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Author’s Note: Some events in this chapter follow on from those Lerigot’s Greatest Trick.

New Arrivals

Power Chamber

The four Rangers arrived.

“Welcome, Rangers … There is much to discuss,” Zordon rumbled.

The four exchanged looks. This didn’t sound good.

Klatos Seven

As her underlings scurried about the decks of the Subcraft, Divatox, seated upon her throne, was staring at Elgar as her imbecilic nephew continued to pollute the air with his stupidity.

“So Lerigot’s slipped the noose and landed on Earth … so, we might as well get back to pillaging and looting again …”

Divatox’s grip on her throne tightened as she leaned forward. Although she wasn’t quite shouting, it was clear that Elgar had annoyed her. “I’m tired of petty thievery, Elgar! Whoever heard of a famous pirate? I want to be a queen.”

She started to pace intently, causing Elgar to feel giddy as he watched her stomp up and down.

“Lerigot holds the only key to free Maligore, the great flame of destruction and … my husband to be! If we wed, I’ll be the Queen of Evil; people will bring their riches to me and beg me to take them.”

“What if your fiancĂ© isn’t too hot on the idea? It’s not like you’ve seen him in the last century. And let’s face it, you ain’t gettin’ any younger!”

Divatox put her hand to her face and then glared at Elgar. The mutant had the good sense to try to talk his way out of things although it really only made things worse.

“Hey relax, they’re doing miracles with laser surgery …”

“Shut up fool!” Rygog warned, sensing that Elgar was about to feel his aunt’s wrath. “We must assure a successful reunion with Maligore.”

“We need a bridal dowry. On Earth, you Elgar, will head the capture of two humans of purity and strength.”

Rygog remained silent although he was secretly wondering whether Elgar understood the meaning of purity or strength.

“Enough! Activate the barrier shields and set a course to Earth … We’re going after Lerigot!”

“Hey, Auntie Divatox… Can we stop off and raid that Catalina place on our way? Pleeeeeeease!”

She shot him another glare, he swallowed and joined the others, working to get the ship operational. Outside the craft, the sand started to billow as the engines rumbled to life, groaning as they started the ship moving off from the lake bed. The Subcraft shot from the lake in a whirling of lights and into the sky, leaving a plume of phosphorescent radiance in its wake. Its rumble echoed into the night.

Power Chamber

After learning about Lerigot, the Rangers had prepared for a rescue mission. While Tommy and Kat had retrieved two of the special Power Boxes and had placed them on their backs, Tanya was seated in front of a computer screen while Adam accessed a nearby monitor.

“Whatever this thing is, it’s moving pretty fast towards Earth, Zordon. Adam and I better stay here.”

” Good call,” Tommy agreed.

“Yes, a wise decision, Tanya,” Zordon commended.

“Maybe we should ask Trey to take a look in Pyramidas,” Tommy suggested.

“I believe by that time we will know its intentions,” Zordon replied.

“There you go, Kat,” Alpha said. “Power Boxes are equipped with just about anything you might need in case of an emergency.”

“Thank Alpha. Make sure and let Rocky know what’s happening.”

“Tommy, you better take this,” Adam said as he walked over to Tommy and handed him a Turbo Navigator. “It’s programmed to home in on Lerigot’s life force.”

“Send my love to Africa,” Tanya told them.

Tommy and Kat moved to the center of the Chamber, took a look at the map and following a quick, “later, guys”, teleported out.


For Lerigot, time was running out. While it was night time in Angel Grove, in Africa it was daytime, and he was weak from the harsh sun, but somehow managed to enter a clearing with a circle of trees that offered some protection from the sun. He trilled uncertainly and was surprised when it echoed back to him in perfect mimicry. Suddenly on guard, he looked up.

Within the tree tops, families of monkeys peered back at him curiously. A young monkey snatched a branch and threw it toward him. A bevy of monkeys leapt from the trees, but instead of reacting and possibly scaring them, Lerigot stood perfectly still, smiling at them. They surrounded him as the head monkey cautiously touched Lerigot’s robe and jumped back. He chattered nervously to the others as Lerigot pulled out the Golden Key.


