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Author’s Note: Some events in this chapter follow on from those Lerigot’s Greatest Trick.

Race to the Volcano


Jason and Kimberly were treading water. Their attempts to escape so far had failed, mostly due to the water pressure that prevented them from opening the hatch fully.

“Let’s try again!” Jason suggested. They were running out of air space.

Kimberly nodded, drew a deep breath and at Jason’s signal, dived beneath the surface where the two managed to force the panel open.

Ghost Galleon

The Rangers were starting to tire. Justin, the least experienced was on his back, struggling to get away from two of the monsters.

“This isn’t working,” he complained as he scurried back.

Adam swung a high kick, sending one of the monsters flying as another jumped on his back. Tommy dodged his way toward the Captain’s Room.


It had been a struggle, but the panel was finally opened wide enough for a body to slip through. Satisfied, Kimberly and Jason headed back up and burst through the water’s surface, gasping for air.

“Wish me luck!” Kimberly said.

“Good luck,” Jason answered with a slight smile.

Drawing a breath, the two Rangers dove beneath the surface. Kimberly wriggled through the opening but became stuck when her t-shirt snagged on a jagged piece of metal. She looked at Jason in horror as he frantically tried to free her.

The sudden inrush of water could not be ignored forever. With the bilge suddenly filled with water, the Subcraft lurched and jolted as the weight shifted. A red ‘Tilt’ sign screamed in red as Divatox and Rygog rushed to the control panel.

“We’re sinking!” Rygog cried.

“Of course we’re sinking. This is a submarine!” Divatox snapped.

“Water sensors show a serious leak in the Subcraft,” he said, correcting his earlier statement while backing away just enough to put himself outside of her range should she turn on him.

Ghost Galleon

With an intense series of acrobatic moves, Tommy manoeuvred his way toward the Captain’s deck while the other Rangers tried to keep the monsters from going after him. Just as Tommy reached the deck, a monster appeared from around the corner. Tommy greeted it with a swing kick and as the monster fell back, scrambled up and along the next deck, before he was yanked back by the pod monster, who had a fierce hold on his foot. CRASH! Another monster launched itself onto the deck and moved toward Tommy. The other Rangers noticed his plight, but were already busy battling against the remaining monsters.

“Tommy! … Hurry!” Kat cried as she was knocked to her knees.

Adam jumped into the air, avoiding a vicious attack and allowing the monster to rush headlong into a sail frame. Justin was still on the ground, having thrown one monster aside and now trying to scramble away from the second monster, which seemed intent upon embedding its fangs into his neck. Tanya swatted at a monster as she backed into an old wooden barrel and fell backwards.


Divatox was furious. Her prisoners had somehow managed to make a hole in the side of her ship. How dare those pests vandalise her Subcraft? If she hadn’t needed them to sacrifice to Maligore, she’d have already flayed them alive.

“It’s coming from the bilge! … Activate the emergency hatch!”

Rygog pushed a button and in the bilge, a second hatch started to slide down over the panel opening. Kimberly struggled as Jason tried to keep the second hatch from closing on her. She broke free just as the second hatch slammed shut. Jason shot up and broke the surface, his head pressed into the ceiling.

“Go for it Kim …” he whispered as Kimberly slowly swam up to the surface, releasing a trail of air bubbles.

Ghost Galleon

Tommy flopped onto his back as he tried to dislodge the pod monster from his foot. The other monster was drooling hungrily as he approached. Tommy looked up to see Adam vault overhead. Tommy screamed, knees upwards into the monster and rolled, just as Adam landed a kick to the second monster’s back. The two monsters knocked into each other and started to fight each other. Adam grabbed Tommy and hauled him up.

“Come on, buddy!”

Tommy and Adam grabbed the keys from the box, causing the ship to lurch to a stop as Tommy and Adam turned to see the monsters headed straight toward them.


A panel slid open to reveal a shoot covered in bars. There was a loud WHOOSH! Then the water shot out of the floodgate. Jason fells to the Bilge floor, coughing and gasping for air. The trap door flew open and Divatox glared down at him. He knew he was defeated, but he hoped Kimberly had more luck.

Something was wrong Kimberly realised as she struggled to break the water’s surface. She still didn’t feel the connection with the Morphin Grid. Maybe it was a result of being trapped in the Cold Iron cell or perhaps due to travelling through the Nemesis Triangle, but it seemed the Power was not within her grasp as she tried to keep her head above water. Soon despite her struggles she lapsed into unconsciousness and sank.

Ghost Galleon

Tommy and Adam lunged forward with a scream, battering into the two monsters and sending them flying down below. The two teens then jumped down onto the deck amidst the raging battle where the other Rangers were taking a beating.

“We gotta Morph, now!” Adam urged.

“You got it!” Tommy agreed. “Guys, over here!”

The Rangers converged to receive their keys. One by one, they inserted the Turbo Keys into the Turbo Morphers on their wrists.

“Shift into Turbo! … Red Lightning Turbo Power!”

“Desert Thunder Turbo Power!”

“Wind Chaser Turbo Power!”

“Dune Star Turbo Power!”

“Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!”

Justin cried out as his body was stretched. The powers were designed to operate best with those that met certain height and weight requirements. Since Justin was smaller than the template, the powers altered his body so that it was closer to adult size. The pain was short-lived.

“Whoa! I love being big!” he exclaimed.

