarked as she took in her surroundings. From the overly clean streets to the green sky, she felt she was fully justified in assuming that she had been transported somewhere.

She cast her mind back to a few minutes earlier when she had entered the lift in the block of flats where she was staying. Nothing had seemed wrong. The lift had descended for the normal length of time at the usual speed. The doors had opened as expected and she had walked down the steps and out through the front door of the converted hotel… and found herself in a strange place.

“Zordon?” she called into her communicator. She received no response. She tried to teleport, but nothing happened.

She looked up at the sound of someone approaching. Except instead of one person, it was a troop of Putty Patrollers led by what appeared to be a cross between an armadillo and a large lamp.

“It’s Morphin Time!”

White Zeo hardly finished activating her powers when the bulb in Light Armadillo’s chest lit up, blinding her. Before she could shake off the effects, Globbor used the opportunity to snatch his fourth Power Ranger in a row. As Light Armadillo’s bulb dulled, the street returned to normal, the illusion was cancelled.

In the time it had taken Master Vile’s monsters to drain and capture two more Rangers, Alpha had succeeded in contacting the Turbo Rangers. The five teenagers had been quick to respond and had rapidly moved to assist Zordon and Alpha in tracking down the missing Rangers.

“Um Zordon, this says that the White and Black Zeo Rangers activated their powers,” Tasha pointed out.

“I just lost all sign of Lillian,” Frank added.

The five Turbo Rangers exchanged looks, seemingly holding a conference without speaking.

“We need to find Jamie,” Fred decided.

“I’ve got her,” Rosa reported. “She’s still in Angel Grove.”

“Alpha, activate the Viewing Screen and check on her condition,” Zordon instructed.

Alpha did as he was told and the Turbo Rangers watched as the Purple Zeo Ranger found herself surrounded by Putties.

“Alpha, can you teleport her here?” Justin asked.

“I’m sorry Justin, something is preventing me from doing so.”

“Probably the same thing that stopped the others calling for help,” the Blue Turbo Ranger guessed.

“Well if we can’t bring her to the Power Chamber, let’s go and help,” Fred decided. “Shift into Turbo!”

Angel Grove University

One thing that could be said for Jamie Zedden: she didn’t fight fair. Surrounded by a group of assailants, she had not hesitated to hit them where it hurt. A thumb to the eyes seemed to work just fine regardless of whether or not the eyes were actually there; a knee to the groin could bring anybody to their knees if they possessed the correct anatomy or could imagine that they did.

And unlike Globbor’s other targets, Jamie had the advantage that she had not been transported to a strange location. She was still in Angel Grove and Zordon had already started to investigate the strange activity surrounding the White, Black, and Silver Zeo Rangers, and the Dino Thunder Ranger. So before long her plight had caught Zordon’s attention.

Sure enough, by the time she had summoned her sword and started to increase the ferocity of her attacks against her opponents, the Turbo Rangers had arrived to help her.

“Rita and Lord Zedd again?” Yellow Turbo asked as she punched one of the Putties. “I thought we’d seen the last of them.”

Jamie shrugged as she bashed another on the head. Now was a good time to either leave or morph. There were no civilians around and she knew it would look odd if she was seen fighting alongside the Power Rangers.

“Ah Rangers, I was warned you might show up,” a voice said.

The Rangers turned toward the voice and found themselves confronted by two monsters. The one that had spoken resembled an ant with a bazooka on his right arm. Next to him stood a mammoth-based creature with some sort of elaborate helmet and a hour glass on the end of its trunk.

“Now we get to destroy you,” the other added.

“Oh yeah?” Yellow Turbo challenged. “Why don’t you come her and say that?”

The monsters took the bait and attacked. The Turbo Rangers raced forward, intercepting the pair with Yellow, Blue and Green Turbo pushing the ant monster off to one side while Red and Pink Turbo corralled the mammoth monster away. Using their speed they were able to avoid the ant monster’s firepower.

“Oh you Rangers think you are so fast,” the ant monster growled. “Dimensional Mammoth, show them what real speed is!”

“Ug ug, yeah Antagonist, sure thing,” Dimensional Mammoth replied as he waved his trunk, rotating the hour glass as he did so.

Suddenly the Turbo Rangers found their enemies were able to move faster as it became increasingly difficult for them to move. In truth the two monsters were moving at normal speed and Dimensional Mammoth’s spell was slowing the world around them.

Seizing on the opportunity, Antangonist raised his weapon and fired, blasting three of the Turbo Rangers. It then turned to the other two and fired before preparing to blast the whole group.

“Oh no you don’t!” Jamie warned from outside the effects of Dimensional Mammoth’s spell. “It’s Morphin Time!”

Once transformed into the Purple Zeo Ranger, Jamie unleashed a bolt of lightning that shattered the hour glass and released the Rangers. The Five Turbo Rangers were quickly back on their feet and returned fire on Antagonist. Working together the six Rangers soon had the monsters on the defensive once more.

“Turbo Crash!” Red Turbo called.

The five Turbo Rangers seemed to run away only to turn suddenly and head directly for the two monsters. Even as Antagonist fire, Dimensional Mammoth tried to get out of the way. Neither were successful as the speed enhanced force of the Turbo Rangers knocked them from their feet.

“Let’s finish this!” Red Turbo decided. “Turbo RAM!”

