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The Most Important Lesson


It was an exciting moment. For months Bulk and Skull had followed the teachings of Prince Dex of Edenoi as the Masked Rider had trained them to use their powers. It had not been easy to master the techniques their mentor had tried to pass on or the strategies he had shared with them. Modifying their powers so that their armour had a more comfortable appearance had taken a great deal of soul searching – for Dex had pointed out that while Bulk and Skull were not Power Rangers, they were not official Riders.

He had gone on to explain that unlike Rangers, the Riders were a far less organised and regimented group. While the Rider Corps had been an attempt to standardise their membership and turn them into something resembling an army – a large number of highly trained Corps Troopers wearing mass produced armour commanded by a smaller number of better trained, Corps Riders wearing stronger armour to protect them on the frontline.

Then there were the planetary Rider like Dex who drew their powers from mystical sources such as the Heart of Edenoi, using special technology tied to a family line. It was a way to prevent the powers falling into the wrong hands since it required specialist skills to change the technology to work with a new user. And of course the independent Riders not tied to single worlds or a regulated power source, who adopted the name Rider because of their appearance.

If anything Dex believed that Bulk and Skull fell into the latter group, one which put them at risk of being tracked down by other Riders seeking to secure their powers – for Dex made it clear that some Riders were little more than bounty hunters or hired scum.

Their powers were best described as a hybrid of sources, drawing energy from a source neither he nor Zordon could confirm, through their bodies where it was shaped by the heavily modified transformation devices they had acquired. After searching it had been decided that their powers were closest to those of the Turbo Rangers, which in turn had led Fred and his friends to refer to them as Turbo Riders.

Bulk was the heavily armoured power man of the duo. Dex had mentioned that the template for his armour closely resembled that favoured by the Corps Riders, differing slightly in colour and shape.

While Skull could not match his friend in size and strength, his armour was arguably more versatile. Somehow between them Bulk and Skull had managed to break the accepted rules of how Rider powers functioned, granting Skull the ability to shift his armour as needed, using programmable cartridges to upgrade his form.

“From this day forward the Intergalactic Rider Corps recognises you as its official representatives on Earth,” Dex told them. That wasn’t entirely true. As a member of the Intergalactic Rider Corps, Dex had the authority to induct Bulk and Skull into its membership. However that didn’t mean that the Corps would approve their membership.

Technically Earth was not supposed to have Riders. It was also not supposed to have Power Rangers, but some rules were better off broken. The Rider Corps officially recognising Bulk and Skull as members allowed them to remain active on Earth. Using the mixed designation of Turbo Riders helped to quell some of the outrage the decision had caused.

“Your exact jurisdiction will have to be negotiated later,” Dex warned. “For now you should try and limit it to Earth and its solar system.”

Bulk and Skull were unusually sombre as they accepted their new roles. Dex had explained to them that while the Power Rangers fought the large and powerful villains, the Riders often had to deal with the smaller but no less dangerous threats. Indeed some of those that the Riders faced could be considered worse than Lord Zedd, although for the most part, they were at least mortal.

The sound of their communicators beeping spoiled the mood. “Guys, this is Fred, we need your help.”

The Moon

Earlier that day

Behemoth had a headache. Actually everything ached. Spank’Em’s pet Rangers had battered him continuously, never using the same strategy. It had come as a shock for him to realise that while he had once enjoyed victory after victory against the masked pair, he now rarely triumphed against them. It was only his near indestructibility that allowed him to get up each time ready to fight. He was getting tired of losing.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” Spank’Em had told him when he had complained. “Do not blame my students for your failure to adapt.”

The problem was that he had learnt his lesson. Each time he had been defeated he had made sure to take steps to prevent them using the same attack against him only to be defeated once more. And when he had pointed that out to Sank’Em, the old teacher had taken and electrified cane and had thrashed him with it.

“You are not learning the correct lesson,” he had said, making Behemoth even more confused.

In the end though Spank’Em had taken pity on the slow witted creature and had promised to demonstrate his meaning, using the Power Rangers Turbo as a learning aid. And as an added boon, Behemoth had even been allowed to fulfil a small role in the learning process.