“Let’s kick some furball butt!” Red Turbo chuckled. These powers felt different to those he had wielded in the past. He didn’t feel the sudden burst of extra strength to the same degree that he normally experienced. It wasn’t better or worse, just … different.

Then the five Rangers attacked the monsters with incredible force.

Kimberly slowly sank into the depths of the oceans, totally unaware when a pale white hand grabbed and pulled her toward the surface. As the two surfaced, Kimberly coughed but did not come round. Mandika the Mermaid looked at the girl to make sure it was worth saving her, and then started to swim.

The Rangers launched into an amazing martial arts battle against the monsters, enhanced by their new powers.

“How about some Auto Blaster action?” Red Turbo asked.

The Rangers pulled out their blasters and fired. The monsters’ reaction was unusual; they fell and started to shrink, rolling back into balls. Blue Turbo Rangers ran and kicked one of the balls out over the ocean.

“Yeah! I aced in Soccer!”

He turned and kicked the other ball, sending it flying. Pink Turbo Ranger rammed a wheeled cannon into a monster and sent it winging off the ship. The Rangers stopped and looked around. All the monsters were gone.

“Alright! … We did it!” Green Turbo cheered.

“Pretty awesome stuff there!” Red Turbo Ranger said as he clapped Blue Turbo Ranger on the back.

“Just doing my job! .. My dad’s been teaching me since I was a kid. I wish he coulda seen this.”


The water bubbled as the Subcraft emerged from the sea. They had made it. Now it was a matter of time before Divatox achieved her goal.

After the battle the Rangers had demorphed and gathered on the deck.

“It should be anytime now,” Tanya said.

“Alright!” Justin cried excitedly from the crow’s nest. “Land ahoy … I always wanted to say that!”

“Better come down now, Justin!” Kat called.

Justin scrambled back down to the deck and joined the others.

“There it is,” Adam pointed. The Island of Muiranthias loomed in the distance. Lush foliage dotted the hills as a golden mist of clouds hovered above. “Muiranthias… There’s a volcano inside a temple we have to find. That’s where they’ll be headed …”

“So will we,” Tommy said.

The Rangers turned and headed back into the ship.

Kimberly’s face pressed into the sand. A wave washed over her and she coughed, rolling onto her back. Her eyes opened groggily then snapped open with terror. Not far away, a group of ten native warriors, scowled down at her.

They were the Malikayas, almost human creatures covered from head to toe in blue clay and red dotted lines with exotic plumage in their hair. They let loose with horrible howls. Kimberly struggles to rise but was pinned by a spear.

“Out of the frying pan into the fire,” she moaned.

Divatox stood amidst the flurry of activity, watching as her underlings rushed about, preparing for their trek to the volcano.

“We must begin our trek to the Serpent’s Temple before we lose any more prisoners! Today is my wedding day and I’m already tied in knots!”

Elgar lumbered forward holding a large chain attached to a robed Jason. Divatox moved closer, sniffing.

“Elgar, you still stink. Move away from me.”

Rygog checked on Lerigot’s condition, kneeling to look into the wizard’s cage. “We must hurry. He is dying!”

Lerigot’s skin was a deathly grey and his breathing was barely detectable. Divatox knocked Rygog away.

“No! He must live long enough to gain access to the temple and become an offering to Maligore!”

At that moment the radar shrieked.

“Now what?” she demanded.

Rygog moved to the control panel.

“Impossible! The radar is detecting the same five human life forms approaching the island.”

“Yes, I knew they wouldn’t let us down!” Jason cried, only to be jerked back when Elgar yanked the chain.

“Don’t yank my chain, human.”

Divatox chose to ignore him. “Blast! The Putrapods have failed me! … Still no detection of a vessel?”

“Negative,” Rygog replied.

“I’ve got to get rid of those power gnats! She snarled before running to the control panel where she pushed a series of buttons and levers. “I say we blow the tadpoles right out of the water! … Launch the heat-seeking torpedoes!”

The ship shuddered as the torpedoes shot out of the hatch and began to rise. As the torpedoes surfaced, a small radar periscope jutted up from their back. They beeped steadily as they move forward.

On the far side of the island, the Rangers held their Power Boxes and watched the ramp emerge out into the sea. Tommy looked at his Turbo Navigator and realised something was wrong.

“I can’t get a signal on Lerigot.”

“Look, my Vehicle’s positioned out first. Why don’t I drive to the top of that cliff over there and see if I can locate the temple?” Adam suggested.

“Okay, keep in contact and we’ll get the other vehicles rolling,” Tommy agreed.

Adam exited leaving the other four to finish the preparations. His Turbo Vehicle propelled its way through the water to shore.

The four Rangers stood on the deck, watching Adam’s Turbo Vehicle made its way up the rugged trail. Suddenly, the radars on the Power Boxes started to beep.

“What’s going on?” Kat asked.

” I don’t know,” Tommy replied, checking the box.

Tanya looked at hers and punched some buttons. “Uh oh, I think our cover’s blown. Something’s coming toward us.”

“And it’s coming fast,” Tommy confirmed.

“We can’t be detected inside the Turbo Vehicles!” Kat pointed out.

“Come on!” Justin cried, suddenly sensing something was wrong. “We’ve gotta get our butts in those cars!”

The four Rangers started to run.

Adam’s Turbo Vehicle stopped atop the cliff. As he climbed out, he stuffed his Turbo Key into his pocket and put on his Power Box. He gazed upwards at the hill behind him. His eyes fixed on the mysterious and foreboding temple.

“Wow …” he said softly.