He didn’t get the response he wanted. Instead the monkeys moved forward and started to groom him. He tried again.


The head monkey scratched his head as he looked at the key and then back to Lerigot. He took Lerigot by the hand and began to lead him away. The other monkeys followed.

Tommy and Kat walked through the dense jungle. Tommy used a machete to clear a path.

“Wow … Reminds me of parts of Australia,” Kat commented.

The Turbo Navigator beeped faintly, causing them to pause while Tommy studied it.

“The signal’s coming from that direction. Let’s go and find him.”

The two continued their slog through the heavy foliage.

Power Chamber

An alarm sounded loudly, causing Alpha to rush over to where Tanya was working the computer. Adam moved to another monitor.

“That thing we’ve been tracking just passed Mars and is heading straight toward the Earth! It looks like there’s some sort of shield protecting its identity,” she said.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” Adam remarked. “I hope Tommy and Kat make it back soon.”


Tommy and Kat trekked through the jungle. Their clothes were soaked with sweat and covered in grime. When they come upon a clearing, Kat sat on a log to tighten her laces.

“Just a sec, I’m all undone here …. This heat’s pretty intense.”

Tommy, ever the gallant gentleman, knelt down and pulls a cord on his Power Box. A bottle of water popped out.

“Lerigot’s signal’s getting stronger,” he remarked.

Kat swatted at a mosquito as Tommy opened his water bottle and took a swig. He froze in mid-swallow when he saw a Boa Constrictor trailing its way down from a tree, dangling above Kat’s shoulder. Tommy swallowed carefully.

“Kat, don’t move. On the count of three, dive to your right. One, two, three!”

Kat dove, just as the snake struck. Tommy lunged, grabbed the snake by the back of the head, and wrestled the giant reptile. Kat stepped back as the ground gave way, pitching her down a steep hill.


Tommy grappled with the snake, which coiled around him. He turned to see Kat as she approached a steep drop off. She hit a rock, flipped in the air, and over a cliff.


Kat grabbed a protruding branch and looked down at a four hundred-foot drop off over a churning river. There was a loud crack as the branch started to give way. Tommy struggled as the snake tightened its grip. He turned to where Kat was hanging on for dear life.

“Morph, Kat! …. Do it!”

Kat tried to reach her Zeoniser but to no avail. Then the branch broke, sending Kat plummeting down. In mid air, Kat managed to grab her Zeoniser.

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!”

Power Chamber

It had been residing deep with the processing core of the Power Chamber’s computer since Cyber Agent had planted it. A small batch of computer code intended to disrupt the Rangers at the opportune moment. The call from Gasket had never been received and it had remained a dormant process in the Power Chamber’s operating system. Until now.

It was purely coincidental that the timeout Gasket had set expired just as Kat was calling forth her powers. The virus program came online, causing as much damage as possible before the Power Chamber’s advanced protections zeroed in and erased the foreign code from its systems.

It was enough to cause a temporary close down of all systems as to prevent the virus from spreading. It meant that Kat’s call for her powers was delayed, costing her vital seconds. Then with the virus destroyed, the computer retuned to normal function.


After what seemed an eternity, Kat started to morph but the transformation only reached her knees when she hit the water hard. She struggled to maintain consciousness as the impact disrupted the transformation, leaving her demorphed. The current swept her downstream.


Tommy used his concern for Kat to give him an extra surge of strength, allowing him to free himself from the snake before charging downhill. He reached the edge and dived into the river. Aided by the current he swam towards Kat as she was washed down-river. Despite the strong current, Kat stayed ahead of him and he only caught glimpses of her. Still he was able to take advantage of the fact he could consciously change his position in the river, allowing him to select a place where the water was flowing at its fastest. Eventually he was able to reach Kat and pulled a cord on her Power Box, inflating the built-in life preserver.

He breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short-lived as a giant crocodile entered the water from the far bank. Tommy struggled hard and manages to get Kat to shore only to be jerked back roughly. Beneath the surface a huge pair of jaws had latched onto Tommy’s Power Box. Tommy kicked out and managed to dislodge the jaws. He dove under and right into the face of the huge crocodile. Tommy grabbed the crocodile in an upside down bear hug pushing its jaw back with his feet. The crocodile’s tail slashed the surface as Tommy emerged for air and manoeuvred the crocodile into a shallow part of water.

