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Evolution of the Power

The Morphin Masters had created the technology that allowed them to cross vast distances from one side of the cosmos to the other. It had allowed them to share their discoveries with their followers and family no matter where they settled. It had allowed them to build temples on worlds in the far corners of the universe. It had allowed the universe to grow closer and peace to spread.

Sadly while the Morphin Masters had taken steps to make the universe safe when they departed, they had neglected to share the secret of the transportation system and without the Morphin Masters to maintain, the system failed, breaking the unity that the Morphin Masters had inspired as races were suddenly unable to speak with their distant allies. After a short time of being unable to communicate and travel to distant worlds, the population grew isolated once more as worlds and galaxies concentrated upon their own needs. Some even rejected the teachings of the Morphin Masters as the machinery they had used to access their knowledge failed to work and the universe was plunged into a period of ignorance.

As more time passed, the understanding of the Morphin Masters disappeared. At first they were regarded as legendary beings that pursued the dreams of unlocking the secrets of the higher planes. Later still they were revered as the god of the Morphin Grid, each representing a part of the Power and capable of bestowing their power on those deemed worthy. And those that knew the truth and had either descended from the families the Morphin Masters had left behind or from their students, were mostly ignored when they tried to correct the falsehoods that had slipped into the Morphin Masters’ story.

It became a known fact that the Morphin Masters were a pantheon of gods that resided within and empowered the Morphin Grid. It had also become a known fact that of those thirty powerful entities, some had taken a sacred vow never to share their powers with lesser beings. As time passed the hierarchy of the Morphin Masters emerged with different masters depicted by bother their coloured ranking and the aspect of the Power they represented, be it the mind, body or soul. And of course just as their were those that refused to lend their power, so there were those unnamed members of the pantheon that held all lesser beings in contempt and sought to destroy them with the twisted powers found within the Dark Side of the Morphin Grid.

Such beliefs were quickly proven to be false, but that did not stop their followers from continuing to hold them as gospel truth. That nobody had ever successfully made contact with one of the Morphin Masters and actually borrowed power from them was explained as the Morphin Masters only granting their power to those they considered worthy. If they didn’t lend their powers it was because there were none they considered worthy. Eventually interest in the Morphin Grid diminished as the universe moved on and those that believed in the teachings of their elders found themselves mocked for following a path that could only lead to failure.

Millions of years passed and on some worlds far from where the discovery of the Morphin Grid had begun, a new era of discovery loomed. The Power had quietly churned inside of its dimensional boundaries, content to let the cosmos proceed without it. However the time came when the Power became more volatile and once again started to reach out into the physical world. Acts of spontaneous magic started to be reported across the universe as more and more of its populace subconsciously reached out to the strange energy.

Although they lacked the understanding that had come before, there was an instinctive understanding that to manipulate the power they needed to concentrate on the desired outcome and want it to happen. Desire and concentration were in some case enough although without clarity of thought the results could be a little mixed.

At first the reaction to such display was fear, but as the number of those capable of manipulating such energy grew, so did the acceptance of its use. The lack of understanding beyond an instinctive need to accomplish a deed led to the use of religious rituals and the crafting of special conduits to try and formulise the process. Given time such activities turned the channelling of energy into an art form based as much on pseudo-science as it was on magical ability.

The inability to explain how some results were achieved led to a backlash from races that had fully embraced science and were unwilling or unable to accept the relatively chaotic nature of the Power. Some planets sought to completely erase the existence of magic from their records and heavily policed the teachings and knowledge of their citizens to ensure that science was the dominant belief. In the background the Time Lords worked to make certain that such regimes remained strong.

The crack down caused the citizens of some planets to leave their homes to find new worlds and freedom to believe as they wished. The ships that departed spread through the universe, taking generations to reach new worlds. Their supplies exhausted on arrival the colonists were forced to abandon their technology and live simpler lives. Over time some even forgot that technology had once existed as their society reverted to an earlier more open state.

One expedition reached the primitive planet Daos where the natives aided them in acclimatising to the the harsh conditions. Successful interbreeding between the natives and the colonists, who had discovered that on Daos the population had mastered the basic arts of energy manipulation, led to a new society. Over time the a peaceful structured society was formed, divided between the ruling scientists and government, the military forces and the civilians they protected. Their population soon spread outwards, integrating with the populations of other worlds to found new civilisations.

Meanwhile the world of Tython became the centre of those that sought to understand and wield the strange energy. Ancient texts had been uncovered that referred to it as the Power, although the things described in the text documents did not match those that had been witnessed. The texts suggested that all living beings could manipulate the Power, but it had become clear that not everybody possessed the ability to wield the Power freely, and those that could do so found that they could not all use it in the same way.