As radar started to beep, Adam adjusted his headset and walked to the cliff’s edge, gazing at the radar. He scanned the sea below then took out his Power Binoculars to peruse the rocky cove and ocean.

“Guys, I can see the temple from here … what’s with the alarm?”

“We zeroed in on something headed toward us … Can you see anything from up there?” Tommy replied.

“Checking.” In the distance he could make out the two torpedo periscopes tracking their way through the water. Adam watched as they changed their heading and travel toward the Ghost Galleons. “What? Hey Guys!”

Just seconds later the torpedoes connected with their targets, turning the Ghost Galleon into matchsticks. Adam looked on in horror, unable to believe what he was seeing. They had come all that way only to be blown out of the water.

“We did it!” Elgar proclaimed as Divatox celebrated.

The sound of engines caused Adam to look down at the remains of the ship, just in time to see the Turbo Vehicle break from the wreckage and make their way to shore.

“Whoo!” he cried, not caring who would hear him before making his way up the cliff face, seeking a way to get to the temple.

On another part of the island, Divatox and company were making their way to the volcano. Rygog dragged a robed figure while some of Divatox’s warriors pulled the cages containing Lerigot, Bethel and Yara. They had only trekked a short distance when they were confronted by a group of warriors carrying a bound Kimberly.

“Ah here’s the other Power Brat,” Divatox said as the robed figure removed his hood to reveal Jason.

Elgar was bolstered by the lack of fear in his aunt’s voice and decided to pick a fight.

No! … Wait!” Divatox ordered before the idiot could ruin everything. “These are the Malikayas, guardians of Maligore … Bring the Wizard!”

The warriors removed Lerigot from his cage and dragged him to Divatox. She removed his skull cap and then pulled the Golden Key from her cleavage and placed it in Lerigot’s hand.

“Do it wizard … spin your magic. Open the temple gate!”

Lerigot swayed, looked back at his family, and then with a shudder, took the key. The key glowed as a spark of light ricocheted wildly, and landed by the tribe, causing a small fire. The Malikayas gasp and fall to their knees.

“What a rush! Power is such a head trip! … Come on! We’re gonna spring your evil idol man!”

Lerigot stumbled forward as Divatox and the others follow.

“Adam, are you all right?” Kat asked when the teens met up.

“Yeah, but I thought you guys were goners,” Adam said. Then he grew serious. “Lerigot’s dying, … we may already be too late!”

“We gotta kick it into action!” Tommy said, using his binoculars to scan the climb to the temple. “We’ll leave the Vehicles and go for a silent approach … Let’s shift into Turbo!”

The Rangers quickly morphed and headed off. One advantage of the Turbo powers was the ability to perform a quick morph without the need for a complex sequence of movements. They moved up the hill at Turbo speed.

“Up ahead,” Red Turbo called as he passed through a bank of trees.

The Rangers rushed into the clearing and moved to an ornate temple door.

“Turbo key action!” he called, causing the five Rangers to join their keys together. A bolt of combined power rocketed into the lock and the door swung open.

“Now you’re talking!” Blue Turbo yelled before shooting through the door.

“Justin! Be careful!” Green Turbo warned as the other Rangers swiftly followed.

Unexpectedly the door slammed, casting the Rangers into darkness.

“Justin … where are you?” Yellow Turbo asked.

“Over here!” he replied, which was a pretty useless response since it was too dark to see him.

“Turbo Headlights – on!” Red Turbo commanded.

The Rangers switched on the headlights at the top of their helmets. Blue Turbo was standing in the middle of a large expanse with an oil slick lake covering the floor. Rats skittered across the ground as the Rangers moved forward. A loud booming noise echoed in the tunnel causing Justin to jump and almost slip.

“What’s that?” he asked, a little fear evident in his voice.

“Must be an underground volcano,” Green Turbo told him.

“I can feel the heat,” Pink Turbo said as she pressed her glove against the wall.

“Just watch your step and stay together,” Red Turbo instructed. “Things could get pretty slippery.”

Together the Rangers slogged their way through the oil slick.

Divatox and her cronies had been led to a vast cavernous chamber where the small group of natives looked on in awe as they lowered Kimberly’s wooden bed to the floor. Lerigot collapsed as Divatox walks to the chamber’s center and looked down into the mouth of the volcano.

Within the volcano, fire and lava roiled into a twisted stew. The glimmer of a malevolent, fiery face appeared momentarily, his mouth opening to spew a stream of lava with a deafening roar. Divatox jumped back from the lava stream, laughing that her dreams were about to come true. She clapped her hands and two warriors climbed a wall and began to turn a large metal wheel that squealed with age. Two rusty chains and hooks lowered over the volcano mouth.

“Prepare the humans first! … He can have the Liarians for dessert!”

“Come on, Divatox. Don’t you know bad guys never win,” Jason called.

Divatox laughed. “You wish power boy! You have no idea of what you’re dealing with! Rygog! Elgar! String them up!”

The chains were attached to their bonds and then at Divatox’s signal they were hauled into position over the volcano.

“Enjoying you hang time?” Divatox asked, laughing cruelly up at the captive Rangers. Jason sneaked a quick look at Kimberly, as best he could over his shoulder. She was still in the almost catatonic state she had inhabited since her recapture. She didn’t speak or respond to anything anyone said, simply stared straight ahead. Jason knew how she felt. His mind was reeling with the possibilities of what was about to happen. And none of those thoughts were good.

