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Morphin Masters: Rising

There is a dimension that runs parallel to our own through the entirety of existence. It is my belief that this dimension is somehow connected to every location in the cosmos and that by accessing it, we can use this dimension to traverse the stars.

This dimension is unlike any other we have uncovered. I believe that it is a realm of energy constantly shifting and changing. But despite its fluid state, it can still be mapped and navigated. I have named it: The Morphin Grid.

The teachings of the first pioneers were known to every student of the Power. They had been raised to understand the history of their race and the theories that had guided them from a simple means to avoid the need for long space flights to a deep understanding of the extra-dimensional energies that lay beyond.

In the early days the energy contained within the Morphin Grid had seemed unimportant. As time had progressed, the need to understand and master those energies had become their primary concern. A whole doctrine had grown out of their findings.

They had not been the ones to coin the phrase Morphin Masters, although that was how they were now known. They were not a single race from a lone world, but a grouping of scientists and others who had been drawn together in their studies. And through generations they had formed a new society that both worshipped and studied the wonders of the Morphin Grid.

It had been though the sacrifice of one of their greatest scientists, a man whose name had been celebrated since he made his successful trip through the Morphin Grid to the far side of the cosmos. The name Morvin Nought would forever be revered as one of their greatest discoverers, some even referring to him as the Morphinaut.

Sadly the Morphinaut had lost contact after his journey before he could attempt to return. His exact fate had never been uncovered, but it seemed that the world he had chosen as a destination had not been friendly. It was the reason why following his success the Morphin Masters had slowed their efforts, learning as much as they could through slow and steady progress.

It was following the Morphinaut’s successful trip that the Morphin Masters started to study the Morphin Grid as something more than just an easy means of transportation. With their archway technology perfected to where they had been able to cross whole galaxies at a time – for despite their best efforts they had never been able to replicate the Morphinaut’s initial success – they considered what other secrets that strange dimension could hold.

It was a shock when they realised just how vast the Morphin Grid was. And that was despite their knowledge that it was spread throughout the cosmos – the Morphinaut’s theories had speculated that the Morphin Grid actually extended beyond their plane of existence and touched all dimensions within their universe.

Regardless the sheer power the Morphin Grid contained was astounding. Their attempts to tap into the Morphin Grid to draw upon its power had been a disaster, killing over a dozen workers before the breach had been sealed. It had revealed just how potent and dangerous the Power could be in its raw state.

Over thousands-of-years of study they came to realise that the Power was not comprised of a single form of energy. The Power was the combination of many types of energy that came to rest inside the boundaries of the Morphin Grid. Later they changed their theory to state that the many types of energy within the Morphin Grid all came from the breakdown of the Power into its less volatile components.

The Morphin Masters also drew the conclusion that the reason the Morphin Grid seemed connected to every point of space was because the Power flowed to every point of space and that the Morphin Grid had been designed to contained and control the raw Grid Energy to prevent it running wild and killing anything it touched. That led to other questions about what sort of being would be capable of accomplishing such a feat, but those questions were shelved in favour of studying the Grid.

The Morphin Masters worked tirelessly to build on their research, searching for ways to detect and measure the presence of the Power in different locations. And in doing so discovered that there were weaknesses in the dimensional barriers that allowed energy from the Morphin Grid to leak back into reality. In face some forms of energy were allowed to flow freely and they agreed that that was intentional.

Like the Time Lords and the Guardians of Oa before them, the Morphin Masters’ studies allowed them to identify the three types of energy that could be extracted from Grid Energy; spiritual energy, psychic energy and magical energy. Each with their own properties and behaviours. However, they soon discovered that there were more types of energy present than they first believed. They had wrongly assumed that Grid Energy and magic were the same when in fact they behaved in different ways. Grid Energy shared properties with all of the other types of energy, but was extremely dangerous.

However, in leaking through the boundaries of the Morphin Grid, the energy became less volatile without losing its potency. Raw Grid Energy especially was radically altered in the process although it was still almost impossible to control and extremely dangerous to touch.

The Morphin Masters wisely chose not to attempt to study some of the other energy types they detected, realising that doing so would put their equipment and their lives at risk.

While the Time Lords had fought to remove all traces of magic from the universe and the Guardians of Oa had done all in their power to contain it and dissuade others from using it, the Morphin Masters chose to experiment with all forms of the Power although most of their research would be directed at understanding how Grid Energy worked.

They concluded that while spiritual energy appeared to be the weakest type of energy, when drawn upon in the right way using the primitive techniques the Morphin Masters developed, it could be extremely powerful. In fact upon more detailed inspection the Morphin Masters grew to understand that this energy was to be found in all living things and was essential ingredient for life to grow on a planet.

Psychic energy was not as widespread but leaked through in greater concentrations, allowing those that possessed the ability to channel it to perform greater feats. However the effects of psychic energy required a great deal of concentration to sustain them.

In comparison magic was by far the more potent form of energy, but the most difficult to control. Unlike psychic energy there did not seem to be any biological requirements to use it.

And then there was Grid Energy. Grid Energy was extremely powerful, difficult to control and if not handled carefully, could cause immense damage to the environment.

With each discovery the Morphin masters shared their knowledge with others, allowing them to conduct their own research, much to the chagrin of the government of Gallifrey who had erased magic from their own society and were not pleased that others were reintroducing it to the universe at large.

However despite their best efforts not to fall into the trap that others had stumbled upon in the past, the Morphin Masters had failed to account for the arrogance of those they worked with. When the Morphin Masters gave their first theories about the nature of the Morphin Grid, others reached the assumption that they were correct and went on to preach that this was the way that the Morphin Grid worked.

The result was the mistaken belief that the Morphin Grid was composed of a single form of energy broadcast on thirty different wavelengths. A whole belief structure would emerge around those ‘facts’ and despite later discoveries, this theory of how the Grid worked would remain in place long after the Morphin Masters had passed on.

In fact the power structure that had been described was only a small part of the Morphin Grid. The Grid was made up of countless variations of magical, psychic and spiritual energy. It was not a pool of power as the Morphin Masters had first believed, nor a raging river, or even a vast ocean… it was a combination of all those things contained within the thin walls of an endless dimension.

Over the course of millions of years the Morphin Masters unlocked the secrets of the Morphin Grid, using their knowledge to build vast wonders throughout the cosmos. At first their creations were scientific in nature using the Morphin Grid as a powers source, but as their knowledge, skill and confidence grew, their creations became more organic in design. Stones and crystals replaced the printed circuit board and microchip as the Morphin Masters evolved alongside the Power.

Eventually the time came when the Morphin Masters felt they had discovered everything they could about the Morphin Grid from the outside. Their facilities were spread throughout space and their inventions had found their way into the hands of some of the most celebrated heroes… and reviled villains.

After a confrontation with a monstrous villain that had attempted to force his way into the lower planes, the Morphin Masters decided that they needed the knowledge they could only find inside the Morphin Grid, where they could embrace its power. And so they took the next step toward enlightenment, using their archway technology to transport themselves into the Morphin Grid for the first time.

End of Part

End of part.

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