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Author’s Note: Some events in this chapter follow on from those Lerigot’s Greatest Trick.

The Price of Charity

Klatos Seven

The tip of the arrowhead glistened in the afternoon sun as a misshapen hand drew back the bow string until it was taut, notched an arrow and realised it with practised ease. The snap of the wire was the only sound as the arrow flew through the air, driving itself into a rotten log, resulting in an explosion of light.

*Father, they found us,* Bethel cried, her panic overwhelming the mental connection among the three escapees.

Her father, Lerigot placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder before regarding the spell he had been working on. The long distance doorway he had been working to create was finished, but the arrow had prevented him from fine-tuning their destination.

*Stay here and prepare for transport,* the wizard instructed, allowing their attacker to catch a glimpse of him as he ran into the undergrowth. *I will be back when the door is fully opened.*

The furry, gnome-like creature jumped over logs, fleeing in supposed terror into the brush. The two oversized warriors pursuing him followed, one of them taking aim. The arrow crunched into a tree just inches over the fleeing wizard’s head with a resounding slam.


With a resounding slam the foot connected with the red punching bag. The filtered light gave the fighter a shadowy appearance as his sweaty body moved with practised precision. As he moved, his long hair flew out of his eyes eliciting another grunt from his muscular chest. This was a workout and from the fighter’s panting it was clear that he had been exerting himself for a while. As he moved, another fighter entered the fray, his fist making contact with the bag from an entirely different direction. There was a whoosh of air as the bag swung wildly to one side.

Klatos Seven

There was a distinct whooshing sound as the creature swung from a vine and dropped down in a roll on the ground. He rose quickly and continued through the forest of dense vegetation and shrouded mists. He could hear his pursuers not far behind him, but Lerigot knew they would not catch him. He was after all a powerful wizard.

He missed his human form, but away from his home planet he was resigned to wearing the coarse woven robe belted with twine that covered his silver and gold fur. He threw a small amount of powder from the worn leather pouch at his waist, hiding his trail for a moment longer.

There was a loud crash as the two warriors broke through the brush behind him. It was too late to catch him though as Lerigot vanished around the corner making frantic trills and clicking noises that he knew those waiting for him would understand. The powder worked its magic and though the arrows slashed the air around him, they were incapable of piercing his hide.

His pursuers were thrown for a moment, long enough for him to return to his wife and daughter. His luminous eyes peered into those of his terrified daughter as she stared into his lavender orbs. He stopped just long enough to ensure that the doorway between worlds was finally open before heading off in a different direction, once again buying time for his family.

High above the planet the Space Pirate, Divatox, watched her warriors. Her slender hands, which were encased in metal, wrapped around the sides of a periscope, tightening as she saw the arrows almost strike the fugitive wizard. With a growl she slammed the periscope up. Her ebony hair flailed, shifting the silver streaks that ran down her back.

Divatox was known for her beauty, but woe betides any man foolish enough to believe that beauty extended beneath the skin. She was a sinister nomad, a barbaric pirate who was not afraid to marry those whose wealth she wanted and then kill them.

“Fools!” she snarled as she slammed her fist on the control panel. “I want that fur ball wizard alive!”


Present, 1100hrs

The three shadows lunged at the bag, one after the other. Tommy’s hair whirled uncontrollably as he delivered a fierce punch before ducking aside to allow Rocky a chance to slam his forearm into the side and Adam to land a swift kick. With a cry of rage Tommy delivered a spin kick that threatened to tear the punch bag from its mountings.

Klatos Seven

They were far from the ritual site now and Lerigot continued to keep himself just outside the range of his pursuers. At the opportune moment he stumbled, slipping on the wet stones of the almost dry river bed. The hem of his robe snagged on a tree root and he let out a small cry of panic as he fell forward. He had lost valuable time and from the noise behind him it was clear that his had caught up.

“Say your prayers, Lerigot!” one of the warriors cried.

