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If At First…


It was a quiet day in Angel Grove. The birds were singing, the trees were swaying in the breeze. And nothing seemed to disturb the feeling of peace and tranquillity. Not even the high pitched shriek that originated from Divatox’s Subcraft.

“ELGAR!” the pirate bellowed for the third time, finally gaining her idiot nephew’s attention. “What is that – thing – doing here?” she demanded.

“Gee I don’t know Auntie D… standing?” Elgar replied dumbly.

Divatox growled and was rewarded by the look of fear that suddenly appeared on Elgar’s face. When she had woken to find something standing in the corner of her bed chamber she had instinctively blamed her nephew. For all she knew it was still his fault, but if the idiot didn’t recall putting it there… well she would just have to punish him anyway.

“Captain Divatox, whatever’s the matter?” Porto asked as he hurried into the room, followed by a school of Piranhatrons. Rygog was close behind, having taken an alternative route in search of intruders.

“Elgar let this thing onto the ship,” she replied.

“Oh dear. I told him to wait outside your cabin Captain,” Porto said, hoping there was some way he could convince her to direct her aggression at Elgar. “This is Cocky Roach, the latest bounty seeker to accept your terms.. He’s waiting for permission to go to Earth.”

Divatox laughed. “You expect me to send this — what is he anyway?”

“A Carfardian from the planet Carfar,” Porto answered, checking the details on his clipboard.

“Oh, that explains the smell,” she said, wrinkling her nose.

Carfar was one of the galaxy’s dumping grounds. Tonnes of organic waste were dumped onto the surface ever second to the care of the native population. Naturally the planet stank of rotting vegetation and other less pleasant things.

“With respect Captain, what do you have to lose?” Porto asked.

Divatox nodded before turning her anger on Elgar again. Regardless of whom was at fault, her nephew was the most expendable member of the crew. Indeed, even her footsoldiers had more value than he did.

“Do it,” she said. “Oh and Porto, you better have this ship scrubbed from top to bottom or I’ll be sticking you outside the airlock with Elgar here.”

Porto sighed. It seemed there was no pleasing some people. He did take a moment to study Cocky Roach again. Compared to some of the others who had tried to claim the reward Divatox had offered for the destruction of the Power Rangers, he was a pretty unimpressive specimen. Eight-foot long with six legs, a powerful tail and sharp jaws. The bug’s big yellow eyes stuck out as it thought of the wonderful world filled with filth for him and his children to consume.

“Come forth little brothers,” the alien said. “It’s time to feast.”

The Juice Bar

Ernie prided himself on the success of his business. He had made a success of turning the Juice Bar into a profitable place for the kids of Angel Grove to meet and relax. He had provided leisure facilities in the form of a gym after the bowling alley had failed to attract the large number of teenagers he was aiming for. Of course the pool tables and arcade games helped and the duke box was essential in making the atmosphere as friendly as possible.

Today Ernie and the rest of his staff were preparing for a meeting with the enemy or as Ernie knew them, the Angel Grove Health and Safety Department. Not that Ernie really viewed them as the enemy. He knew that the city’s officials worked extremely hard and tried their best to help businesses to meet the regulations. It was however a matter of pride for Ernie that his business had never had any problems during an inspection.

“Yuck,” Emily St John, everybody’s favourite waitress exclaimed as she moved one of the large sacks from the corner of the cupboard. “Ernie, what’s with all the cockroa…”

Her question was interrupted by a loud scream from one of the customers. She looked up in time to see twenty human sized bugs walking through the door followed by an army of smaller bugs.

“I want the Power Rangers,” the largest bug stated. “And if we don’t get them, my children will eat all of you.”

“Everybody out the back!” Ernie called.

The patrons were quick to obey, they had been through enough safety drills as part of Ernie’s attempt to ensure the safety of his staff and customers.

“Ernie, we’re clear,” Emily called before ducking out the door.

Ernie was right behind, inadvertently squishing a few of the cockroaches as he went.

“The day of an inspection and I have to have a bug problem,” he moaned as he ran across the parking lot as quickly as his portly form could manage.

Power Chamber

The invasion of the Youth Center had not gone unnoticed. Alpha had detected the large number of alien bugs before they reached the door of the building and was summoning the Turbo Rangers just as Ernie was ushering the last of his patrons out of the door. The five young heroes had been watching events on the Viewing Screen, waiting for the opportunity to attack.

“Computer confirms that it is Cocky Roach,” Alpha reported.

“I feared that was the case,” Zordon rumbled. “It would seem that he has managed to escape the Carfardian penal system.”

“Anybody been saving for that giant can of bug spray?” Tasha asked.

“Is this guy a real alien?” Fred wanted to know.

It was difficult with all the threats a Power Ranger faced to remember that while some of the monsters that opposed them were constructs built either from magic or metal parts, some were living creatures.

“Yes Fred, he is. Cocky Roach is a citizen of the planet Carfar, although he is considered a criminal by many of his race.”

