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Titanium Victory

Mariner Bay,

“Let’s take it up a notch,” Red Lightspeed said. “Super Train Megazord, Initiate!”

The Super Train Megazord was rapidly formed, its powerful weapon systems brought online and ready to face off with their demonic foe.

“Gattling Blasters!”

A high pitched whine filled the air as the Zord discharged the weapon on its right arm. Diabolico however was unaffected even as the left arm of the Megazord unloaded with its full battery of rockets. Indeed as the Megazord continued to fire upon him, Diabolico merely laughed and marched toward them.

A single shot from the demon’s staff was all it took to fell the Megazord. Sparks erupted around it as the metal giant toppled to the ground. Diabolico seized the opportunity to finish the metal warrior with the sharpened blade that formed one end of his staff.

“No!” Red Lightspeed gasped as he gripped the controls.

The Megazord responded, its giant right hand catching the weapon before it could reach them.

“Don’t you know when to give up?” Diabolico growled as the Megazord forced its way back to its feet.

“Yeah, never!” Red Lightspeed replied.

“Well then,” Diabolico chuckled as the Megazord forced him to step back, “Let me show you real power.”

The head that made up the demon’s midsection glowed with power. The star in the forehead pulsed with red light while the eyes glowed green with power. A blast of energy fired from the mouth area, knocking the Super Train Megazord backward. For an instant the Megazord stood still while its legs tried to redirect the control signals that had been lost, along with a vast section of the Megazord’s torso. Then reality seemed to catch up with the massive machine as it tumbled backwards.

Around Mariner Bay, Lightspeed personnel had been busy while the Megazord had been losing its fight with the stronger demon. Technicians backed by armed soldiers ran miles of cable through the city streets and positioned equipment in predetermined positions. Even as the Megazord collapsed from the tremendous damage it had endured, Lightspeed’s electricians busied themselves testing circuits.

Inside the Aquabase, Miss Fairweather received the final confirmation that everything was in order.

“They’re ready, Sir,” she reported softly.

Next to her, Captain Mitchell nodded his approval.

“Tell all personnel to clear the area and send in the Lightspeed Rescue Zords,” he instructed. “It’s time to put an end to this.”

“What, the Rescue Zords?” Green Lightspeed asked, unsure what was happening.

“Does that mean he have to abandon the Super Train?” Blue Lightspeed added.

“There’s not much we can do from here anyway,” Pink Lightspeed stated as Yellow Lightspeed worked to control the fires that had broken out in the cockpit.

Red Lightspeed considered their situation for a moment. The Super Train Megazord was much more powerful than the Lightspeed Rescue Megazord, but it was too badly damaged to be of further assistance… unless they could restore its firepower and move Diabolico into the path of its weapons.

“We’ve got no choice,” he said finally. “Move it.”

Transferring between Zords was a quick but dangerous matter. For just a few seconds they were left exposed to their massive enemy. Fortunately he had chosen to ignore them. With a few well practiced movements, the Rangers were inside the relative safety of their Zords and the Lightspeed Megazord had been formed.

“Megazord go, Lightspeed!”

With a few whistles and clicks, the Megazord had been formed. The steam from the powerful pistons that locked the head section to the main bulk of the body ceased as the mechanisms locked into place.

“Lightspeed Megazord Saber, Ignite!”

Even it full power it appeared their weapon was ineffective against the demon. A fact he quite happily confirmed.

“Your puny saber is useless against me,” he told them after shaking off its effect. “All of your pathetic weapons put together are no match for me; for I, Diabolico, am invincible.”

His chest pulsed with energy to emphasize the point before blasting them with more of his energy.

“That blast just took the Zords beyond their safety limits,” Fairweather warned.

“Activate the system and then instruct the Rangers to pull back,” Mitchell replied. “The effects should give them time.”

“But Sir, this could be our only chance,” Fairweather protested.

Captain Mitchell hesitated. The weapon they had erected would only work once against Diabolico and would alert the demons that their human foes had uncovered knew knowledge. But the lives of the Rangers were on the line and that was too high a price for defeating a single demon.

“Sir, we have incoming,” one of the technicians reported. “It’s the Max Solarzord.”

“Ryan?” Ms Fairweather queried as she exchanged a worried look with Captain Mitchell.

On the screen they could see the Max Solarzord’s firepower knock Diabolico aside.

“Max Solarzord, back in action and at your service,” they heard Titanium Ranger announce.

“Ryan, you can’t be up there,” Captain Mitchell called over the communication channel. “The cobra…”

“It’s okay Dad,” Titanium Ranger assured him. “The cobra is history and so is the curse.”

They could hear the cry of jubilation from Pink Lightspeed at that news.

“Get the Solarzord Control Centre online,” Mitchell ordered. “I want full systems support ready for when he needs it.”

Meanwhile Ms Fairweather had settled in front of her console and was rapidly inputting commands.

“Now we’re going to show Diabolico some real fireworks,” she muttered. “All teams, we’re going for integration.”

“Activate sound system,” Mitchell ordered.