Kat regained her bearings, tried to stand and screamed as her leg gave way. Tommy seized a large branch floating nearby, and lodged it into the crocodile’s jaws. The crocodile flailed angrily, giving Tommy time to swim to shore before managing to spit the branch out. It chased after Tommy.

“Look out!” Kat cried. She pushed a button on her Power Box and a small blow torch snapped out. She grabbed it and aimed at the crocodile. A flame shots out, scaring it away as Tommy rushed to her side.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Just my leg,” she winced.

“We’d better teleport back,” Tommy decided.

“No!” Kat said defiantly. “We’re too close … There’s a first aid kit in the Power Box, we can make a splint.”

At that moment the Turbo Navigator shrieked loudly.

“Lerigot’s close … Let’s take a look at that leg.”

Tommy opened his Power Box and removes a first aid kit.


A loud ‘ping’ could be heard from the speaker.

“Uh oh,” Elgar said. “Auntie D, we’ve been spotted.”

“It must be Zordon,” Rygog supplied.

Divatox grimaced. “Well so much for sneaking past without him noticing. Full speed ahead boys, I haven’t come this far to turn back now.”


The two teens chopped their way through the jungle, following the signal on their scanner. Finally they found their way to a clearing where they saw a being that matched the description of Lerigot.

“Alpha?” Lerigot asked weakly.

Tommy walked slowly toward the Liarian. He didn’t want to scare the wizard more than necessary.

“Yes … Alpha … we’re here to take you to Alpha,” he promised.

Lerigot turned to the monkeys and touched them, trilling as he hugged the lead monkey before taking Tommy’s hand. Lerigot shuffled toward Kat and looked up into her eyes, assessing her with his penetrating gaze.

“Hello,” Kat said nervously.

“Hello …” Lerigot mimicked as he ran his hand over her injured leg. A glow surged from his fingertips. Lerigot let go and stepped back, allowing Kat to stand.

“He fixed my leg! Thanks Lerigot.”

Lerigot smiled weakly.

“Le … ri … got.”

“Let’s get him out of here,” Tommy suggested as Lerigot started to quiver. He looked up to the sun and collapsed in a faint. Tommy caught him as Kat placed her hand on Lerigot’s chest, and spoke into her communicator.

“Alpha, we’ve got Lerigot. Standing by for teleportation.”

“Just in time Rangers!” Alpha replied. The next voice they heard was Adam’s.

“That ship we’ve been following has just entered the atmosphere and is heading for Angel Grove.”

Not wasting any time, Tommy and Kat both grabbed hold of the unconscious Lerigot. They smiled faintly at the monkeys as they teleported out.

Angel Grove Beach

The small boat bobbed up and down on the water as the two party animals downed another can of beer. This was their weekly fishing trip and nothing would stop them from enjoying it. Except perhaps the large spaceship that crossed overhead, bathing the two with scalding light. They looked up, screaming in fear.

In a phenomenal display of thundering lights and jets, the Subcraft submerged into the water, creating huge waves that rocked the boat, tipping its occupants into the water where they remained unmoving until they drowned.

Power Chamber

After Lerigot had been rescued, there was little the Rangers could do until he recovered. The mysterious ship had landed somewhere, but its location was unknown. So with little else to do the Rangers had retired to their homes for the night, promising to return the next day and hopefully make sense of the matter.

Divatox’s Subcraft

Chaos reigned as Divatox tried to direct the flurry of movement around her.

“Set up base camp and make sure the aqua energizer is functioning!”

Things were not going as she had foreseen. The Subcraft was old and a bit sensitive. Flying through space had caused some problems. A point that was proven as steam shot out from one of the panels where Rygog stood.

“We’re losing our barrier shields due to the force of our entry!” the mutant told her.

“Don’t you dare let them fall,” she warned. “We can’t be detected! Get those shields repaired at once. Elgar!” Elgar stepped out from behind Divatox, startling her in the process. “Don’t do that! Go and find me two humans who are pure body and mind.” She shuddered at the thought. “We’ll need them as sacrifices.”