“Cocky Roach was responsible for the destruction of the Astro Farm in the CITV System,” Alpha informed them.

“He is also suspected of multiple murders,” Zordon continued. “You must be extra vigilant when facing him.”

“What about the small bugs?”

“Cocky Roach like all cockroaches emits a pheromone to attract others of his kind,” Zordon said. “It is likely that he recruited this swarm before leaving his homeworld. He and his army will attempt to capture you in his roach motel. He has split his forces in and arranged for some of them to attack the other monster shelters.”

“He wants to split us,” Franklin said simply. “We’re outnumbered and Divatox is trying to divide and conquer.”

“We can’t allow that to happen,” Fred said. “We’ll split up and draw them together. If we’re lucky he’ll stop. If not…”

“We squash that bug,” Rosa said, clapping her hands together as she did so.

“Good luck Rangers. May the Power protect you.”

“Shift into Turbo!” in a shower of assorted sparks, the Turbo Rangers teleported into action.

Angel Grove Youth Center

The Turbo Rangers appeared in customary style, Red, Green and Pink Ranger immediately striking out with their bladed weapons. Pink Turbo picked her moment and then unleashed a volley from her Auto Blaster. Meanwhile Red and Green Turbo used whatever they could find to fight with.

“Regroup!” Red Turbo called when he realised their plan wasn’t working. “Auto Blasters together!”

Drawing their side arms the Ranger concentrated their fire on a single roach. It exploded covering the Rangers with burnt roach innards. Their assault served only to anger the other bugs that charged with newfound aggression. Seven against three was better than eight against three, but Fred started to how Justin and Tasha were coping when there were only two of them.

A few minutes of fighting and the Rangers once again regrouped. Hand to hand combat was difficult when an opponent had more hands. Rosa had managed to eliminated a second bug before the real attack started. From the ceiling hundreds of cockroaches fell, pinning the Rangers to the ground. The six larger bugs surrounded them, spraying mucus from their mouths that glued the Turbo Rangers to the ground.

“What is this stuff?” Fred asked.

“It’s some type of toxic goo,” Franklin replied.

In fact the spray was a highly toxic mixture of the enzymes, bacteria and viruses that allowed cockroaches to consume just about anything.

“Zordon, I need a Gem Coin Blaster.”

The silver handgun designed by Billy for times when the Rangers needed multiple types of ammunition appeared in Green Turbo’s hand, loaded with a Fire Cartridge. Pulling the trigger he manage to melt the goo slightly and take out a third roach. With a swift movement the gun was grabbed and swallowed leaving the Rangers still trapped. In an instant they were teleported to the Roach Motel.

Angel Grove High School

Although not a monster shelter, the school held enough humans to attract the attention of the cockroach army. Since large concentrations of humans meant food and waste, it was a guaranteed feast for the alien bugs. Led by six of the fully grown bugs, they were the most fearless of Cocky Roach’s companions.

“Hey bugs!” Yellow Turbo stood at the far end of the hallway, holding a fire hose at the ready. “Eat water!”

The jet of water had little effect on the larger roaches, but the torrent succeeded in dislodging the little roaches that had climbed the walls and lockers, and were swarming towards the other teens.

One of the adult roaches made an odd clicking sound, which the translator in their helmets took to mean: “Is that all?”

“Everybody out of the water!” Blue Turbo cried. While his teammate had been dousing the invaders, he had been making sure that the innocent students were herded away from danger.

“Turbo Star Chargers!” The electrified knuckle dusters appeared on her hands and she touched them to the now soaked floor, sending a surge of electrical energy over the wet surface and into the surprised bugs.

Unfortunately the alien cockroaches were able to survive the shock treatment. While many of the smaller bugs had been incinerated, the larger insects had only been mildly stunned. And once they managed to shake off the effects of the electrical burst, they advanced on the two Rangers. The three adults bugs had made quick work of the Blue Turbo, swallowing his weapons before teleporting him to the prison dimension where the Roach Motel was located.

“Ah, the Yellow Turbo Ranger,” Cocky Roach said as it appeared. The remaining roaches from across Angel Grove had regrouped to face the one who had managed to kill so many of their brethren. “I have no fear of you.” Then the roaches advanced.

Power Chamber,

“Ai-yi-yi, the Rangers are in trouble.”

“Calm yourself Alpha,” Zordon said, emerging from his tube.

After he had regained his freedom, Zordon had not been confined to his tube. However he found that the personal dimension where he had once been trapped allowed him to access the Power Chamber’s systems easier than if he did so outside of the tube. He imagined that was because the functionality of the Power Chamber had been based around Alpha and himself.

“The Turbo Rangers have not been defeated. I believe they are planning something.”

“Turbo Swords!” Red Turbo called. “I hope this works.”

“It should,” Blue Turbo told him.

Around them lay the remains of their captors, destroyed the moment Blue Turbo had arrived and opened fire.

