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Getting Better

New precautions had been taken following Cloak's defeat. After Alpha had scanned each and every item the Rangers had recovered, and he was certain that their communicators were not going to attack them in their sleep, Zordon had sent the majority of the team away. He had insisted that they return the next day for training. It was clear that there was a limit to the Turbo powers he had not expected. It was he suspected caused by the older teens' inability to fully adapt. This time it had almost caused them to lose.

As the days passed, Tommy and the others trained hard. They were determined to make the best of their transition from Zeo to Turbo. Their battle with Malligore earlier in the summer had proven that they could work as a team. It was now a matter of technique. Justin was gradually becoming a vital part of the team, although he had proven himself on occasion to act before thinking. Surprisingly as they developed their skills as Rangers, they found that their fighting skills in civilian life were also improving. Then came the day when the training would be put to the test.

It wasn't much of a car, a two-year-old Pontiac with an overheating engine which had been rebuilt more times than was advisable. However for Tommy it was the perfect car to practice in while his uncle worked on the team's real car. He didn't believe for a moment that he would ever be allowed to drive the more expensive vehicle. Still on the test track the Pontiac was just one of the many cars proving it still had the right stuff to make it round the demanding course.

As he entered a tight right-hand bend, Tommy wondered if there was a chance he could convince Jason and Zack to help him improve the car a little. It would make an interesting project, something for the three teens to do in their free time besides fighting the force of evil that sought to invade their world.

The engine spluttered, another sign that the cylinder seals were leaking. Then it roared back to life as whatever had caused its momentary lapse corrected itself. The tachometer lifted past eight thousand and then dropped down to four as he shifted gear. A moment later his foot came off the clutch and reapplied the gas.

There were twenty-eight cars on the track, each trying to get the most laps within the time limit for later when they could brag to their friends. With thirty laps to his name, Tommy had given the track his full attention. He kept the gears as long as he could before changing, waiting until the tachometer needle was nearly out of the red zone. At the end of the straight, it took all

the prayers he could remember as he ignored his uncle's advice and slammed the brakes hard. Even with forty-six inches of rubber on the road, the car still continued on.

"Whoa!" he remarked as the tail of the car slid sideways.

He twitched the wheel, nearly overcorrecting in the process. The engine reached a banshee wail as he accelerated at full throttle, pulling up nearly two car lengths before he had to back off again as the car continued into the S-bends, the breaking synchromesh crashing every time he changed gears, the stench of burning rubber and racing oil filled the cabin, making it unpleasant to breathe, despite the wind that buffeted through the latticed side windows.

Setting his sights on passing the car in front as he moved beyond the bends and down the back straight, he gained a few more yards off the other car. He pushed hard on the brakes, lining up the corner at the top of the main straight as he did so, while letting the car slew slightly in a controlled drift as he slid back into third gear. The tachometer shot through the red and out the other side as the scream of the engine peaked. The gap between the two cars narrowed, one foot at a time, closer and closer, until Tommy was almost touching the lead car's bumper.

He used the car in front to provide a slipstream and held off braking for longer than he should have done. If there was one thing on the car that worked, it was the brakes. His wheel grazed the rail as he entered the bend before the car bounced away. Tommy corrected, not too much, just enough to save himself while losing only a little momentum, his foot all the way to the floor.

The engine bellowed as he pulled closer to the leading car, he slammed through the gears, searching for a gap. As he finished the turn and started down the short straight, he closed the gap again. Somehow the old car was performing better than it had a right to. With a quick shift he passed the car as they reached the corner. Through the bends he picked up speed, knowing that if nothing else he had mastered overtaking difficult drivers.

Tommy was so absorbed in his driving that it took a little longer than normal to hear the beep of his communicator. With a sigh he pulled into the pit, knowing that for today at least, his race was over.

Once again it was Rita who had sent down the monster. Today Rita's effort was aptly named Dizzy. Shaped like an oversized egg with red hands and feet, Dizzy looked every piece the evil Humpty Dumpty. Aside from carrying explosive yolks, the rotten egg was capable of projecting an energy wave, which caused its victim to lose all sense of balance and direction. People were sprawled all over the pavement, making the battle even worse for the Rangers. Things looked bleak until Red Turbo had the idea of calling in assistance to remove the people from the area. While the Turbo Rangers managed to keep Dizzy's attention, the Morphin Rangers were able to remove almost everyone to a safer location. Then the battle began in earnest.

"Let's scramble this egghead!" Yellow Turbo had cried, leading the others into battle.

Dizzy unleashed another attack at the Rangers, filling the air with the stench of rotten eggs. Most of the team managed to get out of the way, but Blue Turbo was not so lucky. He was hit square on, collapsing to the ground as the noxious vapour distorted the fluid in his middle ear. Green Turbo was hit by the edge of the wave, which while not causing such extreme damage, rendered him dizzy and disoriented.

"Spread out!" Red Turbo called. The four remaining Rangers encircled Dizzy as best they could and began to cautiously advance. They had the speed advantage and used it to great effect, striking and running so the poor egg didn't know which way to turn. With a wicked laugh, Dizzy launched himself at the Yellow and Pink Rangers, its hands and feet vanishing as it tried to knock them flying. He missed as they ducked out of the way.

Then the others attacked. Red Turbo managed to get in a few good hits with his sword, but they were deflected by Dizzy's hard-boiled shell. He was knocked sprawling, just in time to see Yellow Turbo blasted with yet another blast of his disorientating attack.

"This will be over easy, Ranger!" Dizzy sneered. "I'll make coleslaw out of you!" He suddenly launched several of his exploding yolks at her and the others could only watch as they hurtled towards Tanya. Fortunately the increased speed of the Turbo powers allowed Tanya to move aside before the yolks reached her. He tried again "What! What happened?" Dizzy exclaimed when his attack rebounded. "I didn't egg-spect this!"

"I happened," replied Red Turbo, levering himself to his feet with the help of his sword. "Tire Shield, power down!"

Now that he looked closely, Dizzy could see the dome of red energy surrounding the Yellow Ranger. The Tire Shield reduced major damage by half and was capable of reflecting less powerful attacks entirely.

"Let's crack this egg!" Red Turbo called. "Turbo Dash Attack!"

Five Rangers moved forward, breaking formation to attack from different directions. Their swords connected with the shell and at first they seemed to have no effect. But gradually the energised edges of their swords created a small crack and from there, it exploded, spraying molten egg all over their uniforms and knocking them all to the ground.

Slowly, the Rangers picked themselves up, the effects of the disorientating wave having dissipated with Dizzy's destruction.

"Aw man. I don't want to see another scrambled egg for a long time." Red Turbo sighed. "Come on. Let's go back to the Power Chamber, and then home." In five showers of sparks of colour, the Rangers teleported out.

End of Part

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