Power Chamber

A series of strange images flashed across the computer screen. They were known vessel types, which the computer compared to the energy signature of their mystery vessel. When it finally confirmed a match, an alarm sounded, drawing Adam’s attention. At the same moment Tanya’s scan was completed.

“Yes! Whatever that thing is, I found it. It’s at the bottom of the ocean!”

“Good work Tanya,” Zordon rumbled.

“The computer has identified the vessel,” Adam added.

“I will check the Galactic Registry and identify the owner,” Alpha offered.

“Meanwhile we need to have a look and see what they’re up to,” Jason decided. With Tommy and Kat visiting Rocky, he was acting as leader.

“Perhaps I can facilitate that,” Billy said. “Alpha, rollout the Aqua Power Suits!”

” Right, Billy!”

Alpha pushed a lever, causing a wall to slide away, revealing four armoured suits that split down the middle and peeled back. Adam and Tanya stepped forward and backed into their suits. Jason and Kimberly followed, stating that they were both trained as scuba divers. The suits closed, starting with the feet as metal plates snapped into place. The face shields concealed half of their faces, although Billy had installed a shield to prevent civilians from learning their identities. Each of them had a jet pack on their backs.

“Rangers, act with caution until we are able to establish of what intent this new visitor brings.”

“We will Zordon,” Adam promised.

In a blur of colour the four Rangers teleported away.

The four Rangers arrived on the shores of the beach and started to move toward the water. They stopped when Tanya caught their attention and pointed.

“Guys, that way!”

The Rangers ran into the water and enter. They vanished under the waves and swam through the water. Whatever was hiding there had not affected the abundance of marine life. Adam used a miniature radar screen to trace the unknown ship. He touched a button on his helmet.

“Radar shows the craft up ahead.”

“We’ve gotta move on it!” Tanya answered.

“Jet power – activate!” Jason commanded.

The Rangers activated their jet packs and zoomed through the water. They paused briefly to observe the ship when suddenly, a large hand reached from around the reef latching onto Jason. The others turned to encounter five huge warriors. The four heroes fought valiantly against the warriors.

Divatox was less than happy when the proximity alarm sounded. She used the periscope to watch the Rangers as they struggled with her forces.

“Rygog, who are those interlopers?” she asked.

Rygog peered through the periscope, thought for a while and then answered.

“Hmm … They must be some of those power teenagers Zordon controls.”

“Ha! … Zordon, … what a bore! Well … His little Power peons are in for quite a shock!” Divatox said as she pushed a button.

The hatch of the ship jolted open and a bolt of electrical energy was pushed through the water, sending the Rangers crashing back into a rock formation as the beings they were fighting pressed their attack. A warrior pulled out a stun laser and blasted Kimberly and Jason. Others closed in on Adam and Tanya, but not before he managed to lift his hand to his helmet.

“Alpha … teleport … now …” Adam called.

The four Rangers started to teleport just as a second burst of energy ripped through the water, the extreme current causing the Rangers suits to explode as Alpha desperately tried to teleport them to safety.

The water boiled as the energy wave struck the Rangers as they attempted to teleport. Adam and Tanya were lucky, they managed to release their underwater suits before they overloaded, allowing Alpha to lock on and teleport them. Jason and Kimberly were just a fraction slower to react, and a little too close to the ship. The blast hit them full on, destroying their suits and preventing Alpha from retrieving them. Their communicators malfunctioned, preventing them from escaping as a wire net closed around them.

“We got two of them!” Elgar proclaimed as the warriors dragged Jason and Kimberly inside. They were stripped of the remains or their armour, which was promptly sent to the ship’s scientist while Divatox appraised their prisoners. Elgar moved to join Rygog behind the throne, not liking the look on his aunt’s face. A warrior moved a scanner on top of the two and it buzzed, confirming they were still alive.

“Well that made things easier, we’ve captured two humans of sickening purity, perfect for sacrificing to Maligore! And to think I was going to send Elgar hunting. Rygog, deposit them into the bilge!”