Lerigot’s response was to surround himself with dust, knowing it would confuse his enemies long enough for him to make the small teleport back to the clearing where he had left his wife and child.

The warriors moved their mounts forward, backing what they believed to be Lerigot into the trunk of a tree. The warrior raised his bow, aimed and then stopped.

“What are you waiting for?” the other warrior demanded.

The shooter struggled against the unseen, hypnotic effect of the glowing dust. He finally managed to loose the arrow, just as Lerigot disappeared. The arrow embedded itself within the tree.

“He’s not there!” the first exclaimed.

The other growled in agreement.

He reappeared just outside the clearing only to find it empty, the ritual site destroyed by Divatox’s forces. His wife and child were gone, his deception had failed and he didn’t have time to discover whether they had escaped or been taken because Divatox’s forces had found him again. Resolving to trust that his loved ones were safe, and planning to return as soon as he could rebuild the doorway on the other side of the gap, he reached into the leather pouch at his waist and removed his Golden Key. Using the power of the key to grab the residual energy of the doorway, he was able to create a whirling vortex.

With a final glance at his attackers he jumped into the portal and disappeared, oblivious to the angry cries of the approaching hunters as they realised their quarry had escaped them again.

Angel Grove, Earth

The little yellow bus barrelled down the road, the words Little Angel’s Haven written on its side in fading black paint. It was a sign of just how bad things had become for the shelter when they could barely keep their bus road legal. The shelter was desperately in need of funding if it was going to survive. The grant from the Wayne Foundation allowed them to cover their day-to-day costs, but the mortgage payments were behind and their bankers were on the point of foreclosing; that a major developer had been making offers to the owners of surrounding properties had made it more profitable should the bank repossess.

They had tried to keep the news from the children, not wanting them to worry about matters they could not control. Unfortunately while most had been willing to believe that everything was okay, there were a few that were just too perceptive for their own good or had too many worries of their own to join in with the singing.

Always happy to help a good cause, the teenagers known to a select few as the Power Rangers had been recruited to help in a charity drive to save the home. Rocky, Adam and Tommy had entered a competition with the promise of donating their winnings to the good cause. Tanya and Kat had volunteered to give the children a day out, which included a visit to see the boys training.

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…”

While Tanya led the group in a cheerful round of singing, Kat walked up and down the isle, ensuring their charges were okay. She stopped in the middle of the bus when she noticed twelve year old Justin Stewart was not taking part. She knew he had been expecting to leave the shelter to live with his father, and while she didn’t know exactly what had happened, it was well known that Dean Stewart was not the most reliable person. With the recent loss of his wife, Justin’s father had been away from home, trying to start a new life in another state. It was clear that the disappointment had had an effect on the grieving boy who currently stared sadly out of the window.

“Hey Justin,” she greeted as she sat on the seat beside him. “I know you know the words.”

“I just don’t feel like singing,” Justin replied.

“Is everything all right?” she pressed.

“Everything’s fine,” Justin told her, his tone giving away his slight irritation at the questioning. He shrugged apologetically. “It’s no big deal. I just don’t want to sing.”

Kat sighed, realising that despite wanting to help those in pain, until Justin was willing to open up there was little she could do. As the boy went back to staring out the window, Kat and Tanya exchanged a helpless look before the Pink Ranger continued her way down the bus.

Angel Grove Arena


They had been at it for five hours and they were growing tired. Tommy, Rocky and Adam were embroiled in a fierce training session inside a three-roped ring. They separated out as Tommy and Rocky started to spar against each other.

“No Tommy, follow it through!” Coach Jim Daniels, a commanding man instructed. Coach Daniels had taken over the duties of teaching Physical Education when Principal Caplan had been too busy to split his duties as administrator of the High School with his role as Gym teacher.

Tommy obeyed, lunging as Rocky and knocking him backwards. While Coach Daniels wasn’t into Martial Arts, there was no questioning his ability to motivate his students. He knew what Tommy, Adam and Rocky could do and had resigned himself to keeping them focussed and allowing them to adjust their techniques. Fortunately he knew a bit about Boxing.

