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Graduation Day

Angel Grove

“So this is it then?” Skull said, summing up the feelings of the gathered heroes.

They were supposed to have graduated the end of the previous semester, but time lost due to recent monster attacks, especially the disaster in Mariner Bay, extra time had been added to the school year. Now there was no escaping what had been put off several times. It was time for the Rangers to grow up and take the next steps n their lives.

“What are you going to do?” Ernie asked. He had watched the Rangers grow in both number and maturity. In his mind they had come a long way since the day Rita Repulsa had first emerged.

“Well, Jason, David, Rocky, Billy, and I are all staying here,” Tommy grinned. “Billy, David, Jason and Rocky are going to AGBI, I think Billy is going to spend half the week learning what he needs to run a business and the other half at Angel Grove University. David, Jason and Rocky are going to learn what they need to start a dojo together. Billy… he hasn’t said what he has in mind yet, but know him it’ll be impressive. As for me, my uncle offered me a job for a few months racing.”

He didn’t say it out loud, but he suspected his new powers had something to do with his sudden interest in motor sports. Well that and Lillian’s fixation on motorbikes.

“I’ll bet you’ll succeed,” the older man grinned. “I’ve never known anything stop you guys for long. What about the others?”

“Well, Zack and Aisha are going to Columbia, in New York City and Trini’s off to Notre Dame. Trini and Zack have a few small projects to complete before they can concentrate on their studies. Adam’s going to Northwestern, which is out in Illinois, and Kat’s off to UCLA. Tanya’s off to Pitt, Skull and Kim are going to France, and Bulk has a tryouts for the Angel Grove Cowboys. Jamie’s going to Angel Grove University. Lillian’s going to Crossworld City University, Christina and Katarina have scholarships at a Dance Academy in London. Trey’s not going to college, of course. He’s just going to stay around here, especially since Chelsea’s gotten into Stanford. He might move there with her.”

“What about…?”

“Well Justin and the Turbos will be here and we’re all only a communicator call away, so whoever is nearest can help him out. It’s not ideal, they’re still too young, but it’ll do.”

There had been much discussion about how to handle their responsibilities. The Rangers had been willing to stay in Angel Grove, something that Zordon had refused to consider. In the end they had agreed that Fred, Tasha, Franklin, Rosa and Justin would continue to function as Turbo Rangers, while the other Rangers would provide support as needed. It was a decision that had made the Rangers feel some sense of relief while the Council had been angered that Zordon had once again ignored their ruling.

That was once thing that did worry the Rangers. Zordon’s problems with his superiors were growing. The Galactic Council did not like Earth and hated the idea that Zordon continued to hand out powers to such a barbaric race. So far the only thing that had prevented them from taking action was Zordon’s assertion that he had not given the powers to either the Zeo Rangers or the Turbo Rangers. He had been quick to point out that the Morphin Team fell under the jurisdiction of Ninjor, Saurian and Thalian, and the Turbo Rangers owed their powers to Lerigot.

Still it would not be long before the Council decided to make a power play of some kind. Zordon had mentioned that he had prepared to lock the majority of Power Mountain away from unauthorised persons, allowing the Rangers to use the headquarters without worrying about whatever forces the Council might decide to place there.

A tap on his shoulder brought him back to reality. He gratefully accepted the drink Lillian offered him as he watched Zack playing to the crowd. The party was a success, and as the entire team gathered on the patio at Ernie’s to watch the fireworks, Tommy felt a flash of triumph. Things were always changing in their lives, but somehow, they always came around to the same place again. Yes things were far from perfect, and the forces of darkness were still out there, but in the here and now everything seemed fine.

End of Part

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