Rygog moved to the control panel and pulled a lever. A panel in the wall slid open and the two Rangers were sucked through a tube and vanished as the panel slid shut. The bilge was specially made for holding prisoners, especially those that happened to be Rangers. The walls were made from Cold Iron, the element known to block magic, preventing them from morphing.

“Zordon and his brats could prove a problem. We’ll just need to get there ahead of them.”

Power Chamber

Things were not going well for the Rangers. Not only had they failed to identify the ship, two of their number been captured by the unidentified forces.

“And I thought things were bad when we just had an injured friend, unconscious wizard and missing friends to worry about,” Tanya moaned.

The four Zeo Rangers gathered around Lerigot who slept upon a table. A myriad of tubes were connected to his body, replenishing much needed body fluids, while Alpha ran a small device over him.

“Is he going to be all right?” Kat asked.

“He is severely dehydrated,” Alpha replied. “The fluids will restore his life force for now.”

“Guess he had a pretty close call,” Tanya said.

“So did we,” Adam reminded her. “We’ve gotta do something to get Jason and Kimberly back.”

Lerigot twitched violently, his eyes rolling back.

“What’s happening?” Tommy demanded as he moved to steady the wizard.

“Tommy, wait … He is receiving a telepathic transmission!” Alpha warned

Lerigot screamed and flailed about.

“Alpha, attach the cranial transmission scanner and connect into the Viewing Screen!” Zordon ordered.

Alpha moved to obey and while Billy opened the panel on the Viewing Screen, he placed a clear dome over Lerigot’s head. Working together they twisted the wires into one long cord that Alpha was able to connect to the Viewing Screen’s input.

“Tuning now Zordon.” Alpha twisted the dial until Divatox’s appeared before them. It was clear that she had no idea who she was looking at.

“Divatox …” Zordon said, recognising the villain. Her appearance on the Viewing Screen answered many of his questions.


“Zordon, I know you can hear me. So, listen well. Lerigot must surrender.”

Lerigot writhed on the table. The method of contact she had chosen was not a pleasant experience for the wizard. His distress increased as Divatox moved aside, allowing those watching to see Yara and Bethel, Lerigot’s wife and child. Bethel was wearing a metal skull cap. Yara trilled frantically, as two rays of light burst from her eyes.

“Say hello to Lerigot’s family, Yara and Bethel. Amazing what telepathic transmissions can do these days…”

Lerigot’s eyes suddenly opened and he screamed incessantly.

“Make it stop, it’s hurting him!”

Divatox didn’t hear her. “Raven’s Cove at midnight. Bring him to me and as a small token of my appreciation, I’ll relinquish a couple of humans you left lying around down here!”

The image changed again as it fed the image directly from the bilge where Jason and Kimberly had been relieved of their power suits and were wearing only wetsuits.

“Kimberly … Jason!”

The image faded as a metal skull cap was placed on Yara’s head.

Divatox’s Subcraft

The two former Rangers had awakened to find themselves in the Subcraft’s bilge. After discovering that something was preventing them from morphing, they examined the walls, hoping they would find a way out. Already there was a half inch of water covering the floor and a glimpse through a small port hole showed filtered light through the water outside.

“Kim… we’re in major trouble here.”

“Kimberly didn’t answer, she was distracted by the long and slimy thing that slithered toward her through the water. It was some sort of leech, and as it crawled over her foot, Kimberly screamed.

“Get it off me!”

“Hold still!” Jason ordered.

He grabbed a piece of shrapnel and plucked the leech up.

“I think we’re in trouble,” he decided as he saw more leeches move in their direction.

Power Chamber

The Rangers and Zordon observed as Alpha and Lerigot talked. Lerigot was waving his arms, trilling pleadingly. Alpha lay his hands on Lerigot’s shoulders, shake his head and trilling back. Kat turned to Zordon.

“What is it Divatox wants from Lerigot, Zordon?”

“Many centuries ago, Lerigot exiled a profoundly vile being called Maligore upon the lost island of Muiranthias. Through the generations, Lerigot has guarded the golden key which opens the gateway to the island and to Maligore’s freedom.”

“Muiranthias? Across the Nemesis Triangle? Isn’t that a myth?” Adam asked.