Interstate 12, Angel Grove

Twin blurs of crimson and navy light heralded their arrival on a bridge overlooking the freeway. They grinned as they imagined the carnage they were about to cause before leaping down onto the road below. Panicked drivers sounded their horns as two pedestrians appeared in their path. They had no idea how bad their day was about be.

Dark Red Turbo reached out and touched a speeding car as it narrowly swerved to avoid hitting him. Using the power of the Speed Force, the energy field that he and his partner along with the Turbo Rangers drew their energy from, he shoved the car, causing it to accelerate out of its driver’s control, smashing into the back of another car.

Dark Blue Turbo had his own ideas, using his powers to steal the speed from a truck as it collided with his fist. With a burst of strength he swung the vehicle, striking cars in all lanes as he and his partners started to clear a path of destruction. At some point the police arrived, but he ignored them even when they opened fire. The car he tossed at them had them scrambling to get clear as it became evident the two evil Rangers had something in mind for that stretch of road.

“Tell the boss we’re ready,” Dark Red Turbo ordered.

Dark Blue Turbo nodded and flashed away, leaving his partner to finish blocking the roads.

“Not again!” Fred moaned as the communicator sounded.

The Turbo Rangers had been kept busy recently chasing after Spank’Em and his two students. The teacher had even managed to find some old monster designs that he used to distract the Rangers while his evil students unleashed chaos. Today was no different, four monsters had been sighted in Angel Grove and the crimson speedster was wrecking havoc on the freeway. With limited options the Rangers had agreed to split up, with Rosa volunteering to help the trapped motorists while the others dealt with the monsters. Then together they would deal with the evil Rangers.

“Shift into Turbo!”

When Pink Turbo arrived she knew something was wrong. It was too quiet. The long range vision provided by her helmet allowed her to see that the freeway had been blocked in both directions, creating a two mile stretch of empty road.

“Welcome Pink Ranger,” Spank’Em said as he emerged ten meters to her left.

He lifted his right arm and opened fire. Pink Turbo rolled and returned fire with her Auto Blaster, causing him to chuckle.

“So you were prepared. Maybe you can be taught.”

“What are you doing here?” Pink Turbo demanded.

“Oh this?” Spank’Em asked, gesturing to the carnage. “This is your next challenge, Pink Ranger. As you can see both sides of the highway have been blocked using crashed vehicles. There are people in those cars; innocent civilians you might say. The cars are connected to detonators that will explode if you attempt to interfere with them. So here is the challenge: in days of old when knights were bold, they had a competition known as jousting. Today Pink Ranger you will take part in a modern joust against my Dark Red Turbo Rider. If you win, you live. If you lose, you might die. Either way I will teleport a third of those trapped to Angel Grove General as soon as the joust starts.”

Rosa quickly understood what he had in mind. She would speed down the highway towards her opponent as he raced towards her. With their weapons drawn they would exchange blows as they passed. The winner would be the one left standing afterwards.

“And if I refuse?” she asked.

“I detonate the whole lot,” Spank’Em told her.

Realising she had little choice in the matter, Pink Turbo took her place as the crimson villain appeared at the other end of the closed off road.

“On my command you may charge,” Spank’Em announced. “And to show I am honourable, I give you my word that I will not interfere once the battle begins. Go!”

Pink Turbo charged forward, her Turbo Sword in her hand. Dark Red Turbo sped toward her from the other end, holding a wicked looking blade her helmet’s enhanced vision was to be believed. The distance Spank’Em had chosen allowed them both to reach their full speed, channelling the power into their weapons. They closed the gap rapidly and both started to swing…

“I don’t get it, they just teleported away,” Yellow Turbo said.

Three of the monsters they had been fighting had vanished soon after the confrontation had started. Left with only one monster to face, the Rangers had quickly triumphed, but it was clear something was not right.

“Rosa!” Franklin cried, voicing their collective concern.