These discrepancies led to the firm belief that the Power had somehow changed since its first discovery, leading to new theories and methods of using the power. Some teachers only took in students capable of learning selected techniques. So-called experts became aware of two potent forms of the Power from which all others seemed to emerge. One they noted as being a source of positive energy and the other as negative energy, based upon the understanding of the emotions needed to manipulate them. The most common use of those energies to enhance the body of the individual was considered less important than the ability to enhance mental abilities or even project energy. On Tython the strengths and weakness of both types of energy were categorised with the hope that a balance could be achieved.

For centuries Tython endured peacefully as its population embraced both the positive and negative energies, learning the advantages of when to use both. They successfully forged it into a society at peace with itself. It was unfortunate that while they were capable of accepting both forms of energy with the knowledge that it was not where it came from but how they used it that mattered, those who visited them insisted on categorising their activities, labelling them as either good or evil. By this time the barriers to the upper dimensions had weakened sufficiently that the forces of Heaven and Hell were able to exert an influence over the Realm of Mortals, whispering in the minds of those open to such suggestions. Such mental nudges polarised the previously innocent people.

As always those who did not understand how things worked did not comprehend the damage their intervention caused. The Power, which to the people of Tythos had been a single unified force albeit split into two defined forms, was suddenly sub-divided into categories of light and dark. The structured belief upon which the safe learning had relied was undermined as important knowledge was hidden away and some was deemed forbidden. If taught freely as it had been in the past, such knowledge would have been moderated by the lighter teachings. However, as forbidden knowledge it was sought by those without the skills to avoid the temptation to misuse it, especially those areas with the mind and spirit.

The Tython race, recognised for their unity despite the varying moral stances, was suddenly divided into factions. The planet was thrown into civil war and over the next few decades the Tython race was almost completely wiped out leaving behind only the knowledge of Ge’Ki and Rin’Ki..

Whether it had been a demon that had suggested the formal division to cause unrest, a well-meaning angel seeking to protect those frail mortals from harm, , or a combination of both forces, the result was that Ge’Ki techniques though fierce were considered to be morally correct while those of the Rin’Ki philosophy were frowned upon, with constant reminders that its use stained the soul.

Tython students had always been taught to understand the importance of both teachings while following a strict code of behaviour that favoured the Ge’Ki school of thought. When the teachings were taken off-world, they lacked the skills to impart the knowledge. Students were abusing the powers they were using and even those who were strictly committed to Ge’Ki, ended up committing terrible acts.

A wise man named Suna saw the folly of trying to teach only one aspect of the all-encompassing force that the power represented. He unified the teachings as a pathway to understanding. He was the first in generations to refer to the power as a single force. Through his teachings the paladins, as he called his disciples, were introduced to the teachings of both Ge’Ki and Rin’Ki, but were taught to follow the moral codes of Ge’Ki. After years spent training disciples, Suna opened an academy, which grew large under the aging master and his students.

When Suna died, the strict moral code of his students started to slip. No longer did they stand up for the rights of the weak, instead dedicating their efforts to supporting the order provided by government. While they still fought the darkness, they did not challenge injustice so long as they were insulated from its effects. Shortly before Suna’s death, a young student by the name of Maku had renounced the light and thrown himself into the dark teachings. Unchallenged he created his own philosophy of studying both teachings but embracing the moral codes of the darkness.

It started with simple rebellion by younger students. A student possessed the ability to charge a bladed weapon with energy through the use of a small crystal. The students refused to stick to the nine natural gems used to produce such weapons. Later it took on more sinister actions such as denouncing the government and killing for vengeance. The rebels encouraged discord and conflict wherever possible. Seeing the problem that the rebels represented and fearing the possibility that more would arise if left unchecked, the studying of the darker practices was forbidden. All references to the ceremonies and rituals employed by Rin’Ki followers were erased.

Desperate to hide the path to the darkness, the leaders of Ge’Ki decided to adapt the history of the Tython. Ge’Ki and Rin’Ki teachings were rewritten, taking everything the elders considered positive and removing anything with the potential for abuse. The leaders renamed Suna’s disciples, calling them the Order of Bendu, and claimed the ranks of knights, wielders and servants of the power. To talk of any other interpretation was frowned upon as scholars removed any knowledge they believed could lead to the darkness. Unfortunately by doing so they created an imbalance that they would later come to regret as a new breed of rebels appeared.

While the first rebels, who now referred to themselves as the Datenshi, had been students of Rin’Ki teachings, those that followed were products of the imbalance that had been created. They were more likely to adopt Rin’Ki application of the Power and integrated it into their discipline. This generation called themselves the Xylon Lords. To distinguish themselves, the Xylon Lords carried medallions that channelled a small amount of their power. The Xylon Lord known as Scarz was the first to carry such an article. Over time the Xylon endured and in the decades that followed this led to a new war between good and evil, and countless deaths on both sides. But the followers of the Xylon were naturally rebellious and over time new subsets appeared that threatened to further muddle the line between good and evil leading to more and more unknowingly stepping over the line between good and evil. The denizens of Heaven despaired while those in Hell rejoiced.