“Rocky! Get back in there!” he shouted.

Rocky nodded once and launched a kick, which Tommy deflected with his hands.

“Good, now Adam!”

Adam ran forward and joined the other two. He twisted and jumped in the air, and landed a kick that didn’t meet its destination. His next kick was spot on target, but the coach was determined that they would get it right every time.

“Rocky, swing kick!” he ordered, “my hand!”

Rocky tried, but missed the Coach’s hand, and landed hard.

“Man! I’m giving it all I’ve got!” the Blue Ranger groaned as Adam helped him up.

“Maybe we’re trying too hard,” Adam suggested. “This isn’t a fight to the death, maybe we’re taking it too seriously.”

Rocky shrugged. “Or maybe I’m not trying hard enough … Hiya!”

He jumped toward the coach’s raised hand in a high, hard kick. He hit the target, but tripped over his own feet and landed on the mat.

“You okay Bro?” Tommy asked.

Rocky nodded as Tommy and Adam helped the bruised teen back to his feet.

“Only bruised my pride,” he quipped.

“Let’s take a break guys,” the coach said. “Start again in two hours.”

The teens nodded gratefully and made their way from the ring in time to meet Kat and Tanya as they led their group into the arena.

Kat and Tanya walked behind the group of kids as they moved toward the main area of the arena. Justin walked by himself, a bit removed from the others, something the two girls noticed.

“I wish there was a way to get through to Justin,” Kat said. “I know he wants to be a part of things. Maybe watching the guys practice will cheer him up.”

“He needs a little time to adjust,” Tanya told her. “I mean one minute he’s got a home and the next minute his mother has passed away and he’s living in a shelter. He’s a smart kid, but that’s still a lot to take in. Hopefully his father will find a job soon so they can be a family again.”

“I hope so, I think they really need each other right now,” Kat sighed. “I just wish he would understand that it’s okay for him to have fun even though he misses her.”

Kat and Tanya ushered the children into the main area of the arena. They stopped when they were met by Rocky, Tommy and Adam in tow.

“Hey guys, who wants a picnic?” Tommy asked. The trip had been intended to show the kids that there were those working hard to raise the money to keep the Shelter open, but since they had decided to take a break, Tommy thought it was a good idea to move the agenda forward.

He was met by enthusiastic nods, especially from Rocky.

“Hey, it was a great kick …” he could be heard saying to Adam. “The landing needs a little work.”

There was a mix of relieved laughter as the group moved outside.

Klatos Seven


It was a powerful blow that carried all of Divatox’s displeasure, something the two useless warriors could understand.

“What do you mean he got away?” she asked, towering over the warrior.

After observing the chase, Divatox had ordered her crew to direct her Subcraft to land in a large body of water, one that she knew would provide the energy to recharge the engines. Currently the large, battered submarine, nestled upon the lake bed, its systems set for minimal power usage.

And now the angry pirate stood in the middle of the chamber, surrounded by the bizarre mix of technological apparatuses and the trophies of past campaigns, facing the two warriors.

“He was too quick,” came the fearful response. “We tried but….”

“But what?” Elgar, Divatox’s turnip-brained nephew asked. “Hey Auntie Divatox, I told you those two bolt buckets weren’t up to snuff!”

“Silence!” Divatox snarled, turning her anger on her nephew. “You were supposed to be in charge of those idiots Elgar!”

Long metal nails shot from her fingers as she swung for her nephew. There was a shower of sparks as she ripped Elgar’s mechanical hand from his wrist socket. The hand flew across the room and into the waiting grasp of Rygog, Divatox’s sinister and slightly competent second in command.

“You don’t ask fools to do a mutant’s job,” he told her.

“I know that, Rygog!” she replied before her mood changed. “Not to worry boys, we’ll get to the Island of Muiranthias if it’s the last thing we do!”

“Lucky for you I’ll be here to give you a hand!” Rygog told her as he slapped the hand against Elgar’s chest.