In a shower of sparks they teleported to where the evil Rangers had been spotted. Or rather Tasha teleported there as an injured Rosa was unceremoniously dumped at the feet of her three comrades. Unpowered and battered, it was clear that some of her bones had been broken. Her face was a mess of bruises.

“Guys we have to help her!” Franklin cried. “She’s not breathing.”

Working together the Turbo Rangers managed to stabilised their friend, using an emergency stretcher from the Power Chamber to protect her back and neck. With Zordon, Alpha and the senior Rangers away, they had no choice but to take their friend to the hospital, which was already swarming with patients that Spank’Em had released when the joust had started. Nobody really questioned the Power Rangers turning up with another victim. The medics were professionals and realising her injuries were critical, raced her to the theatre.

That left the three male Rangers to teleport to the highway to help Tasha.

When they arrived it was clear that they were too late. Yellow Turbo had already accepted Spank’Em’s challenge. And like the Pink Turbo Ranger before her, she had been beaten. As they arrived the Rangers saw the two Dark Turbo Rangers adding insult to injury by attacking the injured Ranger. They stomped at her ankles in an attempt to cripple her permanently.

“Hey!” Red Turbo yelled, firing a warning shot at the two dark speedsters, that got their attention.

The three Turbo Rangers raced down to the roadway to help their friend.

“I wouldn’t if I were you,” Spank’Em warned. “My students are more than capable of ending your friend’s life. And if you attack me… well your pink comrade save a third of our victims and your yellow friend here managed the same, but there are still enough of them trapped in those cars over there that you will regret it.”

“What do you want?” Red Turbo snarled.

“Just a small competition,” Spank’Em replied. “Your two friends failed my little challenge and paid the price. They didn’t learn from history. The question is whether you can, Green Turbo Ranger?”

“We’re a team,” Blue Turbo responded from where he was checking on Tasha. Although injured she was in a better condition than Rosa had been.

“You really don’t have a choice,” Spank’Em replied. “Even now those monster you fought earlier are tearing their way through the Little China area of Angel Grove. Fail to stop them and they will destroy it. Plus you have to get your friend here to the hospital. So what do you think Green Turbo, should your friends go and take care of things while you enjoy a little one-on-one challenge with my crimson friend here?”

“Do it guys,” Franklin urged. He knew there was a trick, he just wasn’t sure what it involved.

Reluctantly the Red and Blue Rangers nodded, vowing that they would return as soon as possible.

“I will teleport the remaining hostages the moment the contest begins,” Spank’Em promised. “Once my Dark Turbo Ranger has finished you, I won’t need to threaten your friends into accepting my challenge.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Franklin growled.

Tasha was a good friend to Franklin and Rosa… Rosa was something more. To see them hurt infuriated the Green Turbo Ranger. He promised he would make those responsible pay.

“Very well… Go!”

Justin and Fred had not spent long dealing with Spank’Em’s monsters. They had gone in using their most powerful weapons and had dispatched the first inside a minute. The second had taken a little longer, but they had been frustrated when the third had resisted their attacks and then teleported away. With a sudden feeling of dread, they had returned to the road where they had left Franklin.

The Green Turbo Ranger lay face down on the road. At first they were concerned by the large amount of blood, but quickly realised that although it looked serious, it was only a small cut from his shattered helmet. Very carefully they forced their friend to power down, wondering why he refused to let them do so until the removed the remains of his helmet. They he had willingly demorphed, falling unconscious at the same time.


The two Rangers cringed as Detective Park, Franklin’s father and one of the parents that knew the true identities of the Power Rangers arrived. They expected him to be angry, but if he was, the anger was hidden under his concern for his son’s life. Between them the three men managed to stabilise him enough to transport to the hospital. Still with three Rangers down and countless innocents injured, it had been a very bad day.

And to make it worse, it seemed Spank’Em had reappeared.

Power Mountain

“Justin we need to get back out there!” Fred protested.

He was angry. Justin was too. Their friends were hurt and emotions were running wild. But the Blue Turbo Ranger had insisted they report to the Power Chamber before doing anything else. Fred was a good enough leader to trust his teammate, but the lack of action did not help his mood.