“No, Adam. Once upon the island, Divatox seeks to rejoin forces with Maligore and become his bride of evil.”

“Great,” Tommy groused. “And then what?”

“Divatox is a pirate, Tommy. She is considered one of the worst of her kind, surpassed only because she does not indulge in the preferred vices of her family, such as slavery and weapon selling. Nothing in the universe will be safe if she succeeds, because for Divatox there would be no limit to her greed.”

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha exclaimed, causing the Rangers to turn toward him. “It’s no use Rangers, I’ve tried convincing him, but Lerigot insists upon giving himself up.”

“Why won’t he listen to reason?” Kat asked.

“Love,” Aisha answered. “He’d give himself up for his family. Wouldn’t you?”

“This is a no win situation!” Zack complained.

“Okay, listen,” Tommy said. “We get Kim and Jason outta there. And then we go after Divatox.”

“I just hope they’re okay,” Trini said. “Time’s running out guys.”

Indeed it was. The meeting with Divatox was not far away and if the scans they had completed so far were accurate, then the energy field created by the cloud over the city would prevent them from going anywhere other than Raven Cove.

“She’s managed to hide herself from our scanners,” Adam said. “The only choice is to follow her instructions.”

That had made sense and more importantly, they needed keep hold of Lerigot.

The Rangers turned to as a loud noise filled the Power Chamber. The Liarian was rocking to and fro, mournful keening sound emerging from his lips.

“The Liarian prayer of guidance,” Alpha told them. “Lerigot is preparing for surrender.”

Unfortunately even the most stubborn Ranger had to admit that they didn’t have a choice.

Raven’s Cove

The four Rangers and Lerigot teleported upon the rugged rocks that surrounded the sinister looking cove. They stared at the sea fifteen feet below. The ground began to shake thunderously and Kat held onto Lerigot protectively.

“Right on schedule,” Tommy remarked as Divatox’s Subcraft moved out from behind a rock formation. A hatch squealed open and an odd raft propelled by a motor was shoved out. A warrior steered the raft while Elgar sat up front. More warriors on jet skis shot out and surrounded it. Within the raft, two figures in scuba gear lay motionless.

“There they are!” Tanya cried.

The raft approached as its mechanical noises echoed throughout the cove. Elgar smiled slyly.

“There’s the little worm now!” Divatox cried as her periscope zeroed in on the raft, the Rangers, and most importantly, Lerigot.

“Now we just need this little plan to work,” Rygog rumbled.

“Trust me Rygog,” she replied. “One thing I can guarantee about good guys: their hearts override their minds.”

“You had better be right,” he muttered.

The warrior cut the motor as Elgar looked up to the rocks.

“Send Lerigot down!” he ordered.

Tommy, refused. They weren’t falling for that. “No, bring our friends closer first!”

Elgar gave an ugly laugh. “I’m afraid you don’t have much of a choice, human! This is as close as you get! Send the wizard down!”

“I don’t like it,” Adam said.

The others nodded. There was too much chance that they would be double-crossed. Unfortunately it seemed that Lerigot had other ideas and when the Rangers turned back to him, the wizard was gone.

“He’s gone! Lerigot’s gone!” she cried, drawing the others’ attention to their new problem.

Suddenly, Lerigot appeared in the raft. He gently waved at the Rangers as Elgar hauled him roughly to his knees. Kat rushed forward.

“Stop it! Don’t hurt him!”

“All right! You have what you came for,” Tommy called across. “Release our friends!”

“You want em … You got em!” Elgar said as he stood and kicked the two bodies into the water where they bobbed for a moment and then began to sink. “Arive derchi turkeys! … Hit it!”

Elgar laughed as the raft sped away, leaving the platoon of warriors on jet skies behind to watch the Rangers. The Rangers paid them no mind and dove into the water, swimming frantically toward their friends. The raft reached the Subcraft and vanished inside. The Subcraft began to submerge creating violent jets of choppy water. The Rangers struggled against the wake as Tommy dived.

Tommy grabbed hold and hoisted the smaller scuba suit upwards. Moments later Kat grabbed the other suit as Tommy emerged and together they dragged the bodies onto dry land.