“You won’t get away with this, Divatox,” he told her calmly. Despite his clich├ƒ┬ę words, the cold lack of emotion in his voice made the pirate shiver.

“Oh, and why is that?” she drawled, trying to cover the momentary surge of fear his words had given her. “Who’s going to stop me? Zordon’s stuck in his tube, your Power Ranger friends are dead, and you’re chained to a rope, about to become lunch for my fianc├ƒ┬ę. What makes you think anyone is going to come to your aid?”

Jason smiled coldly. “I didn’t say that. I don’t expect to come out of this. Somehow, though, someone will stop you. It’s the way it works. Even if you kill every single Power Ranger on Earth, someone will rise up against you, and in the end, you’ll fall. Your kind always fall.”

“Spare me the melodrama,” she sighed. “We’ve got better things to do. Maligore! Great flame of destruction, come forth! I have sacrifices for you, strong and pure. Come forth! Feed upon their purity and twist their souls to evil!”

Jason struggled helplessly against his bonds as he began to lower, slowly, towards the pit. “Kim, snap out of it!” he cried. “Kim, come on!” There was no response. She simply hung there as they headed for the molten rock below.

Jason Scott was not a religious person, really. He had never seen much need for it, beyond a basic belief that something was out there, something inherently good that watched over the universe. He hadn’t been to church in three years, except for Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Now, however, he closed his eyes and began to pray in earnest, not only for himself, but for Kimberly and the rest of the world as well.

“Did we miss the party?” a familiar voice asked, snapping Jason out of his fear-induced stupor. Red Turbo stood in the middle of the floor, arms crossed lazily over his chest. Anger radiated from his entire body. Behind him, the rest of the Rangers, all morphed, were eyeing Divatox’s warriors warily, although the underlings were too stunned to attack at the moment.

“Tommy!” Jason cried. “Are we ever glad to see you!” Behind him, Kim began to stir.

“Tommy?” she murmured. “No. You’re dead. They said you were dead.” Tears filled her eyes as she looked at him.

Red Ranger’s voice was warm as he replied. “Now, Kim. You know me better than that. We drove ashore. There was no way a little torpedo would stop us.”

“Tommy! You’re alive!” she shouted. “Get us down from here!”

Red Turbo saluted. “Right. Let’s kick some scale!”

The scene that followed was impossible to describe, but two words came close: utter chaos. Elgar and the warriors outnumbered the rangers by about four to one, but the Rangers had experience in fighting enemies much more numerous than they. The Turbo Rangers were unstoppable, their incredible speed making up for any lack of strength. Hacking and slashing, they fought their way closer to Rygog and their friends

Blue and Pink were back-to-back, sending Divatox’s warriors, Piranhatrons as she had called them, flying in every direction. All around them, the battle raged as Red and Green Turbo were fighting to get through the Piranhatrons and reach the winch that held the chain. Yellow Turbo was still fighting with Rygog, holding her own. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get to the chain, and it was still slowly lowering into the pit.

“Let’s speed this up, shall we?” Divatox smiled. Throwing a lever that stood to one side of her, she laughed as Jason and Kim plummeted into the pit.

“No!” Red Turbo cried, throwing himself towards the edge of the pit. Suddenly a gout of flame billowed out from it, hurling him back. When the flames cleared, Jason and Kimberly were standing on the edge of the volcano.

“Kim?” Kat whispered, hardly daring to believe it. The two teens turned around, and the assembled Rangers gasped. Jason and Kimberly’s eyes were now blood red, and the expressions on their faces were cold and emotionless. Raising their hands in front of their faces, they snapped the chains holding their wrists together with ease.

“Maligore’s children, arise!” Divatox cried. “Destroy those who would threaten your master!”

With a pair of impressive flips, Jason and Kimberly leaped down from the side of the pit. “Kimberly,” Red Turbo begged, rising slowly to his feet, “you have to fight it. Fight the evil inside you!”

“Evil is like evil does,” Kimberly replied. Her voice was low and husky, different from when he’d heard it in the past. She was advancing on him, and he was backing up, unwilling to fight her. She took the decision out of his hands when she spin-kicked him, knocking him out of her way. Smiling evilly, she continued to advance on Kat.

Jason, meanwhile, didn’t change course, he targeted Red Turbo. The two of them had been engaging in friendly competition for years, ever since Tommy had joined the team. Now, under the spell, Jason’s only thought was to destroy the Ranger who could destroy him. He would prove who was the better man once and for all. The two of them fought back and forth, neither gaining the upper hand. For all Jason’s strength, Red Turbo was quicker, and the bigger boy’s powerful strikes did little good if they didn’t connect. Red Turbo was tiring, though, and it was only a matter of time before he was too slow to get out of the way.

The other Turbo Rangers were still dealing with the Piranhatrons, and it looked as if they were winning. Suddenly, though, the room began to shake as another gout of flame spat out of the pit, drawing everyone’s attention back to it. The fights were forgotten as the combatants watched in awe and terror as a wickedly clawed hand, made out of solid and molten rock, landed on the edge. Then, slowly and deliberately, Maligore pulled himself out of the volcano.

He was a terrifying sight, standing seven feet tall and almost three feet wide. Red eyes glowed in his eye sockets and his face resembled that of the sea monsters in old horror movies, except that there was no denying he was real. A set of incredibly sharp teeth completed the picture.

“At last, I am free!” Maligore cried, stretching.