“Look Spank’Em has been winning because he’s managed to split us up,” Justin pointed out. “So we need to even the odds a little and make sure we can take care of any larger problems.”

Fred nodded. The Megazord required five operators to form correctly and with only two Rangers they were at a tactical disadvantage.

“I’m going to contact Dex and ask him to help,” Justin announced. “And besides that, we have these…”

A panel in the wall opened revealing five Turbo Rangers already morphed and ready for action.

“The Robot Rangers,” Fred hissed. “Justin, these guys didn’t work.”

It was true. Despite being programmed with a full copy of the Turbo Rangers’ memories and knowledge, the Robot Rangers had lacked the spirit needed to succeed. And while their intelligence was far greater than many machines, they lacked Alpha’s level of sentience. They did however have all the powers of the Turbo Rangers and could provide a distraction.

“This is what we are going to do,” Justin explained.

The joust was on and Fred was determined that he would win. Calling on the Turbo Lightning Sword, he prepared himself to speed forward at maximum velocity, well aware that he needed all the momentum he could find to deliver a decisive blow. A mile down the highway he could see his opponent, the Dark Red Turbo… thing that been responsible for putting Tasha, Rosa and Franklin out of action. His helmet’s visual enhancements allowed him to see that his opponent had also drawn a sword. There was no sign of the other Ranger though. It looked like Franklin had been right.


The command was given and Red Turbo surged forward, just as Tasha, Franklin and Rosa had done before him. He poured everything into increasing his speed, all the while watching the freeway for the mark they had placed earlier.

“I’m almost there guys,” he warned.

“We’re in position,” came the reply, followed by a delay. Then finally there was a whoop of triumph. “Got him!”

Red Turbo looked up to see the evil speedster closing the gap. It was now or never if he was going to survive this encounter.

“Do it!” he ordered.

Away from the freeway Bulk and Skull had parked their sidecar and had been frantically scanning for their target. When they had spotted him it had been just as the Turbo Rangers had expected. After calling in their sighting and receiving a positive response, Bulk and Skull had decided a change of clothing was in order.

“Turbo Rider – Activate!”

Their modified Ecto-Accelerators charged with power, granting them the armour of the Turbo Riders. The feeling was incredible, but they did not have time to savour it. They had a target to strike.

“Bulk Cannon!” Bulk called, summoned an extremely large shoulder mounted weapon that was named for its firepower and not its user. Armed with four powerful rockets it was a long range weapon that could deliver extremely powerful assaults up close.

Skull shifted into position behind the weapon, providing additional support against recoil and a final check on accuracy. With a nod Skull slapped his partner on the shoulder and Bulk pulled the trigger, launching all four of its rockets directly into the path of the Dark Blue Turbo Rider.

It had been an effective trap. Rosa had fallen for it, Tasha had failed to see it coming and even though Franklin had twigged, it had been too late to escape. Forced into a one-on-one confrontation with their crimson opponent, while their teammates were sidelined protecting other parts of the city, it had been easy to overlook the location of his comrade. And that had been the reason that the crimson villain had triumphed, for as the three Rangers had sped towards him at high speed, they had failed to see the Dark Blue Turbo Rider hurtling at them from the side, bashing into them at the right moment as his crimson comrade changed course slightly. The three Turbo Rangers had each been shunted to the side, losing their momentum in the process. At which point the still speeding crimson juggernaut had slammed into them at full power.

With Rosa they had had more time to strike and the injuries they had caused her had been severe. Fred recalled as he gripped his sword tighter, that even with the benefit of enhanced healing, she would be out of action for months. Tasha and Franklin had not escaped harm either and both would be on the sidelines for months to come. It was only luck that had kept them alive. Sadly the damage caused to the Turbo Keys meant that it was unlikely the powers could be passed on. At least not until they could find someone capable of fixing them.

