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Authors Note: This is an alternate universe with an alternate time line.

The Breaking

Temporal Location: The Fifth Age of Existence: The Dawn of Time
Universe: Zero / The Multiverse
Reality: Prime.

The Fifth Age of Existence had arrived. During the first four ages, the universe had been created, shaped and populated thanks to the work of The One and the Celestials he had created to fine tune his work. Now with The One’s domain at the highest point of existence, reality descended through the many planes and dimensions to the very depths where lurked the prison of The Dark One. And at the central point between those two extremes there was the Mortal Realm, the physical universe where the majority of its populace would live and struggle, and hopefully thrive.

And then there was the Morphin Grid, a flowing torrent of energy that had formed in the dark spaces outside of existence before seeping in from The One’s dimension. From there the Power tore through every plane, realm and dimension of existence, reaching all points in between before returning to its source through The Dark One’s prison. It was the Power that allowed for change and growth, and new life. The Power sustained the universe and everything within its boundaries. But the Morphin Grid had existed before the universe had formed and extended far far beyond its boundaries… even when the unexpected happened.

The Celestials had handpicked a number of races to tame the Mortal Realm, turning it into a place where mortals could survive. It had been their final act before they departed to examine their previous would and improve upon it on their way back to The One. Nobody could say for certain which race was responsible for the sequence of events that led to the fracturing of reality – for there were several races that at that time had undertaken dangerous experiments capable of doing so-, but some the Mortal Plane had been fractured, breaking apart. Somehow existence had reacted to the change by rebuilding each of the new fragments in the image of the original and separating them with barriers. In doing so the universe had become a multiverse.

The multiverse continued to grow as the newly formed universes continued to break apart and reform, creating countless new domains, each sharing a common link to the rest of reality through the Morphin Grid. Despite the many similarities, the duplicates were not exact… each had its own characteristics that set them apart from the Prime Reality and from each other. Those closest to the original universe had taken on more of its features, but as they spread further out, so the differences increased.

Sensing the change and the sudden risk to their creation, the Celestials were forced to step in, reshaping the multiverse to avert the risk of competing realities colliding. They reinforced the walls of nothingness to act as a barrier between realities, isolating them from each other. Although nothing they did could prevent the Power from reaching them. The Morphin Grid extended not only through the Prime Reality, but throughout the whole of existence.

And so with the countless realities secured, the Celesitals redirected their efforts to maintaining the newly formed multiverse, fixing problems and erasing those realities that deviated too much from their grand design. And from his throne high above the Prime Reality, The One looked on and pondered where this unexpected turn of events would lead.

End of Part

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