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Authors’ note: This story is set after Times of Change.

Dastardly Preparations

She stood above them on a rocky bluff, their queen awaiting their worshipful cries. As the clouds parted, allowing the planet’s sun to illuminate both the green sky and the hot red sand of the surface, she enjoyed their cheers. Behind her stood her faithful crew and the rest of the Dianthe Pirate Clan.

“Yes! Worship me, ye-es, yes; I am worth every moment of this. This is exactly what I deserve.” She indulged her followers for a little longer until it was clear that if she left it up to them, the cheering would never end. Despite knowing that neverending adulation was exactly what she deserved, she was angered that they did not sense her wish for them to stop. “Silence!”

Instant silence met her command, just as she expected. She was the Queen of the Dianthe Pirates Clan and she expected to be obeyed.

“Piranhatrons, Chromites, Swabbies, faithful servants of the Dianthe… bounty seekers of all kinds, the time has come.” More cheers erupted from the crowd. It had been a good idea to assemble the entire clan for this speech. It showed that she was still in charge and showed her that her followers knew it. She listened to the applause, watching the sea as it rolled in. “We know why we are here. The ruination of my plan to dominate the universe must be avenged!”

Elgar turned to his neighbour, a short, obese character in a white and orange suit whose face was enclosed by a transparent glass plate. His suit was lined with other portholes and linked with breathing hoses.

“Hey Porto!” The alien didn’t appear to hear him, prompting Elgar to hit him with his sword. “I haven’t seen her -this- mad since, ah well…” He scratched his head, trying to remember. “I don’t -know- since when!”

“Quiet Elgar,” Porto hissed nervously. “I don’t want you getting me in trouble.”. The word ‘again’ hung in the air.

“Yes! The Power Rangers will pay dearly for what they did! Their beloved Earth will be miiine! And once we have the planet and its treasures, the Universe will be ours to plunder! Are you with me?”

Divatox raised her fist to the sky. Elgar followed her example, raising his sword aloft. The other leaders of the Dianthe Clan did likewise as Divatox watched the lower orders pledge their allegiance by touching their hands across their chests. She laughed humourlessly before an angry growl emanated from her throat. The cheers were deafening.

“Quiet!” Divatox ordered and was instantly obeyed. “For the journey to Earth I will need a…crew. I will take only the best to serve as my warriors!”

That appeared to be Elgar’s cue to start clamouring for attention. “Oh! Oh! Me-me-me! Aunty Divatox, pick me!”

Years of practice allowed Divatox to easily ignore her idiot of a nephew. “Rygog!”

Rygog stepped forward and bowed. “Yes my lieeeegge?”

“You will be second in command. You will navigate the oceans of Earth as well as the skies!”

“Whatever you need, Divatox; I’m always at your disposal.”

“Of course you are,” she muttered. “You will select those who will accompany us and those who will follow later.” She looked over at the crew of the SS Mutiny. She had not forgotten that their captain had been the one to allow Lerigot to escape in the first place. That was why he would be spending the next few months waiting for her to give him further instructions.

“As you wish.”

Divatox turned away from him before he could finish. She was too important to be polite. “Porto.”

“I am here,” he replied dutifully.

“You will be my technical adviser. All things scientific will be your responsibility.”

“It will be my distinct pleasure to place my knowledge and expertise at your command,” he answered with a slight bow.

“Of course it will.”

By now Elgar was growing desperate. “Hey, what about me? Aunty Divatox, what about meeee?”

“As if I’d leave you behind,” she answered sweetly. Too sweetly. Even Elgar was able to pick up on the sudden danger. “I don’t want to leave you out of my sight. Who knows what damage you’d cause!”

She shoved her annoying nephew out of the way, causing some to snicker while others looked on disapprovingly that this was the son of one of their greatest captains.

“Piranhatrons, I will call you as I need you. But for now… fuel the Subcraft; we’re heading to Earth!”

Another cheer was heard before they scurried off to begin their assigned tasks.

“To the rest of you I make this offer. Destroy the Power Rangers for me and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.”

She laughed at the cheer that sounded from the crowd. Why should she waste time destroying the Power Rangers when there were others to do it for her? She could concentrate on more important things like stealing some of those treasures she had heard so much about.

“Keep them moving boys,” Divatox encouraged as her new crew were shown to their quarters on board the Subcraft. “If people I was bad before they destroyed Maligore, just wait ’til they get a load of me now.”

Her marriage plans were over, at least for now. But Earth had proven to be an interesting world filled with treasures that the humans didn’t know about. While Porto and Rygog had been hiring a new crew, she had already worked out the profit she could make from the besieged world. Between the treasures she could find there and the slaves she could sell to other worlds, Earth promised to be a very profitable target.

The last gear slotted into place, just as it had been designed to. Machine perfection had taken on new meaning as King Wingnut, elder of the Machine Empire, oversaw the completion of the Royal House of Gadgetry’s latest foundry. The old machine had once spearheaded the expansion of the machines across the universe, but old age and a shortage of replacement parts had forced him to hand power to his son Mondo.

He had seen the reports concerning Mondo, Gasket and even Grommet’s failures, something he would never have tolerated. But his loyalty had been hardwired to the survival of the Machine Empire and its monarch. He would never act against Mondo. The foundries were his responsibility, a plan that involved construction efforts at several sites across the Universe as well as further modifications to their homeworld. Now the Machine Empire had not only completed the reconstruction of its home, which had been ravaged by war during Mondo’s absence, they had almost finished the building of a weapon that would smash all resistance. The enhanced factory promised a new assault of superior machine warriors that would crush all opposition and finally put the Earth in the hands of its rightful conquerors.

While Wingnut was overseeing his task on behalf of Mondo, Gasket and Archerina were looking to finish construction of their first factory on the planet Horath. From there Gasket would strike the decisive blow to bring the Rangers to their knees. Or failing that, he’d just wait for his father to finish them and then destroy the old boiler instead. Either way he planned to be king, very very soon.

The End

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