Blue Turbo thought vaguely to himself that this was the last straw his sanity could take. He had expected the creature, if it could talk at all, to have a loud, rumbling voice, like an erupting volcano. Instead, Maligore’s voice was deep and rich, almost pleasant to listen to.

“Divatox, my dear, I commend you on your efforts to free me. In return, we shall be wed as soon as possible,” Maligore said. Divatox flushed and bowed. Then the molten being walked over to where Kim and Jason stood, regarding the Rangers contemptuously. “And the two of you shall have great power as well. I’m sure I can think of excellent rewards for you.” He turned to Jason. “You shall command my armies in my conquest of this planet.” Jason bowed, a cold smile on his face. “And you,” he said, turning to Kimberly, “shall have a place of great honour by my side. Not as my wife, of course, but the post of first concubine is hardly a lowly one.”

At the word “concubine,” Red Turbo had stepped forward, growling under his breath. Before anyone could stop him, Red Turbo had launched himself forward, slamming into a startled Maligore with all his strength. The volcanic monster reeled back, falling back into the volcano from which it had emerged. For a long moment, all was still.

Suddenly, with a mighty roar, Maligore leaped up out of the sea of molten rock. Slamming into Red Turbo Ranger, he knocked him to the ground, shattering his helmet against the floor. “I am not so easily defeated,” he sneered. “Power down, Rangers, or I gut your leader from throat to belly.”

The Rangers exchanged helpless looks, then as one powered down. As the Piranhatrons circled them, weapons at the ready, they slowly raised their hands.

“Power down, Red Ranger,” Maligore grinned. “Unless you’d like to see them all destroyed?”

Tommy regarded the monster coolly for a second, then returned to his normal attire. Maligore hauled him up, shoving him towards the others.

“Now, Rangers,” the molten being mused, “what shall I do with you?”

The laughter that accompanied his question promised that what he had in mind would not be pleasant.

Maligore inspected the Rangers smugly, pacing back and forth in front of the small group as they all glared. “At long last, I will have my revenge on those miserable creatures that dared imprison me in that volcano centuries ago! Now I am released, and I have found the perfect vengeance on the forces of light. And I will start with those that attempted to prevent my release!”

“Better goons than you have tried to kill us,” Tommy scoffed, “and we’re all still here.”

“Oh, but I don’t intend to kill you, Rangers,” Maligore chuckled. “At least, not all of you. I have far more entertaining plans in mind than that.” So saying, he turned to Jason and Kimberly, who still watched their imprisoned friends with those impassive red eyes. “My children, as a reward for your faithful service, you may each choose one Ranger to do with as you wish. Jason? Which Ranger is yours?”

Jason walked up and down the line of captive Rangers for a long moment. He looked at Tommy, an evil grin lighting his features, then shook his head. “No,” he rasped. “As much as I would like to destroy you, Ranger, I won’t waste my reward on so fleeting a pleasure.”

While Jason made his choice, Maligore turned to Kim. “And you, my dear. Which one do you choose?”

Her choice was made far more quickly than Jason’s. Immediately, she crossed to where Tommy was being held. “Him. I’ll take him.”

Maligore chuckled. “Yes, I think I will put him into the fire. Perhaps I will make you share him, slave to one and victim for the other. I can see the results would be… entertaining.” Turning away, he gestured to the Piranhatrons. “Separate the Red Ranger from the group.” The fish-men did so roughly, pulling Tommy out of the line. Then Maligore strolled along the line himself.

“Most of you will join my ranks,” he told them. “The pit will allow the evil in your hearts, small as it may be, to take over. Some of you, however, are not worth the effort. I’m afraid I’ll just have to kill you.” His eyes lingered on Adam and Tanya.

“You two are so much wasted effort. I’d be out of my mind to bother with you. You on the other hand, Pink Ranger, have much delicious darkness in your heart. You will be an excellent warrior for my cause.” His voice lowered, and he grabbed her chin in one clawed hand. “And you are quite lovely, as well. Perhaps I will make use of you in a more– personal sense.”

“Now, what to do with you?” Maligore mused as he studied Justin. “There’s no evil in you as there is in the Red Ranger. Given time there could be, but I’m not feeling patient. I suppose I’ll just have to destroy you. Perhaps I’ll do it myself, or better yet, have your friends do it.”

“Wait,” Divatox interrupted, stepping forward. “I have a better idea. Give him to me. He’s helpless without his powers, so we just take those away. I have some marvellous uses for him planned.” She looked him up and down, hunger evident in her gaze. Maligore regarded her for a second, then nodded. To plan to corrupt a child, this was a truly twisted woman. He had been right to reward her.

“All right, my dear, as you will.” Two more Piranhatrons grabbed Justin and Kat, hauling them over to where Tommy stood. Turning to his assorted followers, he raised his arms. “First, we bring these three Rangers over to us. Then we’ll let them destroy their friends. And finally, we will unleash them on those that would have aided them, and I will finally have my revenge!”

“I don’t think so, ugly,” Tanya growled.

While the villain had been occupied with Tommy and Kat, Adam and Tanya had managed to retrieve a few of the emergency flares from their backpacks. Together they pitched the makeshift weapons into the fire, resulting in a blinding explosion.

Tommy, realizing the confusion that now surrounded them, called out to his friends. “Shift into Turbo!”

Morphed once more, Red Turbo immediately found himself tangling with Jason once again, while Kimberly and held off Yellow and Green Turbo, both of whom were forced to pull their punches to avoid hurting their friends. As Pink Turbo went after Divatox, Blue Turbo made short work of the Piranhatrons, while Maligore looked on.