“So you decided since we’d been captured to come and rescue us,” Franklin said as he took his place next to Justin.

“Tasha’s gonna to kill you,” Pink Turbo muttered as she took her place.

“We can watch Justin get told off later,” Fred promised. “For now let’s get out of this place.”

The slime on the floor had proven extremely sticky and had slowed their progress. Add to that the fact the Roach Motel seemed to be an endless maze of roach filled corridors and they were clearly in trouble.

“Turbo Rangers, charge!”

The four Rangers sped forward, using the enhanced speed offered by their Turbo powers to carry them over the sticky mucus, their swords and blasters cutting them a clear path. Eventually they found their way to the exit and using their Turbo Swords, tore through the seedy building towards the lobby, where Tasha was proving just how capable a fighter she had become as she battled her way in.

“Hey Auntie D, those Rangers are about to get away!” Elgar warned.

“Oh no they’re not,” she growled in response. “First rule of the Roach Motel: you can check out anytime, but you can never leave. Fire the torpedoes!”

“Fred we have incoming!” Green Turbo warned as he spotted the torpedoes Divatox had fired. Obviously the Pirate Queen was not prepared to let the Rangers survive yet another confrontation. If the torpedoes struck the Roach Motel with the Rangers still inside, it was clear they would not survive.

“Let’s get moving guys, Full speed!” Red Turbo ordered. Diviatox had never tried a stunt like this before, until now the Rangers had faced a familiar pattern of foot-soldiers, mercenary and finally enlarged mercenary. Never had Divatox decided to launch a full barrage against them.

The other Rangers didn’t need to be told twice. Together the five heroes raced towards the exit, joining hands to enhance each other’s speed as they ran. Before them was a shimmering portal back to the real world. They had to reach it before the torpedoes collided or else all was lost. It didn’t take a genius to see that their hopes of getting there were already lost.

“Faster guys!” Red Turbo urged. “Justin, can we teleport?”

“Not yet,” the Blue Turbo Ranger responded. “We need to pass the threshold before Zordon can lock on.”

“What about line-of-sight?” Green Turbo Offered, sparing a glance over his shoulder. The torpedoes were getting closer, it didn’t seem that even the super speed of the Power of Turbo could out pace the weapons while inside the Roach Motel.

“Try it!” Red Turbo ordered.

The torpedoes changed course, having been programmed to strike the Roach Motel at the point where the Rangers planned to escape. Its alteration allowed them a few extra seconds as they telported forward again and again, accelerating each time they reappeared. Their destination grew closer and closer, but so did the torpedo.

“It’s going to get there at the same time we do!” Yellow Turbo realised.

“We’ve no choice guys,” Red Turbo answered. “We have to get through. Full speed!”

For the next few seconds the Turbo Rangers became a moving pattern of sparks, constantly teleporting to narrow the distance between themselves and their destination. They could see the world beyond the doorway and the first torpedo as it hurtled toward them. It was clear that even if they managed to break through, there was no way they could out race the projectile. The best they could do was try and shield themselves from it.

“Tire Shield!” Red Turbo called, taking the lead position. If they were going to meet a torpedo head on then he want them to have a fighting chance.

“Turbo Thunder Cannon!” Green Turbo cried, pulling forth the heavy weapon.

“Turbo Wind Fire!” Pink Ranger yelled, bringing her large bow weapon into firing position.

“Turbo Star Chargers, Booster Mode!” Yellow Turbo commanded, thrusting her weapons forward and unleashing a short electrical burst to supercharge the Green and Pink Turbo Rangers’ weapons.

“Fire!” Green and Pink Turbo ordered, unleashing a burst of fire towards the first torpedo.

They were lucky, the enhanced firepower ripped the weapon apart before it could collide with the entrance. Unfortunately it did very little for the second torpedo.

“Hurry!” Pink Turbo cried in desperation.

“Turbo Hand Blasters!” Blue Turbo cried, summoning his personal Turbo Weapons.

He fired, trying to strike the second torpedo, his efforts thwarted by the entrance distorting the energy weapon. Realising he was not going to succeed, Justin turned the weapons so they were pointed behind him and held the trigger. The resulting discharged pushed him and the other Rangers – for they had quickly figured out what he had in mind – forward at even greater speed, allowing them to reach the entrance just seconds before the torpedo arrived. As they broke free, they were pushed headlong into the full force of the explosion.

“The Power Rangers are toast!” Divatox crowed victoriously.

“Er Auntie D, I hate to tell you this…” Elgar started as he watched the Turbo Rangers emerge from the ball of flame. “But they’re still there.”

“Who’d have thought there was something harder to kill than those damn roaches?” Divatox muttered.

It was yet another failure. Expected? Yes of course, Divatox had come to expect nothing but failure from her useless minions. Still that made it no less annoying.

“Very well, bring in the next applicant,” she sighed. Sooner or later she would get lucky. She just knew it. Sooner or later something had to change. She didn’t know just how soon that change would come.


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