This time however the plan had not gone as expected. Blue Turbo had been sidelined just as they had anticipated and the Red Turbo Ranger had been alone. Even the Masked Rider was preoccupied battling Behemoth in a confrontation that saw him throw the hero of Edenoi through the walls of the Angel Grove Credit Union. They had checked to confirm that it was the real Red Turbo Ranger they were fighting, but had not expected the interference from the two Riders that had appeared on the other side of the highway.

Dark Blue Turbo had been building up speed, ready to tear the Red Turbo Ranger in half when the rockets had exploded around him. Although he escaped a direct hit, he was thrown into the air by the shockwave and found himself staring up at two Riders.

Meanwhile his crimson comrade had already adjusted his angle of attack and realised too late that the Red Turbo Ranger would not be where he expected him to be. The explosion distracted him, so he also failed to see Red Turbo screech to a halt and teleport a short distance to the side. Dark Red Turbo had lowered his sword when he had realised his error, only to look up in horror as he recognised his second mistake: Red Turbo Ranger was no standing in his path, Turbo Lightning Sword in hand while his weapon was back in storage. At the speed he was travelling it was impossible for him to stop or avoid the impact.

With a growl of defiance he raised his fist, determined that he could still triumphed. Red Turbo however stepped around the punch as he directed the sword into the charging Ranger’s body. It was then that the crimson speedster came to a complete stop.

Patience and concentration, that was the key to victory as far as Blue Turbo was concerned. Well that and a lot of ducking and diving. After a few unsuccessful attempts, it had become clear that his opponent was heavily shielded at all times. Except when it was ready to unleash another round of coloured blocks. And Blue Turbo had quickly realised that before the monster could unleash its full fury, the colour barrels on its forearms needed to twist and turn themselves so that the coloured puzzle was resolved.

Rubik’s Monster as Blue Turbo had called him – for it appeared to be made up of several puzzle cubes – was enjoying itself immensely as the coloured panels on its arms shifted into place, allowing it to unleash another volley at the Blue Ranger.

This time though Justin was ready and as the last panel clicked into place, he opened fire with the Turbo Hand Blasters, striking the panels and breaking the monster’s weapons. But since the monster’s shielding was down and he had not fired his weapons, which shifted the panels out of alignment and reactivated the shield, the monster was still vulnerable as Blue Turbo leapt in close and finished it off with his Auto Blaster.

The monster was of such a poor design there was not enough left for it to grow. Something that made Justin happy as he turned his attention to the cause of the Turbo Rangers’ recent problems: Spank’Em.

In another part of the city the battle between Dex and Behemoth had reached new heights, literally. Behemoth had decided to grow and crush the Masked Rider, but had forgotten the Dex possessed the ability as Super Green to grow just as tall. And while their previous battle had seen the two square off, since Dex had never had the opportunity to defeat Behemoth before the Turbo Rangers had delivered the final blow, but this time the Masked Rider was in full control. As the grappled it became clear that Behemoth was the stronger, but even with his greater size, Dex had the better training.

The battle continued for a while as both combatants took a hammering, but finally Dex decided enough was enough.

“Rider Kick!”

He leapt higher than ever before, directing the power of the Masked Rider into his feet as he slammed into Behemoth at full speed. The unfortunate monster never stood a chance.

“We really don’t want to do this,” Bulk warned as he and Skull closed in on the battered Chaser. Even after he had taken such a pounding from Bulk’s arsenal, he remained in his armour. A slight cough from Skull caused the larger Turbo Rider to stop before chuckling. “Actually, I would love nothing better than to do this,” he admitted.

Spank’Em’s pupils had put three Ranger in the hospital and injured countless civilians. Several people had been killed in their recent onslaught. So if asked Bulk and Skull would admit that neither of them had an objection to pounding the two villains. Especially since scans revealed the pair were acting of their own free will.

The villain pulled himself to his feet and Bulk and Skull waited, hoping that they would not be forced to put him down. As much as they wanted to hurt him, they both preferred to avoid killing. He chuckled as his hands blurred with motion, pulling the molecules around him to form a wicked looking axe.