When Rygog and Elgar joined the battle, it became clear that they were outnumbered again. Blue Turbo noticed that the rope used to lower Jason and Kim into the volcano was just dangling there. Checking to make sure that it was anchored, he leaped into the air. With a Tarzan yell, he ploughed into Rygog, knocking him into Elgar. Landing lightly on his feet, he resumed battling the Piranhatrons.

Meanwhile, Jason was beating the living daylights out of Red Turbo, mainly due to Red Turbo’s desire not to hurt his best friend. The bigger boy had the Ranger backed up all the way to the edge of the volcano, but showed no desire to push him in, preferring instead to throttle him. With a cold laugh, Jason backhanded the Turbo Ranger, sending him flying across the room into a wall. He struck it hard, slid down to the floor, as Jason seemed to turn his focus toward Justin.

“Nooo!” Red Turbo yelled, charging Jason. The other was ready for this move, however, and caught the charging boy, pushing him back until they were leaning over the pit.

“Out of the frying pan, into the fire,” Jason whispered. However, he still seemed to be fighting the urge to drop Red Ranger into the volcano.

~If he drops me, it’ll seal him to evil for the rest of his life,~ Red Turbo thought. ~He won’t be able to face himself otherwise. I can’t let that happen.~

“I won’t let you blame yourself for this, Jason,” Tommy said in a low tone. “I won’t let you force me into the fire. I choose it myself.” With a mighty shove, Red Turbo hurled himself out of Jason’s grip, directly back into the volcano.

“Tommy!” Jason screamed, reaching out helplessly to his falling friend. He wasn’t quick enough, however, and Red Turbo fell by him. All the red left Jason’s eyes as he stumbled back from the pit, not wanting to watch as the other hit the magma below.

Suddenly, a huge gout of flame spurted out of the volcano and a shockwave of pure white light seemed to fill the room. Kimberly, still embroiled in her merciless attack on the Green and Yellow Turbo Rangers, stopped, shaking her head.

“Adam, Tanya?” she asked. “Oh, my God, what have I done?”

Yellow Turbo, seeing that the red light was gone from her friend’s eyes, just shook her head. “It’s over now.” Suddenly she looked over at Jason. “Wait a minute. Where’s Tommy?”

She was never answered. Maligore suddenly threw back his head and screamed. “No! The Pit of Eternal Fire! The source of my powers! Nooooo!” As the Rangers watched, his solid rock body began to liquefy and run across the floor, hissing steam as it went. Soon Maligore, the great flame of destruction, was just a little puddle of cooling basalt.

Divatox regarded the Rangers nervously. “Rygog! Elgar! Piranhatrons!” she shouted. “Let’s get out of here! I’ll deal with you another time, Rangers.”

“Yeah, we’ll be waiting, Divatox!” Green Turbo shouted back. “All of us.”

“Guys, where’s Tommy?” Justin asked. In unison, everyone turned to Jason, who wore a look of utter devastation.

“He went into the volcano. He pushed himself back, so that I wasn’t responsible for it. He sacrificed himself.” Katherine and Kimberly went up and put their arms around him, allowing him to bury his head in their shoulders. Blue Turbo walked to the edge of the pit.

“Whoa!” Blue Turbo cried. “It’s all gone cold!” It was true. All of the magma in the pit had changed to solid rock.

“But what happened to Tommy?” Kat asked.

“Someone call my name?” The Rangers whirled to see the Red Turbo Ranger standing behind them, scorched and battered, but unmistakably alive.

“Tommy!” Jason and Black Ranger cried in unison, rushing him. “You’re alive!”

“I’m not so sure of that,” he replied sardonically. “I feel like I just went through the heart of a star.”

“What happened?” Jason asked, still holding onto his friend’s shoulder. “I saw you fall. How did you get out?”

Red Turbo shrugged. “I don’t know. I blacked out before I hit the magma. Next thing I know, I was back there, listening to you all talking about me.”

The Subcraft

“Quickly Rygog, fire the torpedoes,” Divatox ordered. “We’ll trap those brats inside the volcano.”

“At once Captain!” Rygog growled before hitting the button.

The sky was suddenly filled with fire, causing the Rangers to halt.

“Hey,” Adam said, “what is that?”

“Trouble,” Tommy decided. “We have big trouble.”

Somehow instead of trapping the Rangers as she had intended, Divatox’s torpedo had pierced the frozen volcano.

Maligore erupted from the frozen volcano, standing upon the renewed flames. With the help of the volcano he had grown, filling the entire chamber with his massive frame, dripping lava over the stone floor. The Turbo Rangers froze as he roared an ugly laugh.

“Aw man, we gotta stop this!” Tommy realised. “Adam, Thunder Cannon!”

Green Turbo Ranger turned his weapon on Maligore and fired, well aware that he might as well have been using a potato gun against the lava giant. Maligore roared angrily and turned to face the Rangers.

“Whoa! He’s really fired up!” Yellow Turbo remarked.

“That barely fazed him, Tommy! What’s the plan?” Green Turbo asked.

“Right! We gotta lure that fire bug out and call on our Zords!” Red Turbo decided.

That answer pleased Justin, who had been anxious to engage in a real Zord battle.

The Rangers jumped into formation and raced across the room, their speed carrying them just inches away from Maligore. The enraged Flame of Destruction swatted at them, managing to strike Green Turbo, the last to run by. Green Turbo Ranger fell to the ground. The other Rangers reached the far side of the cave as Maligore moved toward Green Turbo Ranger menacingly.