Divatox shot him a glare, crossed the room and sat upon a throne of twisted shrapnel. A gelatinous eel poked its head from beneath Divatox’s cloak. It made a strange squealing sound as it slithered out onto her lap. Divatox stroked the creature’s head absentmindedly.

“So you got them?” she asked, her face lightening into a smile when he nodded. “Perfect! Rygog you’ve restored my faith in you dimwits.” The smile turned into a nasty grin. “Now we can lure Lerigot to us … If he wants his family back, he’ll come. Track him!”

Africa, Earth

The shockwave caused birds to scatter as a fiery orb burst through the Earth’s atmosphere, the glowing ball appearing as a small sun in the otherwise azure skyline. There was a bright flash followed by a loud bang as Lerigot ploughed into the undergrowth; the problem with emergency portals was that Lerigot never knew where he would reappear, as proven when he had materialised two miles above the jungle canopy.

The wise sage looked around, shocked by the impact, unsure of his surroundings and fearful that Divatox had his family hostage. He knew the pirate’s tastes and knew that getting his wife and daughter back alive was the best he could hope for.

A peeping sound immediately grabbed his attention and as Lerigot looked down, he noticed that he was seated inside a large bird’s nest near the tops of the trees. Three baby birds peered up at him, their mouths open as they squawked for food. Mistaking their begging for some sort of communication, Lerigot’s eyes became huge as imitated the baby birds, all the time reaching out with his telepathy for some sign of intellect. That proved to be the wrong decision as the baby birds started to peck him. He shifted in the nest and fell out. He clung to a branch for dear life as he shook his head. Luck though was against him as the branch gave way and he fell, sliding down the trunk to the ground below.

The trill that emerged from his lips could have been considered a classic line on many worlds or a slanderous insult on others. On Earth though the closest translation was “Ow!”

Ziktor Industries, Crossworld City

“… What do you mean the banks have not foreclosed?” Karl Ziktor demanded, all but shouting at the lawyer he had assigned to acquire the rights to the land on which Little Angels Haven currently stood. “Listen to me Bateman, I want that land and you told me you could persuade them… I don’t care what Mayor Carrington told them, you assured me that they would comply.”

The land was essential to his plans for the redevelopment of Angel Grove. He had spent months paying officials to get the permits he needed, had used all the political power that his position as a major industrialist allowed him to restrict funding for the shelter. Mayor Carrington had prevented him from simply taking over the site, but once the banks foreclosed, there would be little she could do.

“What fund raiser?” he asked. He had made sure that local businessmen would not make any worthwhile donations toward the shelter’s survival. “No, keep trying to convince the banks to call in the loans and find a way to stop that event. I don’t know, bribe the Fire Department to declare the building unsafe. Yes… I expect results, Bateman.”

He replaced the phone and absentmindedly stroked the back of his pet lizard. The acquisition of the building was essential and he was not about to let a group of teenagers defy him. Because unknown to the world, Karl Ziktor was in reality Grimlord, the ruler of Mivertual Real’liti, an unfortunate planet sealed within a temporal space.

“That building will be the centerpiece of my new mall development,” he told the lizard. “Those children will be gone by the end of the week, one way or another.”

His hand reached out to grasp the Transformation Orb, took a deep breath and spoke.

“Forces of Darkness, empower me! Take me back to Mivertual Real’liti!” Light flashed, and suddenly Karl Ziktor, wealthy businessman, was transformed into Grimlord, evil warlord into on extending his kingdom beyond his dimensionally disjointed world. Clad in strange metal armour, Grimlord did not appear human. Clawed hands and feet, thick scaly skin, and a tail growing from the small of his back gave him more the appearance of a demonic lizard. His eyes glowed with red energy as he scanned the mutants that awaited him.

“Colonel Icebot!” he growled, sending a beam of energy at one wall. A view screen formed, showing a white robot whose face seemed permanently formed into a sly grin. “What is the status of the Reality Wedge?”