Purple Zeo raised her sword ready to strike and Globbor took advantage of the situation to grab the Purple Zeo Ranger and drag her away.

“Hey!” Pink Zeo protested.

Antagonist took advantage of the distraction and blasted the Turbo Rangers, just as Dimensional Mammoth found a new hour glass to stop them from reacting in time. Globbor reached out and grabbed the five younger Rangers as well, taking them all to Master Vile. What had started as a plan to capture one Ranger had ended up with six victims. The boss would be pleased.

The attack on Jamie had alerted Zordon to the problem, but when the monsters had vanished taking the Purple Zeo Ranger and the Turbo Rangers with them, there had been a distinct lack of clues. At that time he had called the other inactive Rangers, hoping that there had not been any further abductions; he now suspected that the unusual readings from the White, Black and Silver Zeo Rangers, and the Dino Thunder Ranger, had been explained.

That somebody could attack four Rangers and hide those attacks from him was deeply disturbing. Even though they were not a part of the active team and their powers were not tied as closely to the Power Chamber’s systems as some of the others, he knew that there should have been some warning. Christina, Katarina, Jamie and Lillian were all Zeo Rangers, with Jamie having additional powers due to her heritage and Lillian having access to an aspect of the Zeo powers the others could not touch. And Nathan… Nobody was sure of the extent of Nathan’s powers because they had yet to unlock his full potential. However he was certain that at present Nathan Oliver was the only thing limiting Nathan Oliver’s progress.

To capture one Ranger was not unheard of, but five suggested a powerful villain was behind it. The abduction of the Turbo Rangers though had exposed the identity of their foe – for despite the distortion that had appeared toward the end of the fight the Turbo powers were actively monitored. He knew of only one monster with the ability to drain their powers in such a way, and only one villain capable of creating him.

Master Vile was satisfied with the performance of his creation and the monsters Monastra had provided. The capture of the Turbo Rangers had been an unexpected show of initiative from Globbor and had provided him with a new plan. Even now the Zeo Rangers and Dino Thunder Ranger were being drained by Blue Globbor.

The Turbo Rangers however were not needed for that part of his plan and the possibility of bending them to his will for even a short time and using them to grab just one more Ranger before his control slipped was extremely tempting.

The Zeo Crystal negated the effects of spells that turned people evil and since Christina had been connected to the Zeo Crystal that ability had extended to the whole team. In addition Jamie’s alien heritage and stubbornness would require the use of magic that Zordon would detect. Combined with the mental barrier that had slipped across the Black Zeo Ranger’s mind the moment she had lost consciousness and a feeling that he would fail to turn the Silver Zeo Ranger to his side using magic, and he had decided against using them in such a way.

As for Nathan… the boy’s mind was perfect manipulation. Master Vile could sense so many flaws and means of bending the Dino Thunder Ranger to his will. There was just one problem: Nathan Oliver was already under the effects of long term mind control. It had taken a few failed attempts and a close examination to realise the boy had been mentally conditioned from a young age. And while many of those instructions no longer applied and he could live a normal life, they effectively stopped his mind from accepting the level of control Master Vile sought. Simple spells were possible, but the Dino Thunder Ranger would throw them off quickly because his mind already belonged to his creators.

But the five Turbo Rangers were young and despite having faced things that children their age should never have faced, they were mentally undamaged. He had no doubt that his creations could manipulate their young minds and that even the closeness of their friendship was something he could use against them. And even if it only lasted a short time, Master Vile imagined it would be sufficient to snatch maybe an extra Ranger or two.

~On second thoughts I’ll turn them over to one of Monastra’s friends,~ he thought.

His former partner was friendly with a number of witches that excelled in ensnaring the minds of others. And if they were successful, he would allow them to work their charms on the older Rangers… assuming the Rangers survived that long.

Power Chamber

For the first time since the senior Rangers had returned from Aquitar and Zordon had returned from the Galactic Council, the Power Chamber was full. Adam, Billy and Trini had commandeered some of the computer terminals and were trying to find clues about their missing friends. Unfortunately Zordon’s decision to monitor only the active Rangers while allowing the others privacy as they went about their lives meant that there had been no record of what had happened to them.

“What about Nathan?” Zack asked.

“He was practicing at the time he would have vanished,” Aisha answered. Then her eyes lit up as she realised what her team-mate meant. “If he was morphed there’s a chance the computer recorded images from his helmet.”

Alpha quickly accessed the last few minutes of Nathan’s training session. He hadn’t been morphed at the time, but he had been using the Brachio Staff, which to prevent abuse of the Power was monitored.

“Those monster look like something Rita would send,” Tommy observed.

“Indeed,” Zordon agreed. “I have matched some of them to designs Finster had once documented but never used in battle.”

“The use of Putties does make Rita a likely culprit,” Billy commented.

“You are correct Billy, however the presence of one monster has confirmed that if Rita is involved then she is not acting alone. Rita and Zedd have been reported attacking worlds on the far side of the galaxy. However, I believe that we are looking for somebody they would know very well.”

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha exclaimed.

“Oh no,” Kimberly said.

“Not him,” Aisha added as the Viewing Screen show the appearance of Globbor.

“Indeed,” Zordon rumbled, “while few villains use Putty Patrollers, only Master Vile is capable of creating the Blue Globbor.”

It was Tommy spoke and summed up the collective feelings of his team-mates. “Aw man, we’re in trouble.”

End of Part

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