“The Titanium Ranger?” Diabolico asked in disbelief as he shook off the effect of the energy blasts and watched the Lightspeed Megazord grab onto the Max Solarzord and lift into the sky.

Before he could react however the city came to life with an eruption of sound. Lightspeed’s operatives had trailed miles of speaker wire throughout the city, linking it to powerful amplifiers and massive speakers on top of vehicles that could have passed for miniature Zords.


The word boomed through the city, followed by equally loud chants that seemed to carry and emphasize the word.

“What? Impossible! How did you learn that?” Diabolico demanded as the volume increased.

The words hurt his ears, forcing him to hold his head as his powers seemed to abandon him.

“Rangers, he’s vulnerable. Activate Battle Booster!” Miss Fairweather instructed.

Inside the Megazord, Red Lightspeed obeyed. “Initiating Lightspeed Solarzord sequence. Three-five-six activate!”

The Lightspeed Megazord released its grip on the Max Solarzord, freefalling back toward the ground as the shuttle rotated and seeming broke apart.

“Magna-locks are online!” Yellow Lightspeed reported as parts of the Max Solarzord were repositioned around the Megazord, forming armour that slid over the metal robot.

“Connection made,” Titanium Ranger confirmed, “Systems are running in synch.”

As he finished speaking, the combined system of the newly formed Zord came online, activating the thrusters in the machine’s feet and saving them from a nasty impact. As Green Lightspeed took control of their flight, Yellow Lightspeed and Blue Lightspeed used their control over the arms to fire at the demon.

“This can’t be happening,” Diabolico groaned, his rage allowing him to tune out the effects of the sound system. “I told you, I am invincible.”

“Invincible enough, you’re still a demon,” Pink Lightspeed snarled. “And even the most powerful demon can be conquered if you know his name.”

And there was the truth, laid out for the demon to understand. The humans had discovered his true name, the source of his demon power. If used in a single battle it would allow a single combatant to negate his power, but Lightspeed had been clever and had used their knowledge of demon lore and the wisdom Zordon had provided. Instead of simply using his name as a one-time weapon, they had embedded it into a faux ceremony similar to that used by those trying to summon demons from other dimensions. The words, the chanting, bound a part of his power allowing them to plead their case.

But it was not a true ritual and Diabolico was not trapped in another dimension. And that meant that with sufficient rage and more than a little concentration, he was able to break through the spell and unleash his full power at the Lightspeed Solarzord.

What Diabolico had not expected, but should have been prepared for, given his knowledge of the Titanium Ranger, was that the Lightspeed Solarzord mimicked the energy absorbing attributes of the Titanium Ranger’s weapon.

“Ryan, channel the energy into the weapon systems,” Fairweather instructed.

Titanium Ranger did as he was told, causing a pair of large cannons to appear on the Lightspeed Solarzord’s hips. These were the machine’s main weapons, capable of emptying all the power contained within its energy cells as a single discharge. And the chant Diabolico had been listening to had enraged the demon so much, he had fired everything he had in their direction.

“Diverting all remaining power to secondary weapons,” Blue Lightspeed confirmed.

“This can’t be happening,” Diabolico repeated as the Zord glowed with power.

“Sure it can…”

Whatever Red Lightspeed said was lost as he pulled the trigger and unleashed the Rangers fury at the creature that had dared to attack their city.


And the Lightspeed Solarzord opened fire, emptying the stored power in a barrage that ripped into the demon. It was over in a matter of seconds, but the damage had been done. Diabolico’s weakened body crackled and sparked as he tried to withstand the devastating blast. His staff dropped to the ground as he raised his fists in defiance, but it was a fruitless effort.

“You have done the impossible,” he conceded as he felt his body reach breaking point. “You have defeated the mighty Diabolico. But be assured that Queen Bansheera’s forces with avenge me a thousand fold. And don’t think for a moment this little trick of yours will work again.”

That much was true, despite its effectiveness the naming of the demon had revealed the knowledge they possessed and the means they used to wield it. In the city below the lesser demons were making certain that the massive sound system Lightspeed had utilised would not be used again.

Then it seemed Diabolico accepted his fate as he toppled forward and exploded, leaving the Rangers triumphant.

The Lightspeed Rangers had emerged victorious, but their mission was far from over. With the Titanium Ranger on their side they had gained a valuable weapon in the fight against Queen Bansheera. But the demons were more than just Diabolico and their devotion to the queen had never been stronger. With the fall of one, a new leader would step forward to destroy the human civilisation and restore the world to the demon paradise it had once been.

But for now the Rangers had earned their celebration and for the Mitchell family it was a chance to rebuild the bonds that the demons had tried to break.

Jinxer stood upon the site where Diabolico had fallen, chanting in an ancient tongue. For Queen Bansheera demanded the total devotion of her subjects and not even death would spare Diabolico from her service. Fortunately for the former leader of the demons, Jinxer had not been instructed to revive the fallen villain, only to claim what remained of his power. How Queen Bansheera planned to use that power remained to be seen, but JInxer had more than a few idea and gleefully chuckled as he imagined the look on the face of the human traitor when he realised that his betrayal had only made the demons stronger.

End of Part

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