During the final days of the villain Minion, the barrier that prevented Grimlord’s forces from escaping their distant solar system had been weakened. Colonel Icebot had been working on a way of taking advantage of that weakness, shattering the barrier and allowing the invasion of Earth to begin – for it seemed that the answer to all of Mivertual Real’liti’s problems lay in the subjugation of the only planet they could access.

“All is in readiness your Lordship!” the scientist told him. “All that is needed is the Focus Point.”

The plan required the placement of a Dimensional Vibrator on the fault line. Had that location been within the boundaries of Crossworld City, where under normal circumstances the barrier was at its weakest, Ziktor would have found a way to purchase the land. Unfortunately his Skugs had determined that the Focus Point was beneath Little Angels Haven in the city of Angel Grove.

“I want that building gone,” Grimlord stated. “General Ivar!”

“I await your order to begin!” Ivar responded.

“Very well, Icebot, I require one of your creations. Without an arena there will be no competition, no prize and most importantly, no shelter.”

“At once Grimlord!”

Angel Grove Park

The older teenagers led their charges over to the picnic area, when they were stopped by the appearance of a group of black and gold warriors, which they recognised as Skugs. Though they soon showed the alien warriors that humans were not as weak as they might have believed.

During the battle, which continued even after the Rangers had taken down the Skugs numerous time because they did not know the correct way to dispose of them, Rocky found himself isolated from the rest of the group. He found himself pitted against an overwhelming number of mutants. Before Tommy or Adam could reach him, the Skugs had hauled him into the air and slammed him through a picnic table. Then they had moved out of the way, allowing the black robot known as General Ivar to pummel the defenceless teen.

Just weeks earlier Rocky had narrowly escaped being crippled by the forces of darkness. This time it seemed that he was not going to make it out alive.

“It’s time for a Gold Rush!”

Help had arrived. The children and unmorphed Rangers watched with relief as the Power Rangers made their appearance, led by the Gold Ranger. The Skugs were tough, but no match for the combined power of the Rangers, and Ivar having determined that Rocky would not compete in any competition, decided his mission had been a success and withdrew.

“Rocky?” Adam asked, making his way over to where his friend lay. “Get an ambulance!”

He wanted to take his friend back to the Power Chamber, but there were too many civilians around and even if the Gold Ranger had offered, it would have raised too many questions.

“Kat, maybe we should get to the game,” Tanya suggested, keen to get the youngsters away from the disturbing scene.

Her teammate nodded, and leaving Adam to tend Rocky, she herded the children away from the park.

Power Chamber

“Ai-yi-yi, Zordon, Rocky is hurt and we cannot help him.”

“Patience Alpha,” Zordon replied. “Once Rocky is allowed visitors we will send something to aid his healing. Although I am afraid that some of his injuries will require time to heal.”

“Do you think he will be able to remain a Ranger this time?”

Zordon didn’t answer. In the last year, Rocky had suffered a number of injuries to his back. While most had been healed there was a serious weakness that made morphing all the more dangerous; Zordon had known Rangers on other worlds retire for less. For that matter it was rare for Rangers to remain active for more than a year at a time. He had tried to give each team some respite, but he had to admit that he had been unfair to them.

~Perhaps the time is coming when we will need to find some new candidates.~

Mivertual Real’liti

“Report Ivar!”

“One of the members of the fund-raising team has been injured my Lord,” the robot responded.

Grimlord pondered the possibilities. Without a team there was no way they could win the prize money and no way the shelter would remain open. By the end of the week the banks would foreclose and he would have the land. Then the Reality Wedge would open the tear and the invasion could begin.


The lion roared, no doubt wondering why the strange meal standing before it had not run away. Lerigot gazed at the lion, locking eyes with him and smiled serenely. He closed his eyes and reached out with his senses, humming softly as he waved his free hand over the lion’s head. The lion cocked its head and backed away. Lerigot rose and stood with his hands stretched out before him. The male lion cautiously padded forward and sniffed Lerigot’s hand. Lerigot opened the pouch at his waist, removes the key and showed it to the lion.


