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Morphin Masters: The Gift

Although their ascension was supposed to mark the end of their presence in their former dimension, the Morphin Masters continued to return for centuries following the event as they undertook a new mission to connect as many worlds to a useable form of Grid Energy. When the First Ones had created the planets, they had placed a fragment of crystal deep inside each world. That fragment drew upon the spiritual energy leaking in from the Morphin Grid and helped encourage and sustain life on the newly formed worlds. Later such crystals would often lead the the appearance of magic and psychic energy on those worlds.

The Morphin Masters now chose to improve upon the First One’s work by boring holes deep into each planet and modifying the crystal fragments to act as conduits for a new form of Grid Energy. With the new link established, steps were taken to place the fragments beyond the reach of lesser beings and the shafts were filled in once more. On some worlds they went further, creating the necessary connections from the core of the planet to an object through which the populace could access it. On Edenoi they created a great crystal the locals called the Heart of Edenoi. On the planet Phaedos they built a monolith through which the Power could be accessed along with a second temple that promised even greater power for those deemed worthy.

The Morphin Masters repeated their actions on worlds across the cosmos, using a form of Grid Energy they had developed to offer the protection of the Power to as many as possible.

Up until that point the Morphin Masters had only been able to create single links between those they deemed worthy and the Power. They had created teams of Power Rangers, but the powers had been unique to each team. Now after they found a way to communicate with the creatures that lived within the confines of the Morphin Grid, they had come up with a superior option. The creatures were composed of Grid Energy and like other beings found in the many higher dimensions, were capable of bestowing that energy to those they deemed worthy.

The Morphin Masters had convinced the creatures to lend their power to all those they deemed worthy and compatible. Through such an arrangement it was possible for hundred of people to draw upon the Grid Energy at one time as opposed to a single team. Those using such powers would not receive the strength and power of the former teams the Morphin Masters had created because the amount of energy a body could safely draw upon was limited without a proper conduit. But even at half-power those that would gain access to the Power would have a greater defence in the fight against evil.

The Morphin Masters had convinced thirty two creatures to join their endeavour. In years to come through the loss and rediscovery of knowledge, there would be many that believed this to be the Morphin Grid itself.

And in times to come it would be the powers locked inside the temple on Phaedos that would herald the rise of the first new team of powered warriors. And on Edenoi the Heart of Edenoi would lead to the emergence of one of the universe’s most notable defenders. And on other worlds armies would emerge and train in the use of the Power for combat.

In years to come the Power would be considered a miracle to be worshipped as a religion. The true nature of the Morphin Grid and the Morphin Masters would remain lost until the time of rediscovery when the truth would be revealed and the belief that had lasted for generations would be shaken to its core.

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