“Adam!” Kimberly cried. “Pink Ranger Power!”

She hefted up a native spear and raced forward, using her graceful gymnastics to avoid the monster’s massive fists, she jabbed it into the back of Maligore’s foot.


“How about a little acupuncture, you over grown hibachi?!”

Maligore yowled and turned as Green Turbo joined the other Rangers.

“Thanks Kim.”

“Maligore!” Divatox cried, her image appearing overhead. “Incinerate them!”

The Rangers turned to run. Red Turbo stopped and threw a look toward Kimberly, Jason, Lerigot and the others.

“Don’t worry,” Kimberly assured him, “We’ll keep an eye on them. Just go!

Red Turbo took off with Maligore in pursuit. Divatox’s evil laugh echoed across the island as she watched from the safety of her vessel. Part of the tunnel opening crumbled as Maligore tore his massive frame through the narrow opening. As he struggle free, the Ragers had disappeared. IN the distance though he could see a cloud of smoke and heard the roar of the Turbo Vehicles’s engines.

Red Turbo Ranger punched a series of buttons, activating the programming Alpha and Billy had buried deep within the machine’s processors, far beyond the reach of any viruses.

“Activating Turbo Zords!”

“Right!” the others replied, placing their Turbo Keys into a slot on the steering wheel, causing a special gear lever to appear beside them.

“Shift into Turbo!” Red Turbo called.

Collectively the Rangers grabbed the lever and pulled it, causing the five Turbo Zords begin to grow into their larger forms. Around them the car-like interiors were replaced with the sort of cockpits they expected to find inside a Megazord.

Green Turbo Ranger adjusted some of the levers in the cockpit, fine tuning his Zord. “Alright! These Zords are kickin!” He glanced down at one of the screens, now complete with the image of an angry looking Maligore.

“Let’s see what kind of damage the Turbo Megazord can do!” Justin suggested as he made a few adjustments of his own.

“With you on that!” Red Turbo called.

“Let’s get down to business!” Yellow Turbo urged. “Computer assisted controls are engaged.”

The five Turbo Zords moved closer together as they approached Maligore at high speed. It took seconds to close the distance.

“Turbo Megazord Power! … Now!”

The Rangers took their hands off the steering wheels of the Zords as they allowed the Turbo Megazord’s computer to do its work. As an angry Divatox looked on through her periscope, the five Zords merged to form the Turbo Megazord.

“Maligore! Crush them!!” Divatox pleaded, unable to pull away from the scene unfolding before her.

The two behemoths met, exchanging right hooks that caused both to stagger and spark. More punches were thrown and blocked, the Megazord gaining a crucial advantage when Maligore was knocked on his back, only to lose it seconds later when the demonic creature let loose with a burst of flame, obscuring their view.

“Where’d he go?” Red Turbo asked, scanning for any sign of their adversary.

“He can’t be far away,” Blue Turbo reasoned. “You can’t hide something that big.”

Tommy didn’t think now was the right time to point out that during a battle between large robots and super-sized lava monsters, the usual limits did not apply.

“I have him,” Pink Turbo informed him. “Heat sensors can pick him up no matter where he hides.”

“Adam, what are the weapons like on this thing?”

“We’ve got the individual Zord weapons, but they’re not intended for Megazord use,” Green Turbo reported. “It would be like going after Elgar with a toothpick. We’ve got a sword and shield online, and there are a few tricks we can use.”

“We don’t have a clear shot for the Spinout just yet,” Red Turbo sighed. “We’ll have to try something else. Damage report?”

“Shields are at 85%, and we’re running a little hot in the power room,” replied Yellow Turbo. “Something went bang during the last shot, but since we’re still standing it can wait for now.”

“Right,” Red Turbo responded grimly. “Anybody got any ideas?”

“I’ve got one,” Pink Turbo shot back. “Hit him with a light show!”

The lights on the Megazord’s chest lit up in sequence, blasting Maligore and temporarily blinding it. Unfortunately the lack of sight did not prevent it lunging wildly and swiping its claws across the Zord’s chest.

“Tyre Shield online!” Red Turbo ordered.

The wheel shaped shield appeared in the Zord’s left hand, just in time to knock another swipe aside. Then the shield started to spin, the momentum allowing it to turn the follow-up burst of flame back at Maligore.

“Hold on guys, because here he comes again!”

Shield or no shield, the Zord was rocked by the ferocity of Maligore’s assault. Even though Adam responded by sending the Megazord into a low baseball slide that caused the lava creature to crash into the forest, they didn’t want to take another of his devastating punches.

“Hey, I have an idea,” Green Turbo said. “Follow my lead and draw him towards the cliff face. Kat, get the jets ready.”

The Zord slowly backed up, allowing Maligore to think he had them on the defensive. A few swipes with the Megazord’s fists ensured that they kept its attention as they drew it up toward the top of the cliff.

“We’re running out of room Adam,” Yellow Turbo pointed out.

“Engage Mega Turbo Jets, now!” Green Turbo instructed as the Megazord took another step back and floated in the air.

The result was as expected, Maligore stopped in his tracks, trying to work out what to do next. The Megazord was already ahead of him, leapfrogging over the monster which was finding it difficult to turn in such a narrow area.

“Turbo Power Punch!” Red Ranger called.

The Megazord charged forward, waiting until it was within a few feet of the demon before spinning around and landing a right hook that knocked Maligore off balance.