Angel Grove Stadium

Late afternoon

Rocky had been taken to the hospital. There was little the Rangers could do for him until they were free to visit. Still his life was not in danger, and regardless of whether the Rangers had the opportunity to help him heal or not, he would make a full recovery. With little else to do Adam had rejoined the other Zeo Rangers to help supervise the children.

And it was quite a game, highlighted by a number of home runs from the local favourites. Currently the Angel Grove All Stars were leading the Larkdale Lions. The crowd erupted as a handsome African American man in uniform took the plate and crouched into batting position. The ball was pitched, the bat swung… CRACK!

“And the ball is heading toward the stands. It’s… outta there!”

The people in the crowd jumped as a hand snatched the ball from the end. Tanya grinned as she held the ball proudly as Tommy, Adam, Kat and Ernie – for even the Juice Bar’s owner had taken time out to see the game of the season – cheered; the children from the shelter were in the front row and having a great time.

“Yeah!” Tanya cried … “Way to go, Dynamo! Here you go, Justin. Why don’t you hold onto this for me?”

Justin took the ball and for the first time he smiled a little. It was a small improvement and while Kat and Tanya realised there was a long way to go, it was a start.

“That was a tough catch, Tanya!” Tommy cried enthusiastically, catching onto the sudden change in his young friend.

“Catching that smile was even tougher,” Kat whispered to Tanya.

Ernie patted her on the back “Great work. This calls for a celebration … hot dogs anyone?”

His question was met with a resounding “Yeah!”

“I’ll give you a hand,” Adam volunteered.

“Hey Adam… why don’t you call the hospital again?” Tommy asked.

Adam nodded. “Yeah, I was going to.”


Communication had been difficult, but possible between the wizard and lion. In the end though it had accomplished very little. The lion had no idea where Alpha could be found although it had decided that Lerigot would not make a good meal while he was still alive. That was not saying much though because as he stood in the middle of the jungle, it occurred to him just how hot it had become.

*Alpha?* he called, hoping that the little android would hear him. *Zordon? … Help!*

Power Chamber

“Ah Zordon, just the person I wished to speak to.”

“Councillor,” Zordon greeted in reply, preparing himself for another round of mental chess.

“It has come to my attention that one of you ‘Rangers’ has been injured.”

“I remind you Councillor that the power of Zeo has been recognised by the Grid
Masters as an approved power source. They ARE Rangers.”

The image on the Viewing Screen did not appear pleased, but nodded anyway.

“Regardless, since DeSantos has been injured, you will be needing a new Blue Ranger. I have taken the liberty of interviewing candidates and will let you know the outcome later today.”

So that was what this was about. Unable to strip the Zeo Rangers of their powers, the Council was trying to remove the Earthlings from the team, replacing them with those they approved of.

“Your decision is most welcome,” Zordon said, “but unnecessary.”

“Unnecessary? Surely you don’t intend to leave the position vacant.” There was a hint of concern in the Councillor’s voice. Regardless of how they all looked down on Earth, the planet was too important to leave undefended.

“I meant that I have already instructed Rocky to find a successor until he can resume his role.”

It was a lie, but he did intend to tell Rocky to select somebody to fill in for him. He hoped that the announcement would keep the Council at bay for a little longer.

“Now see here Zordon, DeSantos is not a Grid Master, nor is he a recognised member of the Council. What gives him the right to decide something as important?”

“Simple Councillor,” Zordon said cordially, “the fact that only Rocky can pass on his Zeonisers.”

“You would be breaking the Council’s Decree that there should be no new Rangers created on Earth,” the other man warned.

“I would not be creating any new Rangers, Councillor,” Zordon argued back. “Rocky will pass the powers on to somebody willing to hold them for a while. When he returns to full health, he will have the choice of either resuming his role as Blue Ranger or retiring from service.”