“Kim?” Tommy asked.

He ripped off the face mask revealing the cold face of one of Divatox’s warriors staring at him maliciously. It cried out and kicked him in the lower body. Even though he was partially morphed, the blow hurt. Before the others could grab it, it disappeared, drawing their attention back to the retreating Elgar.

“No!” Tommy cried, realising what was happening. “Stop them!”

The other Rangers caught up with Tommy and Adam grabbed him.

“They’re gone, Tommy.”

Tommy leaned his head back in despair but not before he heard Adam ask, “is it working?”.

Divatox’s Subcraft

“At last!” Divatox cried, holding up Lerigot’s Golden Key and his pouch of magical powder as Lerigot, wearing a metal skull cap, was thrown into a cage. “You’ve cost me a great deal of time you little fur ball,” she told his as she slammed the door shut in his face. “If this key would work for me, I’d have fired you out of the torpedo tubes already. Instead I’ll have to keep you around.” She moved so that her face was directly next to the cage door. “I need you, but your family are just excess baggage. Remember that!”

Lerigot looked back mournfully. He had hoped that things would turn out differently, but had known deep down that this was the most likely outcome.

“We’ll pass through the Nemesis Triangle in less than forty-eight hours,” Rygog reported, interrupting the pirate’s threats. “Muiranthias lies on the other side.”

Inside the bilge, Kimberly was standing on Jason’s shoulders, straining to hear what was being said. They were dressed in shorts and T-shirts that Divatox had found somewhere. It made them sick to think that for a time she had considered keeping them naked for her entertainment.

“Maligore’s appetite will ignite once he sees the offerings I’ve brought him,” she heard her say. The evil laughter faded away as Kimberly jumped down.

“This is so lame,” she complained. “We go to investigate an alien space craft and end up being abducted. Now we’re in this floating outhouse on the way to someplace called Muiranthias.”

“If we had our powers, we could break out of here,” Jason said.

“Yeah, but we don’t,” Kimberly retorted, effectively ending the conversation. “I don’t suppose we could call maid service.”

Power Chamber

“Bingo!” came the slightly muffled cry as Zack watched the monitor light up. “Tracking device is working.”

“Excellent work Rangers,” Zordon commended. “The increased power of the transmitter will allow us to follow the Subcraft. Although we have lost Lerigot we can still prevent Divatox from freeing Maligore.”

“That might not be so easy Zordon,” Billy warned. “That purple cloud is creating an energy field that we cannot teleport through. Unless we ascertain a method of breaking through that barrier, we won’t be able to catch up.”

“I don’t suppose we could use the Zords?”

“No Tommy,” Zordon replied. “The Nemesis Triangle allows only the powers of Lerigot’s Golden Key to work within its confines. Once inside the Zords would be rendered powerless and could be destroyed by the forces with the Triangle.”

“The force of the triangle has mangled many power sources,” Alpha informed them. “Your Zeo Zords are not equipped to deal with this phenomenon.”

“Besides, I’ve been conducting an analysis of Tommy and Kat’s activities in Africa and can only conclude that the Zeo powers have been compromised. It might be they are no longer reliable enough to use.” As he spoke, Billy was looking at the results of yet another virus check. Although the powers came from the Zeo Crystal, they relied on the apparatus surrounding it to function properly. He looked up at Zordon for confirmation before continuing. “I have been able to establish a way to create a new generation of Zords capable of surviving within the Nemesis Triangle.”

“Indeed,” Zordon interrupted, “Working together Trini and Billy have, with Alpha’s assistance, completed the schematics; while these new Zords may be of ordinary appearances, they possess a capability and power that will carry you through this quest.”

“We’ll still need to configure them,” Billy said. “Only you guys can do that.”

“Why us?” Tommy asked.

“Because you’re the ones that will be going after her,” the young genius told him. “You’re the active team, we’re just here to hold the fort.”

“Divatox believes that she has escaped,” Zordon told them. “However it will take another forty-eight hours for her Subcraft to make the journey. Once completed, your Zords will allow you to catch up.”

Tommy finally nodded. “Let’s get to work then.”

To be continued

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