“Manoeuvre into bulldoze position!” Red Turbo ordered.

Green Turbo grinned. “Coordinates locked!”

“Position secured!” Pink Turbo added. “Let’s do it!”

“This is way cool!” Justin cried, summing up the group’s feelings.

The Rangers braced themselves as Turbo Megazord blasted forward into Maligore and knocked him screaming over the cliff and into the sea below.

“Operation cool down! Yes!” Yellow Turbo exclaimed.

Maligore screamed as he plunged into the water. A loud explosion occurred from below water as Divatox’s Subcraft submerged quickly, barely missing being hit. The volcano shaking increased.

the cliffs and into the sea below where it exploded.

“Yahoo!” Blue Turbo yelled. “We did it!”

The others grinned. For a moment there they hadn’t been sure.


“No … Maligore … all my plans the money the jewels … the furs I want it all I deserve it all …” She paused, glancing down at the Golden Key still in her palm. “On the other hand I’ve always had the worst taste in men! Calls himself a Flame of Destruction and loses to water, pathetic. I promise you, Rygog, the Power Rangers will pay for this one day! I never accept defeat!”

The volcano rumbled ominously as the Subcraft sailed away. The Malikayas ran down the mountain, seeking cover from their god’s might. Kimberly, Jason and the Liariaris ran frantically as the tunnel crumbled around them.

“We have to get them out of here,” Adam said, as he noticed their friends. “That butane bozo was the only thing keeping this volcano in check.”

“Right!” Tommy called. “Shift out of Turbo”

The Megazord separated as the others approached. Kimberly and Jason summoned the Pink Firebird and Red Dragon Zords, and teleported themselves at the Liarians aboard before the group headed off.

Power Chamber

There was a great of celebration when the Rangers returned. The Turbo Rangers, the Morphin team, Rocky and the Liarians stood behind Alpha, listening as Tommy recanted the tales of what had occurred.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t get your key back,” the Red Turbo Ranger told the small wizard.

Lerigot made an odd noise that Alpha translated as meaning that he understood.

“I assure you Lerigot that we will do everything possible to ensure that it is removed from Divatox’s possession,” Zordon rumbled.

“Yeah that much power in her hands…” Zack shivered at the thought.

“In the meantime we will return you to your world where the atmosphere will not affect you. You will be safe there from Divatox’s forces since she would never think to look for you there. And without you to wield the Golden Key, her options will be more limited.”

“I’m really going to miss you, Lerigot,” Kat said, reaching forward to hug the small wizard.

Justin shyly approached the Liarians shyly. Lerigot, sensing his intention, held his hand to the side of the boy’s face and then nodded, pointing to Bethel.

“Can I hold her?” Justin asked.

Yara nodded and handed over the child.

“Hey, little guy. It must be great to have your whole family together again.”

Lerigot smiled sympathetically and placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder. The other Rangers exchanged glances, realising that after being thrown into action, Justin had not yet come to understand what it meant to be a part of the team.

“Justin, I know it’s not the same, but you’re part of a very special family now,” Tanya told him.

“How come, I’m not a Power Ranger anymore,” Justin pointed out.

The Rangers were confused. Of course he was a Ranger.

“What do you mean?” Adam asked.

“Rocky’s back is fixed, doesn’t he want his job back?”

“Justin, once the Turbo powers have been bestowed, they are yours and only yours. From this moment on, you are the Blue Turbo Ranger,” Zordon explained. “While it was never my intention to grant them to somebody so young, you have proven yourself worthy of the position.”

“Yeah that’s right,” Tommy told him. “Like it or not, you’re a Ranger and that’s something you can’t just walk away from. Ask Jason and the others about it some time.”

“When you’re ready, we’ll help you find others to hold the the Turbo powers,” Adam explained. “But the choice will be yours.”

“Indeed,” Zordon agreed. “For now though Tommy, Adam, Tanya and Katherine will hold the Turbo powers while keeping their Zeo powers in reserve. Listen to your fellow Rangers, Justin, and they will help you to learn more about your new role.”

“And it doesn’t matter who you choose,” Tommy assured him, “we are your family.”

“You deserve this, Justin,” Rocky assured him. “Besides, my back still needs time to heal and I have my Zeo powers if I need them.”

“I’ll make you proud Rocky. I promise.” He stopped. “I’m really hungry.”

“Alpha, perhaps you need to check to make sure the powers are the only thing Justin inherited from Rocky,” Kim suggested.

They all laughed as Tommy glanced at the clock.

“Well guys I guess there’s just one thing left to take care of. And we better rock…”

Angel Grove Arena

The crowd stood, cheering as Tommy, Adam and Jason kicked major butt in the ring. Katherine and Tanya stood with a group of children from the shelter, Justin, Kimberly and Ernie beside them. Around the stadium the other Rangers were cheering their friends on and enjoying the match.

The three guys flew into the air, swing kicking their challengers. The opposing team’s coach threw in the towel and the Referee jumped in to stop the fight. The crowd went wild as the MC took the stage, missing the outraged face of Karl Ziktor as the industrialist realised that his plans had been ruined again.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! … After seven minutes, ten seconds into the competition … the National Championship title goes to the Angel Grove Team!”

The crowd erupted as the MC handed Tommy a trophy and a check. Fans ran into the ring as Tommy handed the check to Kat.

“Looks like the shelter’s not going: to be closing anytime soon,” he smiled as he held the trophy over his head and gave a cry of triumph.


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