Both Riders took that as a challenge, leaping into action with their own weapons. They quickly discovered that while hurt, he had not slowed down. His axe whistled through the air, colliding with Bulk’s Electro Axe. As Bulk was forced back the speedster’s knee jerked up, catching the Rider on the chin. Bulk grunted and stepped back, failing to block a roundhouse kick or notice the axe as it neared his midsection.

Fortunately Bulk had a reliable partner and Skull did not let him down. His Electro Saber intercepted the axe, redirecting it as he traded a few kicks with their opponent. When it was clear that such moves would not work, Skull drew his sidearm and fired, his blaster tearing holes in the side of the highway. Surprisingly his opponent managed to dodge the incoming blasts even at close range, but failed to see a recovered Bulk’s fist until it was too late. By that point the larger Turbo Rider had moved into position and grabbed his arms, holding him prone for Skull’s attack.

“Rider Power Kick!” Skull cried, leaping into the air and directing the energy into his left foot. At the last second Bulk moved, allowing their opponent to take the full impact.

The Chaser somehow remained standing although it was clear that he had been beaten. His body had started to fade from view by the time Bulk and Skull had reunited, his powers leaking away from him and with them his life force.

For the Dark Red Turbo and Dark Blue Turbo had ceased to be human once their programming had been completed. They had been transformed by the powers they possessed into a force of nature that Spank’Em had managed to direct. Both of them were dangerous and their anger and hatred of the Turbo Rangers had been genuine. But just as the molecules that made up the bodies of the Turbo Rangers were accelerated to such an extent that they became energy contained within their suits, so the two evil Rangers had been transformed. Except once they had transformed they had never turned back or set their power to standby. Over the course of their training the cohesion of their molecules had grown so weak that without their costumes they were doomed to dissipate. The damage Bulk and Skull had inflicted had been too great and as the speedster fell to one knee, his suit tore and he vanished.

The other speedster was not in any better shape than his comrade. The Turbo Lightning Sword had ripped through his uniform, expelling the energised particles that had once been his body. He had managed to contain the leak, using the Speed Force to hold back the damage to his uniform. But he knew that he had been defeated and that it was only a matter of time. He just wanted the opportunity to take the Red Turbo Ranger with him.

“Convoy Zord, Power Up!” he cried, calling upon one of the Zords Spank’Em had acquired; Porto had actually designed a fleet of Zords to combat those of the Turbo Rangers. With only two Rangers available, he had taken the most powerful of the machines and configured the rest to operate automatically.

Red Turbo dived instinctively as the large red truck hurtle passed him. The crimson speedster reached out, grabbed on and climbed inside, where he activated the controls that made it grow to Zord size.

“Convoy Zord, High Stance Mode!” he called, initiating the transformation sequence.

Fred however had seen this sort of thing before and knew enough about Zords to strike while it was still vulnerable.

“Red Lightning Turbo Zord!”

Without waiting for the opposing Zord to complete its transformation it what appeared to be a large warrior robot, the Red Lightning Turbo Zord streaked forward, striking the Dark Red Turbo’s Zord head on. The Zord flew through the air, landing awkward as Red Turbo put his Zord into a controlled spin and opened fire with its weapon systems.

As the crimson speedster was thrown from his Zord, Fred was taking no chances. He leapt out, Turbo Lightning Sword in hand to finish the battle. His actions were unnecessary though as the rip in his opponent’s uniform had reopened and in a burst of sparks, it was torn apart.

With Behemoth defeated, his students destroyed and his monster lost, Spank’Em knew his time was limited. The Blue Turbo Ranger was a fierce fighter when angered and Spank’Em had engineered the near death of three of his friends. Instead of being blinded by his rage though the Blue Turbo Ranger used it to fuel his controlled assault, striking the villain repeatedly with a flurry of punches and kicks. Only when he was sure the villain would stay down did Justin pull his side arm and deliver the final blow. At which point Spank’Em took the only opportunity he had and grew. The roar of engines heralded the arrival of the Turbo Zords and as Blue Turbo jumped aboard, the Turbo Megazord was quickly formed.

