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Authors' note: This story does not really feature the Power Rangers. It is set after Times of Change and will be the last appearance of the Doctor for a while.

Return to Solitude

He made his way around the console, checking and then rechecking the settings. For the traveller known as the Doctor it was time to leave, he had been in one place for far too long.

As he continued to check the TARDIS for anything he had failed to repair, he reflected on the people had had come to know and how the current rash of alien invasions reflected on the history he had studied as a child. He knew that the future could change from one moment to the next. So long as events were not fixed points in history they could be manipulated with a degree of care and extreme caution. History had a few events that were impossible to change, which scholars believed existed purely to compensate for minor deviations. The Great Cataclysm of the Twenty-fifth Century was one such example.

"I'm going to miss this place," he decided.

If he allowed himself to think about it he realised that he was also missing his companion Samantha. Without her there he felt his age, and he was very old. ~Not as old as Zordon, physically at least.~ he mused. But he had lived a long time and knowing his luck, he would still had many more centuries before he finally passed away. He could not mourn those he lost for very long. He needed to move forward and fill the void she had left.

Zordon. There was another sore point. A part of him wanted to help the White Master to beak free of his prison. Another part warned that it was not the right time and that sooner rather than later Zordon would find the freedom he deserved. The comments he had made in front of Lerigot and the determination he had seen in the little wizard's eyes confirmed that he was probably correct in that assumption.

With a sigh he set the last coordinate and pulled the lever to open the door. It was time to say goodbye.

Far away from the Doctor, a distance of both time and space, events had been set into motion. On a forgotten world the thousands of frozen cells keep for breeding thawed. Automated systems returned as an ancient enemy awoke from its slumber, ready to pick up again from where the war had ended.

Beyond the sight of the Rangers, the Grid Masters, Zordon and the wonderful Doctor, evil was on the rise. In the dark spaces the armies gathered ready to declare war of the kind most races would not understand. It was a war that would grant the winning side supreme power over not only time, but also space.

And the outcome of that war would depend on the efforts of a single hero, an alien who sought to make everything right. A man known only as The Doctor.

End of Part

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