“I fail to see a difference.”

“But there is one,” Zordon pointed out. “The Council cannot interfere in this matter.”

All pretence of polite conversation was gone now as the Councillor allowed his anger to show. “You will regret this Zordon,” he warned. “I will have your job for this.”

“Indeed you might,” Zordon said as the communication ended. “But that doesn’t mean you’ll be running things your way. Alpha, set the Power Chamber to Lockdown Stage One-”

“Ai-yi-yi, yes Zordon.”

“-and then contact Rocky. I regret the timing, but he must be told.”

Angel Grove Hospital

It was night time before the Rangers had the opportunity to visit their friend. The news from the doctors was good and he had spent the afternoon listening to his mother as she tried to decide whether to be happy that he was okay or angry that he had been foolish enough to fight monsters in the park. In the end she had settled for hugging her son and repeating how much she loved him.

When she had left, he had fallen asleep. Ranger Healing was effective, but it took a great deal of energy. That coupled with the drugs the nurses had given him had left him tired.

He didn’t notice the door handle move slowly as the door opened slightly. If he had, he would have seen Justin peek into the room. He suddenly turned to look back as he heard footsteps approaching the room. Thinking quickly, Justin rushed into the room and hid under the bed as the other four Zeo Rangers entered.

Rocky opened his eyes. “Hey … I heard we won the game.”

Tommy smiled. “Yeah we did man.” He sobered as he looked down at his injured friend. “You were really lucky, Rock. You scared the hell out of us.”

“The doctor said you’re gonna make a full recovery,” Tanya told him.

“Yeah well I had a little help there. Thanks for dropping this over Adam.” He passed the Green Ranger the healing device he had dropped off during the game. “I’m going to be as good as new, but not in time for the competition. You guys are gonna have to do it without me. The kids’ shelter is counting on that prize money to stay open.”

“We’ll let Alpha and Zordon know,” Kat started before looking at Tommy. There was an uncomfortable silence before he sighed.

“Look Rocky…”

Power Chamber

The computers had locked onto a disturbance. Actually they had detected the alien as soon as it arrived on the planet, but with the satellite network limited following Minion’s attack, it took longer to scan the entire planet.

“Ay yi yi! … Zordon?” He looked up at the giant tube only to find that Zordon was not inside. He tried again. “Zordon?”, and was rewarded when Zordon reappeared. “Hee hee hee … Another Power Nap?” he asked, his cheek covering his concern.

“No, Alpha. I apologise for worrying you. I had to reconfirm the information. Your suspicions were correct, the energy signature matches Lerigot.”

“Great!” Alpha sighed, “The Wizard of Liaria is dropping in for a visit, it took us ten months to get the fur out of the furniture last time!”

“This is not good news,” Zordon told him. “Lerigot knows the consequences to his life force by coming in such close proximity to the sun. It must be an emergency. Alert the Power Rangers!”

“Will do … Ay-yi-yi!”

At the hospital the Rangers had filled Rocky in on the need to transfer his powers and the consequences of not doing so. Rocky had agreed and together they had tried to decide on whom his successor should be.

Justin had remained out of sight the entire time, but had heard everything said. His mind was churning as he heard another noise.

“You think Zordon can read our minds?” Adam asked. He had been about to call the White

“Probably,” Tommy replied before touching his communicator. “We read you, Alpha.”

“Rangers, report to the Power Chamber at once.”

For Justin that was confirmation of the conversation he had been listening to.

“Go for it,” Rocky told the others when they looked to him for confirmation.

“We’ll let you know what’s up,” Adam promised as the others smiled.

They teleported out and Justin took the opportunity to get away. In doing so he jerked up and bumped his head. “Ow!”

“Who’s there?” Rocky demanded.

Knowing he had been caught, Justin crawled out from under the bed. He wanted to say “sorry for spying”, or perhaps explain why he was under the bed. Instead he asked, “You guys are the Power Rangers?”

For once Rocky was lost for words.

To be Continued

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