When Justin and Fred had activated the Robot Rangers they had not intended them to fight – for it had been proven that while sentient machines like Alpha could fight the forces of darkness, no unfeeling machine could duplicate the heart and soul of a living Ranger-, but had made use of their duplicate powers and knowledge to carry out emergency work on the Turbo Zords. With three Rangers out of action it had been important to reconfigure the machines so that they could be controlled from the cockpits of Red Lightning and Mountain Blaster.

“It actually worked!” Red Turbo cried as the cockpit lit up.

Blue Turbo nodded. The Turbo Megazord normally required all five Turbo Rangers to form. With three Rangers incapacitated they had needed to alter the way in which the Megazord formed. Using a combination of automated controls and quick teleports between the Zords, sometimes one Ranger leaving a machine and the other jumping straight into their empty seat, they had managed to complete the docking sequence. However bypassing the need for five Rangers once the Megazord had been completed required extra work and the areas of the cockpit where Franklin, Rosa and Tasha normally sat were covered in wires and makeshift circuitry. Some makeshift equipment had been spot wielded into place.

“Shame Billy never built a remote control for the Turbo Zords,” Blue Turbo commented.

Red Turbo nodded as they turned their concentration to the matter at hand. While three Rangers down put them at a disadvantage, Spank’Em was not a particularly powerful opponent. Working together they managed to direct the Turbo Megazord in such a way that they drove the villain back.

Spank’Em retaliated, using the blaster on his right arm to assault the Megazord’s midsection. The Megazord responded with a blast from its chest blasters before reaching out to crush his arm, preventing him from using such an attack again. It appeared the Rangers were capable of learning.

“Turbo Megazord Spin Kick!” Blue Turbo cried, pressing his foot on one of the pedals.

The Megazord responded by igniting the jets under its left foot while raising its right leg. By directing the jets it started a slight spin that caused the outstretched leg to collide repeatedly with its foe. And as it collided Spank’Em was forced back, freeing the leg to make another rotation for a further strike.

“Turbo Megazord Turning Punch!” Red Turbo added.

The leg dropped back to its original position, but the Megazord continue forward, still spinning as it did so, this time with its fist raised ready to punch Spank’Em on the jaw.

“Windmill Blow!” both Rangers cried, causing the Megazord to extend both arms to the side, striking Spank’Em with alternating arms.

Spank’Em was horrified that for all his research the Rangers were capable of such a varied assault. What he failed to understand was that with only two Rangers present they were more reliant on moves that had been programmed into the Zord’s computer, moves that normally would have been ignored in favour of the Turbo Rangers’ preferred style of combat. Not that it mattered because after his previous encounter with the Rangers, any damage was likely to be terminal.

“It’s time,” Red Turbo decided at last after they had taken their time to make sure Spank’Em was vulnerable.

Blue Turbo nodded his agreement and crossed his fingers. While many of the moved they had used had at least bee tested successfully, they had never needed to test the Turbo Spinout with only two Rangers present. Since the move channelled the power from their Turbo Keys into the Megazord’s sword, there was a chance that they would not have enough power to complete the finisher.

“Turbo Megazord Spinout!” Red Turbo ordered.

“Ah the Turbo Spintout: a powerful technique, yet flawed in that it requires its target to remain in position. So if I move, thus,” he stepped to the side and pulled out his energised cane, “I can teach you brats a lesson.”

He flicked the cane, striking the Megazord and knocking it away. He raised the weapon to deliver another blow, but the Turbo Rangers already had something in mind.

“Wind Bullet!”

The power of the Turbo Megazord was redirect into its chest lasers and the arms, which suddenly detached and joined together to reform Wind Chaser. As the single blast left the Megazord’s chest, Wind Chaser was propelled forward like an energised bullet. It was a technique Spank’Em had never seen before while studying the Power Rangers. Therefore he was not prepared as the empowered car ripped a hole in his chest.

“Where did I go wrong?” Spank’Em asked. Unable to teleport and with his three students out of action, he knew that this time there would be no escape.

“You didn’t learn from history,” Blue Turbo told him as the Megazord reformed and once again prepared to deliver the Spinout.