While the dark side created many great warriors, the light side could claim its own successes too. They were capable of pushing their limits, but as ever more restrictions were heaped upon students to prevent them slipping to the darkness, many were prevented from reaching their full potential. Emotion was frowned upon, for the dark emotions were said to be a part of the dark side while the positive emotions were thought to risk exposure to negative emotions. In the words of one of the elders, love was a powerful and pure emotion, but it could lead to the fear of losing someone and was therefore to be avoided. Instead of acting as shining beacons of the light, they were rapidly stepping into the shadows.

Eventually came the fall of the Xylon. Although powerful they were outnumbered by the Bendu. In a final battle during which three times as many Bendu warriors fell before the Xylon might, all but two servants of the dark side were wiped out. However the two that remained, formed a new Xylon order. From that time on there could only be two Xylon Lords at any time: one to hold power and the other to chase it. While they were free to recruit others, those they trained would never know their full potential.

The war continued through the millennia as space travel developed and the teachings of Tython spread to other worlds. The galaxy thrived, but was constantly on a point of collapse as the Xylon continued to rise against it. The rediscovery of ancient Rin’Ki texts heralded a revival of the Xylon as they learned how to channel their powers through the use of crystals, gems and enchanted metals.

Unnoticed by the Bendu, one Xylon succeeded another, each generation selecting the one they thought best suited to carry their cause forward. One Xylon replaced another sometimes through a natural death or in combat, just as often through the treachery of an ambitious apprentice. Eventually the Xylon Lord Kata arose with the ambition, the knowledge and the positioning to bring his vision of order to the galaxy.

Over a period of time, Kata trained an apprentice, a skilled student, having slain three Bendu Knights just to prove himself worthy of his master. After a few more years, the student revealed his existence and that of the Xylons to the Bendu. It was a time when the Order of Bendu boasted some of their most powerful members and their order had become stagnant. The strict insistence on avoiding all emotion clouded their sense of right and wrong, allowing them to overlook the injustice of slavery while concentrating on maintaining their ideology and the structure it gave their lives.

When the student was killed during a mission, Kata furthered his plans by taking on a string of apprentices. After killing a young Bendu Knight with a fireball, he sent an impostor to arrange the building of a new army, all-the-while supporting the growing armies of the opposition. Kata played both sides of the growing conflict, positioning himself to sweep to power legitimately.

Eventually Kata shaped events to where he wanted them. He engineered a faux-war, ensuring that he would remain in power despite having dismissed democracy in the process. In a rapid series of moves he allowed those suspicious of his actions to become more vocal, knowing that they would reach the ears of the Order of Bendu and force them to act in ways that could be portrayed as treasonous.

Then came the moment Kata had been waiting for. Support for Kata was at its height. He planted a trail that drew the Bendu to his location allowed the Bendu to confront, and then attack him. He took great pleasure in slaying three of their number in the process. The fourth was killed through the aid of a traitor who became his new apprentice. The newly rechristened Rio was sent along with the army he had created to hunt down and destroy the Order of Bendu.

Kata declared himself Emperor. He legitimised his rule with the aid of the highest court in the Galaxy, the Supreme Tribunal, located on the planet Granicus. Through Rio and others, Kata established the Galactic Empire and ordered the extermination of the Knights of Bendu and their allies. Thousands upon thousands of Bendu Knights were massacred. The Order of Bendu virtually disappeared. Their great legacy was soon soon just a memory.

The only ones to survive were those lucky enough to remain in hiding on remote worlds. Most were tracked down and given the choice: either submit their abilities to Emperor Kata’s rule, or perish at the hands of the Emperor’s forces. The battle between the Bendu and Xylon ended. It was an oppressive time for the galaxy, the forces of good and evil had fought and for the time being the light had been extinguished. The Emperor created an army consisting of military might to maintain his authority. Through the use of localised leaders, military enforcement and the support of criminal activity, the Emperor slowly worked to solidify his reign.

There were dissidents of course; many rejected the Emperor and organized a rebellion against his rule. None of them lived long but served as martyrs to the cause. Over time the rebellion gained support and after a major victory against the Emperor’s force, the end of the Empire was close at hand. In the end it was Kata’s own apprentice who destroyed him, ending the evil of the Xylons.

Balance was restored and in the aftermath the ancient texts detailing the nature of the Morphin Grid and the gods that lived there were uncovered and a new religion dedicated to the worship of the Morphin Masters and their teachings returned. It was a shame that many of those ancient texts were false.

End of part.

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