“Never mess with the Power Rangers!” Red Turbo concluded as the Megazord stood victorious.

“…Latest reports suggest the Interstate will remain closed until the end of the week to allow for resurfacing and a complete structural check. Bomb disposal experts have confirmed earlier reports that the Power Rangers had acted after innocent civilians were threatened by one of the monsters. While the condition of the Yellow, Pink and Green Turbo Rangers remains unclear following their brutal encounters, the three children saved by the other Rangers have made a miraculous recovery.

Meanwhile in international news, the government of Japan has confirmed that its entire Ultratech force has been decimated by the most recent monster attack to devastate the country’s coast. While there were no civilian casualties reported, significant property damage has been confirmed as a state of emergency was called in affected areas. The Japanese government has already sent a plea to other nations to supply ‘appropriate aid’ against future attacks. Those nations named by the Prime Minister have so far denied having the kind of resources such a request might suggest they possess…”

Angel Grove

Although they were still limping, Tasha, Rosa and Franklin had been released from the hospital the same day. Their accelerated healing had done the best it could to fix their broken bones, but some things would take time to heal. Since their Turbo Keys had been damaged in the battle, they were unable to morph anyway and would be forced to sit on the sidelines until Zordon and the other returned. Not that their parents minded. Rosa and Franklin’s parents had been relieved to learn their children would not be in direct danger during future encounters; Tasha’s guardians at the children’s home were unaware of her secret identity.

Still that left Justin and Fred on their own to protect the planet. Dex, Bulk and Skull had promised their help, but both Rangers were hoping their friends would hurry up and get back from Aquitar.

The Moon

Spank’Em was gone. His students were gone. All that remained was Behemoth and he had a headache. The Masked Rider’s kick had been painful and while he survived, a part of him wished he hadn’t. Still as he suffered his demonic heritage forced his body to adapt. The next time they met, the Masked Rider would not be able to hurt him in the same way.

The air rippled as two blurs, one crimson and the other dark blue, announced the arrival of what was left of the Dark Turbo Rangers. Instead of being absorbed into the Speed Force as they had expected, the energy field had healed them and then thrown them out. Although as a side effect they were substantially less human than before, existing as energy confined within their suits.

They looked up as Behemoth charged at them and realised that Spank’Em had been wrong. Behemoth was capable of learning how to defeat them after all. It was simply a matter of striking first. And without Spank’Em there to hold him back, the monster had the upper hand. The Dark Turbo Rangers had barely survived their recent defeat, they were far too weak to summon the speed they needed to avoid Behemoth’s devastating force.

Behemoth ignored Dark Red Turbo long enough to smash Dark Blue Turbo in the face so hard that he crashed through the solid walls of the old palace. Then he turned his attention to the more powerful Dark Turbo Ranger, striking him repeatedly until he could not stand. Behemoth’s grip tightened around the other villain’s neck and he was rewarded by the sudden fear that meant his prey understood what was about to happen. Even as the Dark Blue Turbo Rider crawled back into the room, he reached out with his other hand and tightened it over the Dark Red Turbo’s head. There was a pause as the three villains considered their options. Behemoth clearly intended to rip Dark Red Turbo’s head off, Dark Red Turbo was helpless to do more than fight the urge to cry out and Dark Blue Turbo knew that if he did not act his comrade would die.

The Dark Blue Turbo Rider lived up to his name, charging forward to strike the monster he had beaten so many times before. This time though Behemoth had nothing holding him back and proved he was just as fast as the Dark Turbo Ranger, releasing his grip on Dark Red Turbo for a time while he did so. He had grown faster and his fists connected five times for every punch Dark Blue Turbo managed to land. In the end there was no contest as Behemoth stopped throwing his opponent around and instead unleashed a ball of energy that almost ripped him to pieces. And then as he was casually tossed aside and landed beside the fallen Dark Red Turbo, Behemoth loomed over them. And everything turned dark.

End of Part

Bulk in Turbo Rider Form

Skull in Turbo Rider Default Form

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